Announcing The Fire and Water Podcast Network Patreon!

On this Labor Day weekend, the members of The Fire and Water Podcast Network band together to announce the launch of their official Patreon page! To make a pledge to support the network, check it out here:

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25 responses to “Announcing The Fire and Water Podcast Network Patreon!

  1. I’m Brave. I’m Bold. I’m subscribed. And that’s in Canadian dollars, not Trumpbucks!

    Now, when do we get live video streaming of Rob’s morning runs, Cindy slapping Chris, Shagg’s airport security pat downs, Xum’s vocal exercises or Siskoid’s tapings of OHATMU?

    Until Rob Kelly gets a paper route, make mine Fire & Water

    1. I upped mine to Brave and the Bold too. If I had the money I’d be a Super Friend too, if only to be able to suggest “Sigh. It’s Fine: Rob and Ryan review things they don’t like” as a show.

  2. I won’t kid around: had you guys posted this a year ago, I might have Bah-Humbugged off. But that very night, a visitation by some ghosts made me realize the true meaning of Labor Day, and I’ve endeavored to keep the spirit of Labor Day in my heart all throughout the year. So, certainly you may have my patronage, and I see by now we’ve already hit the Transformer goal! Good going everybody, I knew we could do it! Now Rob will watch a movie so we don’t have to.

      1. All the Who’s Whos down in Who’s Whoville loved Labor Day lots.
        But Composite Grinchman, living north of Who’s Whoville, could plotz.

  3. I would support you guys just based on Who’s Who alone, so this was a no-brainer! I just wish I could contribute more because you put out so much great content. Keep up the great work and I will definitely keep up the contributions. Thanks again to all the contributors for such amazing work!

    P.S. – What money level do we have to achieve to get a Who’s That episode on Composite Superman?

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