Fire & Water #254 – JLMay: Brave & the Bold #32 with Aquaman and the Demon

Shag and Rob are back for the JLMay 2023 podcast crossover event! In this episode they take a look at "Night Gods" by J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz, starring Aquaman and The Demon, from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #32 (2010)!

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9 responses to “Fire & Water #254 – JLMay: Brave & the Bold #32 with Aquaman and the Demon

  1. The charter your think was Gosht rider and the flash fused together became speed demon .
    Also on my channel Bucky749 a reviewed issue 34 part 1 of a 2 part team up legion of super and the doom patrol . Not sure if it’s the same run or not .
    Great episode and “JL May doo doo “ .

  2. Well, I really enjoyed both Waid & Straczynski on this Brave & the Bold series.

    This particular story was a stand out due to the idea of an annual team-up between these two unlikely partners took place regularly, and that they fight against Cthulhu! I particularly loved how it highlighted Aquaman’s command over sea life — that one page where all those sea creatures (surely sucking the oxygen out of that area of the sea to zero due to their density) was more impressive to me than any of those Aquaman panels showing how his strength is “almost at the level of Superman” or something like that. King of the Seven Seas indeed.

    It reminded me that, despite his brash nature, Aquaman’s strengths lie not only in brawn, but in his other abilities: mental command, royal command, knowledge of the secrets and dangers of the sea. More of the magical community of DC should be shown making pilgrimages to Atlantis given their history and past magical traditions.

  3. Shag and Rob, this was a terrific review of what looks like an amazing Bronze Age comic published thirty years too late. Also, I enjoyed both Rob’s superbly written synopsis AND Shag’s brilliant editorial flourishes on said synopsis.

    I wish one and done were still the norm. They’re so much more satisfying. To answer the question you posed here and on Patreon, I think my favorite B&B was #150 with the mystery guest. It was a neat puzzle to solve.

    Y’all keep finding reasons to do these, please.

  4. Excellent episode!

    Rob, I hope when you interviewed JMS about this you asked him why he named the supporting everyman character in this book after the singer from 90s pop metal band Ugly Kid Joe.

  5. Hooray! Mom and Dad got back together at the May family reunion! I wonder if they will keep it going? Or if it’s just a one episode fling…..

    Kidding aside, this was tons of fun and what a great issue to cover. I really enjoyed that Brave and Bold series whenever I was able to get my hands on any issues. Of course, #33 with Wonder Woman, Zantanna, and Batgirl is one of my favourite stories of all time. What a great one and done!

    It was great to hear the original show back again and you gents were fantastic covering an excellent comic! Keep up the great work!

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