Mountain Comics #22 – Conan The Barbarian #164


Crom! Rob welcomes Radio vs. the Martians co-host Mike Gillis to the cabin discuss "The Jeweled Sword of Tem", from CONAN THE BARBARIAN #164 by Larry Yakata and Gary Kwapisz!

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6 responses to “Mountain Comics #22 – Conan The Barbarian #164

  1. Great show! I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation – of course, that’s a given, since the topic is Conan and Mike Gillis is the guest.
    This issue came a bit after I had stopped reading Conan (and back then I never was a very regular reader of either the 4-color series or Savage Sword in any case), but based on your description, it sounds like standard fare. And while I agree that Conan did push the envelope for a Code-approved book, I’m still a bit surprised by the cover image, as it does seem more suited to Savage Sword that a comic that could be pulled out of a spinner rack by, say, an 11 year-old kid.
    Otherwise, I think Mike speculated on whether there was any other character in a Code-approved book who dispatched his adversaries as brutally as Conan – to which I respond: Michael Fleischer’s Spectre from the early 1970s.
    As to the rumblings about a King Conan movie starring Arnie, I’m actually skeptical myself. It could be good, but I was never really a fan of either of the Arnie Conan movies (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the comments over at Radio vs. the Martians) – but that’s a discussion for another time.

    1. You have no idea how many podcasts I’d do if I could afford to. A Conan podcast, a John Constantine podcast, a podcast about the manga series 20th Century Boys. I’d have no free time.

  2. Great show, but then the Mountain Comics episodes always are. One day I may see that cabin! Meanwhile… I was never a big Conan fan, the stories seemed a bit samey to me – wizards and dames and giant snakes, oh my! I did begin reading regularly when JM DeMatteis took over the writing and we got a regular supporting cast and actual humour.

    Still, there’s no denying the quality of the work this time… that splash page made me smile, Conan looks like he’s about to take a dump!

  3. Just from the cover and the interiors shown here, this definitely was pretty racy for a Code-approved Marvel comic. I didn’t really read much Conan until a few years later, when my soon-to-be-brother-in-law (now ex) shared his Conan comics and magazines to read. I was old enough then to really appreciate the…um…artwork there!

    Mike’s theories on Howard are fascinating. It does explain the Conan tropes you two discussed. Very thought-provoking talk, about a guy who doesn’t seem to get too deep himself!


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