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  1. My daughter has a scan of Namor laying flat, face down and lifting his legs and head, like a flopping fish. I assume this is better than “planking” and is an actual exercise. May I offer you a copy of the image to share? Or was it from this book? Namor is wearing a black sharkskin outfit to exercise in.

  2. I gained 70-80 pounds across about eight years (a.k.a. relatively “fat & happy” in my current relationship.) About a year ago, I checked my blood sugar and blood pressure, finding both had creeped up to numbers that signaled medication in my near future/present. My grandmother died young from heart failure, and I’ve got diabetes on both sides of my family. I was sick and scared and came home the morning after an overnight shift to tell my girlfriend that I needed to make immediate lifestyle changes. After a lifetime of proud anti-vegetarianism, I learned to love lots of raw or lightly baked/sauteed veggies like onions, mushrooms, broccoli, various legumes and squash. Whenever feasible, I switched out meat for alternatives like soy. We stopped eating out most nights of the week in favor of smarter home-cooked meals. I cut way back on Pepsi Max/Zero, with its sodium, ginseng and aspartame (the latter apparently turns into formaldehyde within the human body and gives brain lesions to lab rats, from what I hear.) Most mornings I eat a mix of fruits and vegetables on the way to work with sensible lunches and dinners of lean meats and veggie sides. I mostly gave up dairy and my beloved mayonnaise, learning to tolerate mustard as a substitute. I now go months between milkshakes, where I used to inhale them at least once or twice a week. Possibly the hardest of all, I switched from a diet dominated by carbs like breads and pastas to one largely absent of them.

    In less than a year, with dieting alone, I’ve dropped about forty pounds. And I’m a podcaster who sometimes meticulously edits, plus all the internet surfing and reading. Which is to say that outside of work, I’m sedentary as fudge. If I can do it, anyone can.

    With the carrot of HeroesCon no longer in front of me, I’ve slipped up a bit on my dieting, but I’ve only stagnated rather than gained. When I get back on track, I expect to continue losing. Further, I’ve been reconsidering which podcasts truly need intense editing, and which just need to crank up the truncate silence and cut out only the most egregious/annoying slip-ups. I want to spend more of my podcast listening time with headphones so I can actually exercise. I also really want to learn Spanish, which is a whole other thing, but I’m talking about figuring out priorities here.

    I haven’t had a chance to recheck my sugar, but my blood pressure has gotten much better. I feel lighter, more comfortable, healthier, and I’ve had to buy new clothes so my pants don’t fall down in public. It’s good. It’s not that hard once you get going with it. Make a change if you need to.

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