FW Presents: The FW Summer Sampler

It’s summertime! A time for sun, fun, and – back in the day – DC Comics summer Annuals and the DC Sampler! Recapture that 1980s summer excitement with the Fire and Water Network’s annual-sized sampler spectacular! Spotlighting all-new mini-episodes and sneak peeks of 20 Fire and Water Podcast Network shows – with a surprise host!

Interstitial section music by Hoyt Curtin.


0:00:00 – Opening: Let’s Make a Deal

0:05:03 – Aquaman and Firestorm: The Aquaman Movie

0:19:00 – Midnight, the Podcasting Hour: The Unburied Phantom

0:25:00 – First Strike – The Invasion! Podcast: What’s Next?

0:31:00 – Superman Movie Minute: Superman II TV Promo

0:38:18 – Plasti-Cast: Plas Versus the Elongated Man

0:53:41 – Sneak Peek: The Mirror Factory

0:55:17 – OHOTMU or Not: Cheetahs Three

1:16:26 – Who’s Who: The Marvel-ous Aquaman and Firestorm

1:32:51 – Done-in-One Wonders: Meet the Grundys

1:43:38 – Sneak Peek: Done-in-One Wonders Season Two

1:47:21 – Promo Break

1:49:35 – Pod Dylan: The Adventures of Zimmerman

2:01:22 – Film and Water Podcast: Lost in Translation Trailer

2:10:19 – Turn It Off With Tracy: Tales from Two Trailers

2:17:47 – JLI Bwa-Ha-Ha Podcast: Mister Miracle Special

2:43:36 – Mountain Comics: Mountain Songs

2:52:36 – Give Me Those Star Wars: Mount Rushmore (with special guest Mark Marble)

3:13:10 – M*A*S*H Cast/Those Wonderful Toys: Rare Durham Toys

3:23:05 – Treasury Comics: Super Year Advert (with special guest Michael Bailey)

3:33:15 – JLU Cast/Batman – Knightcast:  Strange Days

3:46:15 – Sneak Peek: Cheers Cast

3:47:54 – Conclusion: Cluster-Pluck

3:53:13 – Epilogue: Venture On


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13 responses to “FW Presents: The FW Summer Sampler

  1. 4 hours?! My goodness. This thing is so long, when Shagg posts what his jogging playlist was, this will cover it for a couple of days.

  2. Firstly, I tip my cap to this episode’s producer. This must have been a mammoth task.

    4 hours? See you next week!

  3. Also only partway in, but the Ratio looks like a good plan for the Superman movie going forward. So Superman III can be 3-4 episodes covering 25 minutes each, with a single podcast covering the next movie in the franchise (which is, of course, Supergirl. The Quest for Piece can then be a 2-minute segment at the end of that one…)

  4. Great show so far — about 2/3rds of the way through.

    Another Bob Dylan/Neal Adams/comic book connection would be Green Lantern #77, the second of the classic GL/GA run. Not only is Bob Dylan specifically named as a point of comparison to the comic’s fictional folk singer, but I think Dylan’s Desolation Row might have inspired the name and elements of the story. (I love this issue as I’m working on a history of Green Arrow. It has a lot of Robin Hood connections too.)

  5. Kingdom Come is absolutely not much more than the Squadron Supreme mini-series done over at DC. And Squadron Supreme was better 🙂

    Awesome sampler! Grundy and Other Grundy approve!

  6. Bravo to everyone for the efforts in this and especially to Xum for his massive contributions in the interstitials.

  7. Kudos to everyone involved in this – really enjoyed it.

    Thoughts on some of the segments

    Midnight, the Podcasting Hour – Was the Comics Code okay with murder by power tool, even in 1979?

    Who’s Who – FYI, art was by Paul Ryan (Amphibian) and Bob Hall (Nuke).

    Meet the Grundys – this should be its own show!

    Mountain Comics – by strange coincidence, the Financial Times did an article on the origin of Baker Street recently, which elaborates on some of Rob’s points (https://ig.ft.com/life-of-a-song/baker-street.html)

    JLUcast/Knightcast – Strange Days is awesome; don’t know why I’ve never heard of it before.

    Thanks again!

  8. Excellent show – congrats to all who were involved in this massive project. (And can we have more L-Ron and Manga Kahn?)

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