FW Presents: Day of Vengeance – JLMay 2020

Sean Ross joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss the 2005 DC Comics mini-series, DAY OF VENGEANCE! It's the Spectre versus Captain Marvel, Nightmaster, Blue Devil, Enchantress, Ragman, Nightshade, Black Alice and Detective Chimp! We revisit this magical series from Bill Willingham, Walt Simonson, and others! It's all part of the countdown to INFINITE CRISIS for JLMay 2020!

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19 responses to “FW Presents: Day of Vengeance – JLMay 2020

  1. I would expect Shag of all people to see that Detective Chimp is “negging” Nightshade. He’s building her up while knocking her down. A student of Mystery, as I’m sure Shag was and is, would recognize this. I know what it is because I read.

    1. Sorry Martin. An image gallery for 7 issues seemed like it would be too extensive, unless I did covers only. And that seemed a waste since anyone could easily Google the covers. Thanks for asking and thanks for listening!!

  2. Fun show guys, even though I’ve never read this, Shadowpact, or Justice League Dark. Yeah, I guess I REALLY did begin to check out of DC after Infinite Crisis!

    I totally get the “Bogie as Detective Chimp” thing Shag. I was big into Shirt Tales, partially because my Mom managed a Hallmark store, so I had lots of Shirt Tales stuff even before the cartoon began.


  3. I heard Sean’s Secret Question (TM) about best ragtag team that has to save the world and immediately thought, “I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I gotta say GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY did it better than most.” Good of Shag to get that answer in under the wire.

    1. Thanks, Ryan! Once in a great while I get something right. Well, I guess I’ve used up my opportunity for 2020. Looking forward to next year!

  4. Never read this one so I was glad to hear about it. I have the first 2 Shadowpact trades so hearing the origin was great.

    A couple of specific notes.

    I unabashedly love Nightshade. But I am all about the tennis skirt. Was glad to see that version come back in the Pax Americana Multiversity crossover.

    The current Justice League Dark book is brilliant and is one of my favorite titles. It does call back to major magical storylines in DC’s history. Specifically, there are strong callbacks to the Moore Swamp Thing run.

    And yes. the Swamp Thing Crisis X-over is the best one.

    Great show!

    1. Dr Anj – Thanks for listening! After recording this episode with Sean, I started reading the current JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK book on the DC App. Really enjoying it! Thanks again!

  5. Top episode as ever. I know I read this, and enjoyed it, but remember bugger all about it, in my head it’s mixed up with Underworld Unleashed. I did read all of Shadowpact, that was terrific… how keen was that Kid Karnevil?

    I came across Beppo when I was a little boy, loved his adventures as reprinted in UK Superboy annuals. Frankly, I’ve gotten a little tired of him, much as I like Justice League Dark, James Tynion portrays him as too cynical and sweary. Heroes shouldn’t swear, but these days DC has even pure, noble Aquaman cussing at the Sea Devils.

    Multiversal Bars, hmm, there’s Munden’s Bar, maybe. The Crossroads Coffee Bar in Sovereign Seven (yes, I was the reader, couldn’t make head no tail of it), what else?

    Shagg, it sounds like you missed the fantastic Arion the Immortal mini-series by Paul Kupperberg and Ron Wilson, check it out on the DC app, if it’s there!

    1. It’s not Western comics related, but the manga/anime “restaurant To Another World” deals with an eatery in Japan that has magical doors appear in a fantasy world every Saturday. So you get an interesting cross-section of characters and a bit of food explanation in each episode/issue. Our whole family likes it, so I’d recommend it to anyone who like the “Oblivion Bar” theme.


  6. I hadn’t collected Day of Judgement back in the day, solely for financial reasons, so this was a good excuse to read it on the DCU app. Holy cow! It was hella good! And if I’d known my bud Blue Devil was in it, I would have taken the plunge before now. Loved it!

    I think Shadowpact will have to be a DCU app reading project in the near future.

    But something about this team seems familiar:
    Nightmaster -> Devil-Slayer (I mean really, this is too obvious)
    Blue Devil -> Gargoyle
    Nightshade -> Darkstar
    Enchantress -> Enchantr–I mean, Moondragon
    Detective Chimp -> The Beast
    Ragman -> uh… I dunno… Nighthawk because who really cares about Nighthawk anyway
    I don’t this is *too* much of a stretch.

    Great conversation, guys! Thanks for sharing the love!

  7. I always thought that the shadow pact watching the big fight on tv was disappointing too. I get it that they’re not the heavy hitters but they definitely could have been on scene to help out and raise the emotional stakes of the fight.

  8. I know I’m weeks late to the party on this, but just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoyed the episode. I hadn’t ever read this series and hit up DC Universe before listening. Couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it and the enthusiasm you both had was very welcome.

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