FW Team-Up: The Thing and Sasquatch

The Thing meets Sasquatch and then Alpha Flight in Marvel Two-in-One #83 and 84, and it's up to Siskoid and Michael May to meet on the U.S.-Canada border to make sure all the action gets covered! Don't miss this very orange episode of FW Team-Up!

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8 responses to “FW Team-Up: The Thing and Sasquatch

  1. Nice episode! You bring up a good point about long suffering team-up artists, Siskoid. Not only did Ron Wilson have to more or less blindly draw several Canadian locales on a short deadline in this issue, every month he had to draw a new set of characters…in addition to drawing the Thing…who is NOT easy to draw, let me tell you! All those rocky plates…!!!


    1. When you look at the core Bronze Age team-up books, who are the big artists? Jim Aparo on B&B, certainly. John Byrne had the most celebrated run on MTU, but Greg Larocque, Kerry Gammill did their own little stretches. DCCP didn’t really have long-term artists though it started with JLGL (PBHN). Ron Wilson is not someone you’d name in the same breath as any of these guys, and yet he drew 50 issues of Marvel Two-in-One between #12 and #100 (then almost three years of The Thing). He paid his dues.

  2. Impressive Pod cast guys. Most impressive. I always liked Aunt Petunia’s favorite nefiew. AKA the Thing. And the Sasquatch and Sasquatch 2. Whom is a combo of Sas and Snow Bird. I have Snow Bird and Puck. Sadly not the Build a figure that is Sasquatch. His death was sad, but made since. The team up was cool. And yeah Ben is basically Jack Kirby in a rock comic book form. Even to the big chomping cigar. Yeaaaah they do ya’ll bad in comics, but look at me I’m in Louisiana. We get Gambit and Bella donna. Were Nor Leans is treated as a giant swamp land. Good luck finding Swamps in New Orleans out side of the Abdomen zoo.

    And yep we get the pigeon French as well. Does any one speak like they do? Or Batrock? I lived in Lafayette. The Big Easy. Shreveport, Bossier City. Morgan City. Etc. No one talks like that. Nothing looks like that. And then Voodoo. Em,. that’s tourist crap. It gets people to visit and look at the collage educated people acting like Popa Shangos and crap. I think Captain Sisco was the only character from Louisiana who sounds like a person from New Orleans would.

    This does look like a cool comic. Wish I had picked it up. Looks cool the way it is written. And drawn.

    1. Like any minority, Cajuns have been woefully represented in comics, that’s true. DC Comics had the right idea in using mostly fictional cities. You’re kind of sure you won’t misrepresent anyone that way.

  3. The Soviet Super Soldiers (of a SORT) fought Alpha Flight in the Avengers Storyline “The Crossing Line” from the early 90s. Red Guardian vs Guardian! Crimson Dynamo vs Box!

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