FW Team-Up: Batman ’66 and the Avengers

60s TV. Whether appreciated fresh or in syndicated leftovers, we can safely say Ruth & Darrin Sutherland and Siskoid are fans. They bring you the mod camp team-up of the decade (the 1960s, that is), Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel. That's right, the REAL Avengers combine forces with the Dynamic Duo for an adventure that crosses the Pond and made our hosts smile.

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20 responses to “FW Team-Up: Batman ’66 and the Avengers

  1. Fun episode with The Nicest People In Podcasting™! I will admit I don’t know the Avengers as well as I should, mostly because they were never syndicated in my area, but I did enjoy this mini. Anytime they can use Lord Ffogg, I’m up for it. Although I did miss Lady Peasoup.

    My one regret is we never got a Steed/Penguin umbrella duel!


    1. When you’re 85 and caught up with your Dark Shadows marathon, CFranks, I urge you to track down the Avengers TV shows. They’re wonderful.

  2. What a great episode. The Sutherlands are just the nicest and most generous folks around. Always like hearing their thoughts.

    I discovered The Avengers in college. The show was being shown in the afternoon on the A&E network at 1p. So on days when I didn’t have a lab to attend, I’d be in front of the television. I loved the show. I agree with so much that was said. Steed was a gentleman spy, always quick with a quip, fighting with an umbrella, and cordial and polite. And Mrs. Peel was just a supernova on screen, the smart, beautiful brawler. Just perfect! Yep .. she had M. Appeal, for sure.

    I didn’t get this book. I am not a huge fan of Batman ’66. But you all certainly sold it!

  3. Oh, what a dream team match-up. Ruth and Darrin have the best taste in the best group of individuals to call themselves Avengers!

      1. I’m love that Cathy Gale, though. Honor Blackman is in a league all her own.

        And the rest of those so-called “Avengers” (Disney’s acquisitions) can get stuffed.

  4. I agree with you guys wholeheartedly that 60s TV is much, much better than 70s (or 80s) TV.

    I enjoyed the show and the take of the Avengers fans. I’ve only seen an episode here and there when it aired on A&E. Obviously, I went into the team up with much more knowledge of Batman 66. One thing, and maybe I’m off base here since I’ve only seen the episode once and that was probably 25 years ago….I thought the fact that Mrs. Peel’s dance was a “bee dance” was a bit of a wink and nod to the harem dance she did in “Honey for the Prince.” I know the bees were included because Lord Ffogg had African Death Bees on his estate on the Batman episode.

  5. what a fun episode. learned a lot of nice tidbits from all of you, which was delightful. agree with the assessment of the Sutherlands…incredible quality people. bat anti oil? need to get some of that for an emergency.

  6. Really fantastic episode. All I can say is…perfect host, perfect topic, and perfect guests hosts. Darrin and Ruth are always a pleasure and I am a huge fan of the Avengers, Batman 66, as well as many of the others 60s shows discussed. Really enjoyed it!

  7. Great show and like the Sutherland’s recent show on the Avengers, so informative!

    Baffled by all the condemnation of the Sutherland’s, they’re actually really nice!

  8. One of the “Avengers” not mentioned was Dr. David Keel who was important for his not being in series 2. Because of a writer’s strike and Ian Hendry wanting to look for other work Honor Blackman was hired so with limited time the writers decided to make very little changes to the script of the first couple of shows for that series meaning that Blackman acting as Gale was basically reading what had been done for Dr. Keel. Since these set the tone for the character they kept it for her for the later episodes

    1. I, too, was surprised at the lack of mention for Dr. Keel, but acknowledge that the fact that most of his episodes no longer exist to watch in reruns (although they have been recreated as audios by Big Finish) makes it difficult to say much about him.

      A fun episode about a fun story. Thanks!

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