FW Presents: The FW Summer Sampler

It’s summertime! A time for sun, fun, and – back in the day – DC Comics summer Annuals and the DC Sampler! Recapture that 1980s summer excitement with the Fire and Water Network’s annual-sized sampler spectacular! Spotlighting all-new mini-episodes and sneak peeks of 20 Fire and Water Podcast Network shows – with a surprise host!

Interstitial section music by Hoyt Curtin.


0:00:00 – Opening: Let’s Make a Deal

0:05:03 – Aquaman and Firestorm: The Aquaman Movie

0:19:00 – Midnight, the Podcasting Hour: The Unburied Phantom

0:25:00 – First Strike – The Invasion! Podcast: What’s Next?

0:31:00 – Superman Movie Minute: Superman II TV Promo

0:38:18 – Plasti-Cast: Plas Versus the Elongated Man

0:53:41 – Sneak Peek: The Mirror Factory

0:55:17 – OHOTMU or Not: Cheetahs Three

1:16:26 – Who’s Who: The Marvel-ous Aquaman and Firestorm

1:32:51 – Done-in-One Wonders: Meet the Grundys

1:43:38 – Sneak Peek: Done-in-One Wonders Season Two

1:47:21 – Promo Break

1:49:35 – Pod Dylan: The Adventures of Zimmerman

2:01:22 – Film and Water Podcast: Lost in Translation Trailer

2:10:19 – Turn It Off With Tracy: Tales from Two Trailers

2:17:47 – JLI Bwa-Ha-Ha Podcast: Mister Miracle Special

2:43:36 – Mountain Comics: Mountain Songs

2:52:36 – Give Me Those Star Wars: Mount Rushmore (with special guest Mark Marble)

3:13:10 – M*A*S*H Cast/Those Wonderful Toys: Rare Durham Toys

3:23:05 – Treasury Comics: Super Year Advert (with special guest Michael Bailey)

3:33:15 – JLU Cast/Batman – Knightcast:  Strange Days

3:46:15 – Sneak Peek: Cheers Cast

3:47:54 – Conclusion: Cluster-Pluck

3:53:13 – Epilogue: Venture On


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11 responses to “FW Presents: The FW Summer Sampler

  1. 4 hours?! My goodness. This thing is so long, when Shagg posts what his jogging playlist was, this will cover it for a couple of days.

  2. Firstly, I tip my cap to this episode’s producer. This must have been a mammoth task.

    4 hours? See you next week!

  3. Also only partway in, but the Ratio looks like a good plan for the Superman movie going forward. So Superman III can be 3-4 episodes covering 25 minutes each, with a single podcast covering the next movie in the franchise (which is, of course, Supergirl. The Quest for Piece can then be a 2-minute segment at the end of that one…)

  4. Great show so far — about 2/3rds of the way through.

    Another Bob Dylan/Neal Adams/comic book connection would be Green Lantern #77, the second of the classic GL/GA run. Not only is Bob Dylan specifically named as a point of comparison to the comic’s fictional folk singer, but I think Dylan’s Desolation Row might have inspired the name and elements of the story. (I love this issue as I’m working on a history of Green Arrow. It has a lot of Robin Hood connections too.)

  5. Kingdom Come is absolutely not much more than the Squadron Supreme mini-series done over at DC. And Squadron Supreme was better :)

    Awesome sampler! Grundy and Other Grundy approve!

  6. Bravo to everyone for the efforts in this and especially to Xum for his massive contributions in the interstitials.

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