FW Team-Up: Batman and Sgt. Rock

So the Earth-1 Batman and Sgt. Rock were contemporaries during World War II?! Only in the Haneyverse! It's our Memorial Day episode as Siskoid teams up with U.S. armed forces veteran Jarrod Alberich, the Yard Sale Artist, to talk about The Brave and the Bold #84.

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6 responses to “FW Team-Up: Batman and Sgt. Rock

  1. This show was worth it just for Jarrod’s Sgt. Rock voice.

    And I have mentioned going to the JKS way more than 20 times!

  2. There was a “Easter egg” about Schwarzenegger doing a Sgt Rock movie in Predator. Hawkins (Shane Black) can be seen reading a copy of Sgt Rock #408. Most notably in the closing credit sequence

  3. I love this issue, but honestly thought it was pretty subdued for Zany Haney. Adams was really honing his style during this period and by this issue, I thought he had really hit his stride. Beautiful artwork, a fun story and just entertaining all around.

    If you really want to get confused about what Earth a story takes place on, you need to read B&B 124’s Batman/Rock team-up. That is the issue where the villains from the Batman/Rock team-up show up at Jim Aparo’s house and try to force Aparo into drawing Batman getting killed in the story.

  4. Fun episode! Jarrod’s Rock synopsis had me smiling on a very rough day at work, so thanks for that. I can’t imagine how hard it was to edit out the laughs, Siskoid.

    This is a classic bit of Adams Batman. One of the first tales where he got to show Batman at night and brought the mysterioso mood back to the character that had been missing since the late 40s. When fans told Batman editor the “REAL” Batman was over in B&B, well, the wheels started turning.

    And Adams did a great job of evoking Kubert, even on the pages he didn’t ink. He did the same trick in the Batman/Enemy Ace story a few years later.

    Again, great show fellas! And thanks to you and your family for your service, Jarrod.


  5. I was pleasantly surprised to find this issue on the DCU app. Wow! That was really great! It almost could have been billed as a Bruce Wayne and Sgt Rock story. That could have made for an interesting twist on the cover, and it’s good to remember that DC used to do stories about Bruce, with Batman on the side.

    Thanks for sharing that one, guys!

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