FW Team-Up: Superman and Power Girl

On Earth-1, Siskoid heeds the call. A podcast opportunity awaits! On Earth-2, Mike Staley gets the same call, also heeds it, yes, podcastery! They meet in a nether-dimension called Skypeworld and discuss DC Comics Presents #56, a fateful meeting between Superman and his cousin from another Earth, Power Girl! Available across the whole of the Multiverse (except Earth-3, that place is a cesspool of bad podcasting).

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7 responses to “FW Team-Up: Superman and Power Girl

  1. I covered this book at some point on my site.

    The ending with Maaldor overwhelmed by his own madness always felt like a cop-out. He shows up in Crisis on Infinite Earths as part of the villains trying to stop Krona from seeing the beginning of the universe. Pretty sure he dies there.

    And I think he is the villain in a DCCP issue with the Joker. Maybe Superman needed the Joker’s madness to combat the insane dimension of Maaldor’s own mind?

    Like you Siskoid, I don’t think of Power Girl and Supergirl being the same character like I do other Earth1/2 folks. They definitely have different vibes. It is why so little of PG is reviewed on my site.

    As for the cover, I think so much of this is derived from The Pieta. Whenever I open up the can of worms of Crisis #7 homages, someone shows me a Batman cover from the 50s of Batman holding Robin like this. I don’t know if Perez liked this cover so much to model COIE 7 after it. And alas, since he doesn’t go to cons anymore, I won’t be able to ask him!

    Thanks for covering the book!

    1. Right, Maaldor’s story is continued in DCCP #65 with Madame Xanadu, then #72 in which Superman teams up with the Phantom Stranger, and also the Joker gets cover billing. Maaldor lso appears in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #1, and then Crisis and then in aAnimal Man’s Limbo. All are by Paul Kupperberg.

  2. Impressive podcast. Most Impressive. Cool seeing Supes and Power Girl teaming up. Oy having to look in on your own enter evil… think I’ll pass. The villan kind of looks like the drummer from the Cartoon Network Heavy Metal cartoon. Or an evil version of John Oates. From Hall and Oates.

  3. Batman: Gotham Knights was a Batman team-up title. Issue 2 is a one off single issue team-up with Cassandra Cain.

  4. I think the notion of both the Earth-Two Superman and Power Girl only being able to “leap great distances” came and went at the went at creators’ discretion. They sure seemed to fly around a lot, then suddenly in-story they couldn’t. Then they could again.

    Fun episode!


  5. Vast cosmic power? Check.
    Comes from his own universe? Check.
    Makes lesser beings fight each other? Check.
    Curly hair? Check.
    OMG, Maaldor is the Beyonder!

    Always a treat to see early Power Girl. I’m just starting to dig into those appearance on the DCU app, so thanks for pointing this one out.

    This cover was 3 years after X-Men #136. Just interesting from opening the can o’ worms on CoIE #7.

    Great job, guys!

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