FW Presents – Xum Yukinori

The members of The Fire and Water Podcast Network gather to tip our mics in tribute to our dear departed friend, Professor Xum Yukinori.

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27 responses to “FW Presents – Xum Yukinori

  1. The feels!

    I wish I talked to him or tried to interact more. To this day, one of my favorite interactions with the network was some awful worded compliment about his voice and he read it on-air as one of his characters.

  2. Wonderful tribute, FDubbers. I will miss hearing and seeing Xum’s work. And I will always see him as the artistic measure by which this network is measured. I wish the best for his family and hope they healing.

  3. Thanks for putting this tribute together, and thanks for making it so upbeat and funny. I’m sure that’s exactly the way he would’ve wanted it. And I’m overjoyed to hear that there’s one last episode of “Done-In-One Wonders” still to come. I selfishly hope it includes a “listener comments” section, so I can hear that marvelous golden voice mis-pronounce my name one last time… 😉 Thanks for everything, Professor — you were unabashedly the greatest.

  4. This is a very nice tribute show, everyone.
    I only knew Xum through his contributions to the Line it is Drawn posts at CBR and his own various podcasts and guest appearances here at the network, but by all indications he was an amazing human being.
    My condolences to his family and to all of you who were his friends.

  5. That was just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I’m a bit jealous of you guys that I never got to work on a podcast with Xum as you did (that amazing voice!), but from my own interactions with him online, he was a true class act.

    As Shag knows, I have a hatred of unresolved cliffhangers, but had come to accept the reality that The Done-in-One Wonders Podcast Wonder Show would remain incomplete after the 2nd season ending. After all, one can hardly fault a person for dying, can one? And now I learn that Xum was able to record more episodes to tie everything together, and am awed. He didn’t have to do that, but I’m so looking forward to hearing what he did.

    Thanks also for sharing the bits of Xum’s “Christmas Card” with us. It is so obvious how much you all loved him, and indeed, his own offerings to you guys, both personally and through this network, showed how much that feeling was mutual. I’m so glad he was able to hear it before he was gone.

    I’ll miss Xum, and I’m sure we all will. There will never be another like him, and we mourn his passing. But more than that, I am thankful for how he lived. From all indications, he made the most of the time he had, and we are all richer for it.

  6. This was wonderful and moving. It was such a great idea to collect special recordings for Xum and I’m sure it meant the world to him.

    I was lucky enough to podcast once with Xum on JLA/Avengers for DCOCD and it was a delight. I told him of my admiration for his podcasting talents and naturally he responded by complementing mine. He was all class and kindness.

  7. Listening to this show (which is probably not the best idea on a Monday morning) has made me feel exactly how I did when we said goodbye to Shawn. Both sad that Xum is gone, but happy that I was able to experience his talent. I was never fortunate enough to record with him, but I think more than any other podcaster, Xum was able to touch me with his stories, especially the one about losing Dan.

    Good night, sweet professor, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  8. I agree with Gene (and all of you); I am saddened by the loss, but grateful to have experienced the light that was Xum Yukinori. I know him only from his art and his podcasting, but it seemed to me that Xum’s kindness and generosity of spirit exceeded even his prodigious, amazing talent.

    I will also be listening to this on a Monday morning on the way to work, so we’ll see how that works out. I’m glad there is more Xum to come on Fire and Water. It will be bittersweet to hear him again, but I’ll absolutely take it.

  9. Don’t take this the wrong way, please, but if one of his dying wishes was for people to donate to The Southern Poverty Law Center then I find that to be one of his greatest acts.

  10. I’ll miss hearing you, Xum. My thoughts are with your family.

    Thank you, FWPN, for putting together this celebration of Xum, and for sharing it with us.

  11. Thank you all for this. Thank you Ryan, Nathaniel, Max, and Siskoid and the Girls for allowing your Christmas contributions to be shared. They were all delightful. I just commented over on For All Mankind that I am looking forward to hearing Xum on every sign-off on that show, and here I learn that there is yet more Xum in the Fire and Water pipeline. It appears he’ll have as many posthumous releases as Jimi Hendrix! His writing, art, stories, and passing have all greatly affected me. I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience him.

  12. I had a rough/stressed day yesterday. I won’t go into details because everything is just inconsequential when compared to grieving or musing over the loss of a loved one. Listening to everyone reflect over Xum’s impact on their lives made me smile a lot. It was what I needed to listen to before going to sleep. Thank you to this podcasting family.

  13. Finished now. Great job honoring Xum — not just by talking about how great he was, but also by making us laugh. Both help.

  14. A wonderful tribute to Xum – his podcasts were so inventive and informative. My condolences to his family and all at the Fire and Water Network.

  15. Condolences to Xum’s family and friends. This was a wonderful and loving tribute. I did not know Xum except through his podcasts and artwork but feel a loss anyway. To hear more about his commitment to his art despite the challenges in his life was inspiring. Thank you for sharing his story.

  16. Great work gentlemen (and ladies). If I could, I’d like to make my brief eulogy. I am, by any measure, an acquired taste. Xum was, in all of my virtual dealings with him, pleasant and patient to a fault. If he could be civil to me, we know the man was a saint. I am thankful that he is not suffering any longer, but I will miss him terribly.

  17. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute show. I didn’t get to know Xum personally, but listening to his shows and seeing his entries for Xum’s Who, it felt like I got to know him a little. It was great to see how amazingly talented he was.

    I’m so glad all of you got know him through this world of podcasting and became friends. My condolences to Xum’s family and all the FW family.

  18. Impressive pod cast. Most Impressive. Sorry for ya’lls loss. Xum was a talented artist voice artist. And a very good pod caster. You can tell he was an Aikido Black belt. Like most of them he had a very calm persona. Like most of the Aikido . A style I was never very good at. My Aik Jutsu teacher taught me a few of though moves, but I could never be calm enough to get it to work. I had to modify them to a more strong style. And add different bits to them to make them work for me. Getting hit and staying calm seems difficult. But, I’m impressed he made them work for him.

    And worked his way up to black belt. Morihei Ueshiba had an interesting style. And cool that Xum learned it. And wow that he kept making pod casts that close to the end. And all the great drawings he did for the Who’s Who pod cast. Xum will be missed.

  19. Thanks for such a wonderful tribute to Xum – even if he hadn’t been so talented and good looking he’d be memorable for being such a wonderfully decent chap.

    The Christmas card excerpts were really touching and it was great to hear that the Yukinori family were right there with you.

    Did anyone send a message to Samantha Fox? She might like to know.

    Goodbye Xum… I’ll see you on pre-Crisis Earth Prime.

  20. I just heard about this. I am always behind on my podcasts. So sad to hear about this. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.

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