FW Presents: Year One


It's a new addition to the Fire and Water Podcast Network stable, FW PRESENTS! For this inaugural episode, Chris, Rob, Ryan, Shag, and Siskoid band together from remote galaxies to discuss the highs (and lows) from the first year of the network, talk about what's coming in the future, and make a very special announcement!

This podcast is a proud member of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK:

Thanks for listening! Fan the Flame and Ride the Wave!

33 responses to “FW Presents: Year One

  1. Man this is so cool listen to this podcast is like having the entire JLI in one room it is so much fun to listen to all of you in one show I can’t stress enough how much your podcasts mean to me
    The Fire and Water network is the only reason I bought a smartphone
    Sending you much love from Vermont

  2. Going to be good to give this one a listen. I’m starting to suspect the eventual goal is for there to be a F&W show released every day of the year (or at least release enough so there can be a new one to listen to every day). Somewhere deep down, I think I am perfectly OK with this concept.

  3. Thanks for this summit and thanks for all the shows.

    I think I came on board with who’s who and then found all the others. Listening to all you guys talk Comics and movies is appointment listening.

    I’d like to think I’m the cousin Oliver for this network, the cousin who shows up every so often but usually with disastrous results.

    Looking forward to all the upcoming shows! And welcome Professor Xum!

  4. Thanks for a great year of programming! The F&W crew has accompanied me on many long car trips, walks, lunches, & office hrs. It was a kick to be on Film & Water to talk North by Northwest last fall. Keep up the fine work!!

  5. I’ve listened to the show now and loved it, I cannot get enough of the behind the scenes stuff. I wonder what the five most popular episodes have been this past year.

    Thanks so much, Ryan and Rob, for letting me play a little over at your places.

    Good luck with year two, guys – you’ll ace it!

  6. Happy 1 year network-iversary! I enjoyed listening to this episode. Looking forward to the year ahead.

    I want to thank you all for being such a big inspiration to me to start my own podcast. But most of all thank you for your encouragement and friendship and providing such a great podcast community.

    Keep finding that Joy!

  7. It was only last May that I clicked on the link Siskoid made at Legion of Super-Bloggers to listen to a podcast about the Secret Origin of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Then I listened to another Secret Origins podcast. Then another. Then I started paying attention to the promos. And started listening to those shows. Then I got a device that allowed me to easily access the feed. Now, it’s F & W all the time! I’ve got science podcasts and comedy podcasts and others in the queue, but you guys muscle your way to the front! Slow down, will ya? Good thing I gave up listening to the news, or I’d be way behind!
    Oh, has anyone already mentioned that Rob sounds just like Ira Flatow from Science Friday? Well, I think so anyway.
    Make Mine F & W!

  8. Happy anniversary! My experience with the FW Podcast Network began back in the late 90s, when I first gained access to the internet and discovered The Unofficial Aquaman Website. Eventually, I followed a link from that site to The Aquaman Shrine, which I would quietly frequent over the next few years. I marked the arrival of the FW Podcast, but didn’t think to give it a try, because I had no experience with podcasts. It was a couple of years later when I finally realized that I could listen to a podcast while at work! I started listening around episode 46, and have been hooked ever since, following each new addition to the network. You have opened a vast horizon of increased enjoyment and decreased productivity at work to me. My only regret is that I’ve only recently begun posting and participating in the incredible community that surrounds this network.

    All of that is to thank each of you for the time, effort and heart that you pour into each of your shows. I look forward to what the next year holds in store for the FW Podcast Network.

  9. Happy anniversary guys, it has been one hell of a year in the Fire and Water Network. Nearly all of my podcast listening comes from the Network, and although I may not have time to comment on each of them, I appreciate all the effort and time all the presenters have given to their podcasts and I enjoy listening to them.

    I love the pitch meeting by Xum and feel you have stumbled onto a way of having more podcasts pitched to the network by hosting something like “America’s Got Podcasts”….or “Podcasting with the Stars”…or “I’m a Podcaster, get me a Podcast slot” of “Fire and Water Dragons’ Den”. I would pitch something like “Eclipso Calypso” where I would discuss the Eclipso The Darkness Within crossover during a month’s holiday in the Caribbean sponsored by the network – What do you say? 😉

    Also love the find your joy spot (and I agree with Shagg, the Showcase Presents Batman and the Outsiders is a good volume, you should try it Siskoid!). Currently, I have been reading the Legion run from just before the Great Darkness Saga, through the Five Year Later run and am currently nearing the end of the post Zero Hour reboot. Some great stories – it was my first time reading the Five Year Run and I enjoyed it immensely.

    So Rob, Shagg, Ryan, Siskoid, Chris and Cindy and all of your guests, thanks for a great year and look forward to year 2.

    1. Fire & Water: Year Two; where Ryan quits over editorial negligence and is replaced by a noodly podcasting newcomer, who eventually jumps ship to another network, and then helps found yet another podcasting network where the creators keep all of their money.


    2. The titles of your guest podcast shows are much too contemporary and clever. We’d probably do something in the style of New Talent Showcase. (New Podcaster Showcase?)

    1. “In this panel, Mr. Pérez uses 247 crosshatch marks on the Vision’s cheek. If you count down 56 marks from the top, you will see a slight uplifting swoop on the right that juxtaposes nicely with the Scarlet Witch’s fifth eyelash… creating a mirroring duality that signifies a foreshadowing of the character introduction that occurs in the fifth page following…”

  10. Happy Birthday and thanks for a fantastic first year of shows from the Fire and Water Network!

    It was great fun listening to you guys all together in this episode.

    Looking forward for another great year!

  11. Missed this one in the shuffle and boy do I feel foolish.

    I started with Fire & Water around the second ever episode, but soon dropped off as I wanted to stay spoiler free when trade waiting the New 52 Aquaman run.

    I came back for Who’s Who and became a full roster listener around late 2014.

    Congratulations everyone. Your network is remarkable and awesome!

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