FW Presents: BLACK WIDOW – A Teen Girl’s Review

The Irredeemables (Shag and his 15-year-old daughter) discuss the newly-released BLACK WIDOW movie! Curious what a teenage girl thinks about this superheroic role model for young girls? Listen to this episode to find out!

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14 responses to “FW Presents: BLACK WIDOW – A Teen Girl’s Review

  1. It’s great to hear a young woman’s perspective on the film. I loved the movie. I totally agree that this movie should have been released between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.
    Florence Pugh stole the show as Yelena and I hope we see more of her.
    I don’t think they made it entirely clear where the secret base was flying over, but Black Widow alerted General Ross prior to the battle which is how he arrived on scene so quickly
    Shag, you obviously have a great relationship with your daughter, you can’t be all that Irredeemable

  2. My daughter was fully vaccinated this last Tuesday, and what did we do to celebrate? We went and saw Black Widow in the theater, of course. She’s been eagerly awaiting this movie, since it’s original release date, last year. While she didn’t dislike Captain Marvel as much as it sounds like your daughter did, she definitely preferred Black Widow to Captain Marvel. In particular, she likes that the Black Widow is more down to earth, and manages to be a hero without superpowers.

    For myself, I felt this was one of the most (if not the most) intimately personal of the Marvel movies. I’m glad that Black Widow got to be the lead in such a strongly character driven film. It’s just a shame that we won’t get to see more of her, now that the character has really come into her own.

    As an aside, I feel your pain, Shag. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to get my daughter to watch a really good TV show or movie, but she just wants me to tell her what happens, so she doesn’t have to watch it.

    Thanks for another excellent episode.

  3. I owe Professor Alan and Em of the RELATIVELY GEEKY PODCAST NETWORK some credit and an apology. While stumbling for words, I said “we’re not experts, we’re just family”. And I totally lifted that from their promo trailers. I should have credited them, but again, I was stumbling for words! Love you Alan and Em!!

    1. But Alan and Em ARE experts! Alan knows everything about Doctor Doom and Em knows everything about things that actually count in real life!

    1. Just got fixed moments ago. Will take a while to promulgate out to various podcatchers, but should be corrected for everyone soon. Sorry for the trouble!

  4. I’ll have to disagree on Falcon and Winter Soldier being the best Marvel/Disney show. Wandavision was by far the best for me. Falcon and WS just felt dragged out. Should have been a two hour movie.

    In regards to Black Widow, I really enjoyed it. Of all the female-led superhero movies over the last few years (Wonder Woman, WW84, Birds of Prey, Captain Marvel) this was by far the best for me, particularly in terms of casting/acting and story. Florence Pugh (Yelena) and David Harbour (Red Guardian) were the highlights for me. This was my favorite solo Avenger movie since Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  5. I haven’t seen BW yet, Shagg, but I listened to the podcast anyway despite your spoiler warning. This pandemic has made me throw all caution to the wind and face down any threat, even potential spoilers. That’s just the new Devil-may-care attitude I have nowadays.

    I enjoyed your discussion with your daughter. I’ve been carefully listening to what people are saying about the film to gauge how I should go about seeing it. I’m still undecided, but I remain intrigued based on what I’ve been hearing.

    Thanks for the additional insights into the film!

  6. 1) 15? But I’ve only known Shag since the late 2000s, so that math can’t be right.

    2) I only own one Black Widow action figure. There was this short produced run of figures from the late ’90s/ early ’00s called Marvel’s Gold that I think was something like a DC Direct and offered a Gathering-period brown bomber jacket version. They’d also done a Black Panther that was specifically the one I had up in my store that little kids would point at and say “Batman!” Anyway, they were never popular and I got the Widow for something like $5 at a con for the novelty value.

    3) As ya’ll were discussing first exposures to Black Widow, I went back to listen to all of her episodes on Marvel Super Heroes Podcast only to realize that we never really covered that ourselves. Putting a pin in that until we get around to doing the Marvel Fanfare collection Shag recommended.

    4) Captain Marvel did indeed suck. I wanted to like it for a lot of reasons, including to pown the misogynists, but it was simply one of the most formulaic and lifeless Marvel movies.

    5) Yelena and Natasha are a better duo than Falcon and the Winter Soldier, even though that’s my favorite of the Disney+ shows so far.

    6) Pew, like in a church or the Research Center. I never pronounced it correctly either, untiI worked with a lady named Pugh.

  7. Please pass on to your daughter that she did a great job! Hopefully she’ll get other opportunities to co-host! You guys watching and discussing Black Widow together reminded me of me and my dad. He’d go see the latest Marvel movie then we’d have a long phone call and discuss it. Probably could’ve been it’s own podcast!

    We saw it on Disney+ over the weekend with friends (it was soooooo nice to watch a movie with friends again!). I liked finally getting to see Natasha’s history after all this time. Yelena was great and might’ve stolen the show for me, too. A worthy new Black Widow, should the Avengers re-form. I hadn’t thought about how similar the brainwashing stuff was to X2 but wow, did you hit the nail on the head with that one. I have to admit I would’ve preferred a Taskmaster who is the same smart alecky mercenary and trainer of henchmen from the comics. This iteration felt like a Winter Soldier retread. Enough with the brainwashing, give us something new! And I agree with your daughter, I wanted a climactic Widow vs Taskmaster throwdown! But overall, I liked it and I’m glad Widow finally got her own film, even if it’s bittersweet.

  8. Great job folks! I have to say I was nodding my head the whole time, pretty much agreeing on everything you said. We loved the movie as well.

    And YES! Do more episodes together! Great stuff!


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