The Xum for Sam Podcast! Track 2: Cause An Effect

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In the second episode of “The Xum for Sam Podcast”, Xum Yukinori explores the clever wordplay and personal connections to the Samantha Fox ballad, "Cause An Effect", the eleventh track of her autobiographical album, "Angel with an Attitude."


Music clips performed by Samantha Fox.

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One response to “The Xum for Sam Podcast! Track 2: Cause An Effect

  1. Interesting show, Xum! And Ms. Fox’s ongoing participation makes this show especially unique, I’d love to hear you do a full interview with her–she must be delighted that someone out there is such a mega fan they are devoting an entire show to her work.

    When it comes to music-centric podcasts, I, to date, have not been quite that lucky…

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