Cancelled Podcast Cavalcade

The Fire and Water Podcast Network opens up its Archives and lets you listen to the shows that didn't make it. We have stringent standards, you know, and not everything makes it out of committee. Sometimes, we pitch something that gets voted down. Sometimes a pilot is green-lit but not picked up. We might even be a few episodes in before we give up on the idea. Take a peek behind the curtain of the Network and hopefully get some insight into what makes us tick!

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43 responses to “Cancelled Podcast Cavalcade

  1. Oh, wow, what a perfect way to start the day, and month! I was smiling the whole time, but laughed out loud at the “naked with a cheese sandwich” reference and genuinely guffawed at Up With the Forever People! With Siskoid and Xum involved, I feel confident that the number of Batman panels and the Big Rat Code speech were accurate! Also, I’ll be looking for those action figures at the K-Mart!

  2. Was worried when I saw the title that this was the official notification of some older shows being truly cancelled and not on ‘extended hiatus’.

    But then I remembered the day and sat back and laughed. Love Ryan’s exasperation at discussing the text box/panel. ‘We already argued about this off air …’ Amazing.

    1. The DC Implosion only brought down Firestorm because he was a newbie, less than a year old. Surely if a new Implosion were to happen today it would have no effect on Firestorm’s current issues.

  3. All seriousness aside, props to Siskoid for putting this all together. Happy to be a small part of it, even if it did involve me sorta singing.

  4. What a great series of podcasts that never were. Botcast, in particular, had me laughing so hard that I was in tears. A big thank you to everyone who contributed.

    As an aside, you initially might have fooled me with this one, had not our daughter spent the entire morning pulling pranks on my wife and me.

  5. Listening to Xum’s bit made me think….you guys should do a podcast on the Hostess Twinkie, Fruit Pie and Cup Cake ads.

    1. Agreed. “See” Spindly Klutz’s first appearance on the Fire and Water (now Aquaman and Firestorm) Podcast, Episode 176, time index 19:07…

  6. I would seriously listen to a golden age podcast with Siskoid and Ryan. Or either with rotating guest hosts. First appearance stories of DC headliners only, maybe…

  7. These were interesting ideas for podcasts. I thought at first that this may have been an April Fools prank, but today is the 2nd.

  8. I love that Rob can’t even mock the Forever People without it sounding like it’s being performed under duress. Who’s Who wears a soul down.

    Shouldn’t I have minions in this line of figures? Or are we down to series three with Cyclotron, Golden Pharaoh, and Mark Baker-Wright with Power Action Rocket Launch?

    1. The ad doesn’t name them, but I’m sure they exist. Illegal Machine is only available on the black market, but you can get his Muscle Car in stores. The Fix-It figure somehow never faces the hot side of the microphone. And of course, you can get a re-detailed Frank in the Pakita two-pack.

    2. I’m honored to be remembered. Who am I aiming my Power Action Rocket Launch at? I could always threaten Rob until he gives us a Transformers podcast, but I’m feeling generous toward him for “Up with Forever People.”

  9. Pfft! Fixit & Ill-Mac were from the inferior Mattel Marvel knock-off line. #FakeGeekBoy

    I still need to do a loosely planned Transformers adjacent podcast with Derek William Crabbe, despite my contempt for the property…

  10. What a clever one-off, thanks for all the work everyone put into it.

    I don’t suppose Batman Panel-By-Panel could become a real thing? The episodes were actually fascinating in their pithy insights. If you don’t fancy sticking to the Caped Crusader, you could always vary the subject.

    1. The reason it was shot down in committee despite Ryan and I having 1500+ episodes recorded is that the only way these short bites would work would be to do a daily show (and even so, it’s excruciatingly slow). We were told the feed couldn’t sustain it and would have to find hosting elsewhere.

  11. Gee, that Batman Panel by Panel show had a lot of potential, too. Maybe something more along the lines of “Issue by Issue?” Incidentally, author Glen Weldon has a bit of a panel by panel breakdown of the first few or so pages of Action Comics #1 in his book, “Superman: The Unauthorized Biography.” His discussions of the use of a “ticking clock” motif and the mysterious nature of the character of Superman himself in those first crucial panels (provided you deliberately ignore the preceding backstory bits) helped me to appreciate just how rich and complex a visual vocabulary Siegel and Shuster had to generate for that to work so well.

  12. Who’s Who: Update ’88 Volume 1 1:29;21, “If I started a podcast on this, I would call it Up With Forever People.” – Rob Kelly, playing the long game.

    1. I have made some Mego customs before. I’m by no means up to the standards of some of my friends, but I have done it. While I think of the F&W Collection as more from the Super Powers era, you just set off alarms and bells in my head!


      1. I’ve tried my hand at custom Super-Powers style figures, all I managed to do was shave the hair off an in-scale Riddler I wanted to turn into an Ambush Bug.

  13. That was … weird.

    It didn’t help that I was playing catch-up after a couple busy weeks at work. I took me a while to think to go see the date that this episode dropped.

    It makes much more sense now.

    Well – sort of. 😉

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