FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys Ep.13

It’s the Most Wonderful Toys Time of the Year! Chris takes a look back at some of his favorite Christmas toys, Remco’s Energized Super Heroes, featuring battery-powered versions of Marvel and DC’s greatest heroes!

Special thanks to David “Ace” Gutierrez for the suggestion!

 Be sure to check out the Energized Super Heroes coverage at Plaid Stallions!

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Clip credits:

Clips and music from The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, The Incredible Hulk TV series, Batman theme from Power Records, Superman The Movie, the Captain America tele-films, and Spider-Man 2

Audio clip from Spaceballs

“Toyland” by Doris Day

"Christmas All Over Again" by Tom Petty

10 responses to “FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys Ep.13

  1. First off, thank you for taking this suggestion!

    Secondly, what an opening track! CFranks pushing all my buttons!

    I always wanted to get the energized Marvel and DC figures – but they were always out of my price range when I was kid. I’m still tempted to pick up the Supes, Cap and Spider-Man figures.

    Thanks again for this terrific episode, CFranks. And yes, I’m the new heir to the Kelly Empire!

  2. Great episode as always!

    I had the Spider-Man “doll” from this line, I never saw the Superman one. He looks so startled, maybe he got a gander at the Kryptonite accessory.

    Please do more of these. I will pay your family to leave the house more often so you have the peace and quiet to do them!

  3. Though I hadn’t remembered until this moment, I’m pretty sure I owned the Spider-Man figure from this line. While I don’t recognize the other figures, those images of the plastic Spider-Man with his one arm stuck permanently in the air looks awfully familiar to me. If I didn’t own it, then one of my friends must have.

    Regardless, thank you for taking me on a stroll down a memory lane that I’d forgotten I’d walked before.

  4. I thought the first energized Spider-Man came out around Christmas, because that is when I got one. Chris was right that they didn’t last long. I think the Spider-Man quit working in about a week….that is probably why I didn’t ask for any of the rest of the line.

    I did get (and loved) the 12 inch Mego Hulk. I used him when I played Megos.

    Thanks for the show, Chris. I didn’t even realize there was an Energized Captain America.

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