FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys Ep.14

Those Wonderful Toys returns with a lively conversation between Chris and Plaid Stallions maven Brian Heiler! Brian discusses his new Toy Ventures magazine and the return of his long out-of-print book, Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings! Tangents along the way include !mpact Comics, Shazam!, The Monster Squad (not that one), Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and A Man Called Sloane!

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  1. These toy talks are always fun, and having The King of Toys in as guest just brings things to an 11. We definitely could use more toy stuff on the network.

    I’m glad to hear that Toy Ventures is a hit, and Brian’s observation that toy collectors, being a tactile crowd, would want a physical magazine makes total sense. I’ve been enjoying every issue so far. As Mr. Rock would say, “Captivating.”

    Oh, and those “I almost could have bought an Aquaman vs the GWS playset” stories don’t get less painful even after repeat tellings.

  2. Impressive podcast most impressive. Using the Dragon type and talk software again this time. My keyboard is still on the fritz. So hopefully this makes sense. Cool hearing Brian Heiler on the pod cast. I watch his YouTube channel from time to time. As well as the wonderful toys YouTube channel. When yellow updated. They call all three of us have YouTube channels. I may have never mentioned this before, but I too have a YouTube channel. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on YouTube. What’s the plug I had no idea what you’re talking about? At any rate the magazine looks cool. That the plaid stallion guys have. Suddenly we did not get the doctor who toys here in the states. Don’t think you mentioned them in the podcast that I see them here in the artwork. I did alter a bionic 520 into being the doctor as a kid. And an old VHS tape into the TARDIS. But, we did not have Dr. Who action figures been. Granted I now have all of the doctors in 20 form representation. As well as a few tortoises.

    Though I had to improvise for the sixth Dr. thanks to the big Fish audio his action figure is hard to get. Weirdly the eighth was probably the easiest. I don’t even remember the Robert Conrad a man called Sloan TV show sorry. Sounds like it would of been a fun show to watch. Though I didn’t get into wild wild West till the 90s when I discovered it on cable. As I saw on TV I would’ve passed because I had no idea what it was. July was a teenager staying at my aunt and uncles house. And then their kids watch it. So I became a fan of it then. The toy that looks like him but isn’t part of the wild wild West is when I haven’t seen. Sadly. That would also be cool. I never saw in the monster toys in any store. But, I was more of a Adams family. I never got into monsters sorry.

    I can relate to the bit of seeing something in the store and not getting it. And having buyers remorse later. But, I had dental work to get in a few days. So I wanted to be careful with my spending so when I was at a convention I did not pick up the Capt. Picard figure, or the black Canary figure. But, at that time when I was at this comic con convention. I had already gotten a moss man action figure. A few sheared off all of these were from the original 80s line. This year action. You’re like eight bucks apiece. Two of them were pieced together as other figures. A mixing of glamor and catra. But, he was also selling glamour and catcher as to action figures already together. They were carted, but they were the 80s donation figures. Some character I have no idea who she is. And the moss man was also from the original 80s line. He has a slight bit of his stomach torn out. But he still looks cool. Moves well. And has the pine smell. I had also got a panther action figure. Which I believe was from the 80s. He has the battle feature of his arms moving up and down. So I assume this one was from the 80s. Though his height is the same as the he-man action figures. So I don’t know for sure. But when I was a kid he was impossible to find.

    I got lion-o easy enough. But, Pantro was darn near impossible. So I picked him up quickly. As well as this pretty cool mask that is either from Star Wars or mass effect. It wasn’t painted and I ended up painting it blue and gold myself. I just have to put foam inside of the top of the helmet. I also had buyers remorse on a plastic man I saw at the table. And it was a mego plastic man. So I can understand the feeling of missing out. Although luckily nobody had grabbed it five minutes after I walked with the table like what happened with y’all. That had to be oy. The migo Ironman interesting. I didn’t have him as a kid. Though I now have the newer Ironman figure. That looks pretty cool to me. The 12 inch one. I did have the Superman action figure. As well as green arrow, Capt. America Spiderman, two gun kid and quite a few others. For whatever reason I always put two gun’s cowboy hat on Capt. America. May have been a southern thing. I had two Batman for whatever reason. And I just played as they were all one group. I never saw any monster squad toys. But, I did see the T-shirts. However they didn’t have the Drac one.
    So I passed on those. Didn’t even bother my parents about it. I liked Spiderman and his amazing friends as a kid. Though when you started humming that song. I thought more of the incredible hulk cartoon. Then came on at the same time. The only knockoff toys and everywhere that I had was a Lord of darkness. And I didn’t know who he was until years later. He became a hero in my group. With a different name of course. Where he teamed up with my 12 inch Han Solo which was really an altered Indiana Jones action figure, Luke Skywalker and 3 P O action figures. To fight the storm trooper. And Jawa as well as Darth Vader when I got him I liked impact comics from the 90s. I mostly read black hood, Jaguar and the mighty Crusaders. The Jaguar book was the one I read the most of. Some of Loeb’s best work. I think this was before he worked on the flash and definitely before his wonder woman run. The irony is not many people talk about the shield comic. Which was written by Mark Waid. Before his career making run on Capt. America.

    The mighty Crusaders was pretty fun. Though I never saw the toys. And having seen what they cost online. I will pass on. Specifically since they don’t have it the characters I want. I liked the comet comic book. Interestingly his brother the hangman had only become a side character in that run. I was surprised when I found the old pep comic in a comic book store. Buying it to find out that comet quickly died and the hangman took over. I bought it at the store. It may have been a reprint. It was all in black and white. And cheap enough. To where I could buy it when I was in college. Since I remembered the impact characters from years ago. I think I read one issue of the blue ribbons comic with the Archie heroes in the 80s. That had the fly. Sorry I just never got into the fly. Specifically when a team up with fly girl. The only issue I ever picked up was when he teamed up with some guy called blackjack. Because I was worried they had beat me to the punch on a character I had created. But, there was no connection. Thankfully. My carriage had a completely different name. Just a card game theme made me go oh crap’s.

    Sadly I never had any of the impact toys. They do look like crap’s, but they were still cool in concept. Oh I did have the knockoff ninjas and cry people here and there. And one guy I turned it to a hero version of radioactive man. Long story. Then I remember from my childhood. I saw the video that Brian put up a about the Mr. rock action figure. That was pretty funny. And yeah he does look like what if Tony Randall played Mr. Spock. Can’t wait to hear the next episode.

  3. The podcast episode is darn near 2 years old and I just listened to it. I don’t know how I missed it when it was new. I’ve been a fan of Pod Stallions\Brick Mantooth for years. It was informative and a lot of fun. Brian’s a great guy to listen to.

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