FW Presents: Find Your Joy: Grimtooth’s Traps Too

Siskoid finds his joy when his 11-year-old self buys his first role-playing manual, Grimtooth's Traps Too. What is it? How did it change his life? How did it later intersect his life? And most importantly, how did it help him find his joy?

All relevant images in the FWP Supplemental.

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3 responses to “FW Presents: Find Your Joy: Grimtooth’s Traps Too

  1. Well, that was fun! I had no idea this existed, but I can definitely see the appeal, even as a non-gamer. I did recognize the name of Mike Stackpole, author of Mayfair’s Batman sourcebook!


  2. But did you ever find the 102nd trap? (Those number triplets in the illustrations are a code. If I recall this book’s code was easier to crack than the cypher in the first one.)

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