FW Presents – Superman ’78/Batman ’89

Chris and Rob talk to 13thDimension.com's Dan Greenfield about the recently announced SUPERMAN '78 and BATMAN '89 series from DC Comics!

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15 responses to “FW Presents – Superman ’78/Batman ’89

  1. Great show guys! I’m really looking forward to both of these books as both movies (or all four) were pivotal in my life as a comic fan.
    I’ll admit, that in recent years I often come across as dismissive of the Donnerverse Superman/Clark interpretation. However that comes mostly from the fact that as a comic reader, I didn’t become invested in the Superman books until long after the Byrne reboot. And needless to say the post-Crisis interpretation of Clark/Superman is considerably different from the Bronze Age/Donnerverrse interpretation of Superman/Clark.
    I will say that I’m super excited for the Batman 89 book as that movie really was the beginning of my full time deep dive into The DC Universe proper as opposed to just reading DCs lisenced books such as V and Star Trek . Batman is really where it all begins with me as I first became a fan of DCs heroes through watching Batman 66 in the early to mid 70s every day after school and then on Saturdays watching the Filmation series and finally the Super Friends…. Then, as stated earlier, Batman brought me back in after a six or seven year hiatus.
    One thing I wanted to call out however was Dan’s dig at Man of Steel. I respect that Superman traditionally should not kill. I’m totally on board with that! In fact I’ll go one further and say that no DC Superhero should ever kill. That being said, Superman didn’t casually go around snapping necks in Man of Steel. The killing of Zod was a desperation move done to save an innocent and helpless human family from Zod’s Heat vision. And despite the fact that the writers and director should have done better for the character than to put him in such a situation, it should be remembered that this is not a victorious moment for Superman! If anything it’s as traumatic for Superman as it is fatal for Zod.
    I often equate the moment with the issue where Barry Allen killed Reverse Flash to save Fiona Webb. (That kill never ruined Flash, why should a comparable kill ruin Superman? ) It’s not like Henry Cavill flew in, grappled a second story man suction cup climbing a building, snapped his neck and dropped him into street pizza in front of officer Mooney!

  2. I may be in the minority, but I don’t feel an aching need for more stories in either of these cinematic universes. With that said, I get why it would be exciting to so many fans as it sounds like these books have all the necessary ingredients to be topnotch in every way. So, I hope those looking to read them get the stories they are looking for.

    What has prompted my comment though is the discussion you guys had about Superman and what Christopher Reeve brought to the character. Like you, Reeve’s portrayal of Superman has had a huge influence on how I view the character. As a child, I instantly liked and trusted Reeve’s Superman because Reeve was able to get at the central goodness and decency that is at the heart of the character. And, what so many writers and filmmakers get wrong about Superman is that he simply needs to be a good, decent man seeking to do the right thing. Sounds simple, and it is, I think. I just wish more creators trusted that to be enough.

  3. As a kid who grew up on these movies, I am the target audience for these upcoming comics! I think the most interesting part of your discussion was in asking if younger folks (college age and under) would have an interest in them. As a teacher who sees lots of kids, my guess is no. Current young people think the Harry Potter movies are “old.”

    This leads to my own personal bugaboo: those among us today who don’t think Disney will ever reboot or recast the current MCU. I cannot imagine a kid born today who’s really going to clamor for the Chris Evans Captain America or Robert Downey Jr Iron Man in 20 years. Each generation should have their own versions of these heroes. I love Adam West & Chris Reeve but I’m always interested in seeing the next take on Batman and Superman (in all media). Do people think Disney is never going to recast Black Panther? It may be too soon to do so in light of Chadwick Boseman’s untimely passing, but it’s bound to happen. It’s called “show business” for a reason. We’d never have another Superman after George Reeves if that was the case. You just know there’s some young actor out there doing push-ups hoping to get the call to be the next Wolverine.
    Finally, how about a special “Crisis” issue where the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, Adam West Batman, Christopher Reeve Superman, & even some of the CW stars team-up?

      1. I’m sure Andy is aware of THE DEATH OF THE INCREDIBLE HULK, and found it just as dumb as most people (the Hulk dying from a fall? Please!) Kenneth Johnson wasn’t involved with any of the Hulk TV movies; that’s why they never felt “right.” (I’m being very charitable here.) Ken had planned a two-part finale to the series where David was cured and resolved things with McGee. Unfortunately, it was never made because CBS, in their infinite wisdom, cancelled the fifth season suddenly after just 7 episodes were aired.

  4. I’m chuffed to bits that these comics are coming, because they’re going to make people very happy. I never realised people were asking for them – a comics version of a movie version of a comic never crossed my mind…. yes, Christopher Reeve was wonderful on screen, but we’re not going to get him in comics, just a shade. Bits of the Donner Superman seeping back into the regular books, such as the spiky Fortress and Gary Frank’s frankly creepy Reeve face, jarred. The comics are great comics, the movies are fun movies.

    Still, I’ll give the comics a go, in the hope that we will indeed get film-ish versions of Brainiac, Toyman, Titano etc. And Sam Hamm proved he could write a cracking comic with his Detective Comics three parter.

    Just no camp Luthor or Lois smoking, please!

  5. Well done, gentlemen on a great episode. I always enjoy hearing from Dan whenever he is on the show as he always brings such fantastic knowledge. I was also so excited to hear your reactions to these announcements. When I first saw this pop up on Twitter, I was immediately all in. They got such great writer/artist teams for these books so I’m on board.

    I wonder if Quinones well reference Anton Furst’s designs for Gotham, not just from the movie, but when they popped up in Bat-comics for the Destroyer storyline. I’m a big fan of Quinones (as well as Torres) so I’m sure I’m bound to like whatever he does with his designs. Even seeing those few sample designs was great to look at.

    But you never asked the most important question: will Bob the Goon let them use his likeness?!?

    I’m glad to hear you guys are excited for some new comics! Keep up the great work!

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