FW Presents – Peacemaker

Get it on! Rob and fellow network all-stars Paul Kien and Max Romero welcome big time comics pro Paul Kupperberg to discuss the first season of the HBO series PEACEMAKER!

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7 responses to “FW Presents – Peacemaker

  1. Great to hear Paul K (well, the other Paul K, the original Paul K? Pro Paul K) on the network again. I’ve never read so much as a panel of the original Vigilante series, but you guys make a good pitch for at least one era of it. Damn it, like I don’t have enough to catch up on.

    Like you guys, Peacemaker the TV show sustained my interest all the way through, though a little of their Vigilante goes a long way, y’know? But otherwise, I was there for it!

  2. Great show and great to have Paul Kupperberg on to hear his thoughts.

    I went into this show thinking it would just be the brutal Peacemaker shooting his way through 8 episodes. And I think I would have enjoyed that just fine. But this more nuanced approach with an emotionally hurting ‘Chris’ was even better. Held my interest. All the side characters felt 3 dimensional and had arcs. And there was a ton of violence as well.

    Like you all, the DC references (Matter Eater Lad!!) were great. Peacemaker being a hair metal guy is just perfect. And I had to admit to my girlfriend that I welled up more than once during the show. Who thought tears would flow from Peacemaker??

    But I have to point out Vigilante as having two of my fave moments.

    One, when he talks about not worrying when he kills the wrong person because he knows he is usually on target killing people who do heinous crimes … like graffiti! Chuckled out loud.

    But my absolute favorite scene is when Peacemaker and Vigilante are interrogating the butterfly.

    Peacemaker: Two simple rules. Rule number one, yes or no questions only. Rule number two, no f***ing stupid questions!
    vigilante (exasperated): How am I supposed to follow rule #2??

    I belly laughed, replayed and belly laughed again. That will surely be in my lexicon.

  3. Great discussion fellas! I’m glad to hear Mr. Kupperberg enjoyed the show, because I cetainly did! I didn’t have much expectations for this other than honestly, James Gunn. I really liked THE Suicide Squad movie, and I liked the character of Peacemaker in it…up until the end. Then I wasn’t so sure I wanted to follow him in a series, but again…James Gunn. Boy, I’m glad I decided to give it a try. My 20-year old son and I had a blast with this series, and my problems with Peacemaker were not only dealt with, they were the crux of the series! A surprisingly emotional and well-developed story and set of characters, amidst out and out absurd moments. Just a ton of fun.

    Just like this show!


  4. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t watched the show yet but I loved the discussion with Mr.Kupperberg! If I was on the fence before, I definitely want to check it out now. Well done, everyone! Now to subscribe to the Canadian version of HBO Max and, before you ask, it’s not HBO Max, eh?!

    Keep up the great work!

      1. And is it “Max HBO, n’est-ce pas?” in the French-speaking provinces?

        Sorry. When someone tries to prevent a terrible, clichéd joke from happening, I always take it as a challenge.


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