FW Team-Up: Superman and the Quik Bunny

Fire and Water's Patreon followers were asked, which team-up should be featured in April, the most foolish of months, and they picked 1987's Superman Meets the Quik Bunny. Lots of silly, chocolaty goodness from host Siskoid and his guest Michael Bailey, who have a lot to talk about, including comics, dairy on both sides of the US-Canada border, and cities to visit both fictional and real! So pour yourself a tall glass of milk, stir in your additive of choice (or don't), and take a listen. (Lactose intolerant content unavailable this month.)

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15 responses to “FW Team-Up: Superman and the Quik Bunny

  1. I have this comic, and got it when it was released, but I’m trying to remember how I got it. Did my Mom bring it home from the grocery store, where they were giving it away? Did I send in proofs of purchase for it? I’m not sure.

    I drank a lot of Quik growing up, both chocolate and strawberry. We would sometimes have the Hershey syrup in the can too, and then later the bottle (which is what we buy here now). I never cared for the pre-made chocolate milk at school, or in the gallon jugs. I always thought it was too sweet, and it seemed sweeter than Quik or Hershey’s to me.

    I don’t know if Mike’s Dad really shopped there, but in my mind, all their grocery shopping was done at the appropriately named Super Fresh. That’s in my Michael Bailey head canon.

    This comic is surprisingly good and competently done, despite it shilling a product. As you guys pointed out, its got quite a prestigious cast of creators. Oddly enough, one of the first things I remember seeing new Infantino art on was a set of Batman and Wonder Woman overlay packs designed for Etch-A-Sketch in the early 80s. Most of them involved using the Etch-A-Sketch to help the heroes go through mazes, much like the puzzles here. That clubhouse is pure Infantino heavy-geometry, like his Central City-scapes!

    I was looking up at my DC Universe Classics shelves when your talk of a Superman/Tony team-up with Captain Marvel/Tawky Tawny came up, and had a notion. Maybe you can throw in Bronze Tiger in his masked days? He looks like a humanoid tiger, after all!


    1. When we first moved back to the Allentown area he did most of his shopping at the Super Fresh. Then he switched to the Giant across town. Dad was a creature of habit, so once he made the switch that was his place.

      The Super Fresh then became the place where I bought my comics when my mom or sisters needed to run errands.

      But, I never get in the way of head canon. Especially now that the Super Fresh is a Belks.

  2. I drank Nestle’s Quik all the time when I was growing up. It was practically part of my daily breakfast. The only time I ever had chocolate milk made with chocolate syrup was when we would go out to eat at a diner. It always tasted wildly different to me, and for some reason I associated it more with a special treat, whereas Quik chocolate milk was just normal.

    I loved both the ideas of Quik Bunny and Bugs Bunny as well as the Trix Rabbit.

    Maybe the Quik Bunny could guest in the Alley-Kat-Abra comic that Siskoid is going to edit on a future episode. 😉

  3. Bonus team up: Bugs Bunny, Trix Rabbit, Quik Bunny, Roger Rabbit and Jaxxon.

    Hare Force.

    Sorry. I’ll let myself out.

  4. Now that I think of it, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a glass of Nestle’s Quik. When it came to chocolaty drinks, my parents favored Carnation Instant Breakfast mix, which was supposed to be a “healthier” chocolate drink option. I have no idea if that was actually the case.

    As for this issue, I appreciate the fact that the creators attempted to integrate the puzzles into the story itself. As a fan of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, I like stories that (try to) include interactive elements.

    Thank you both for the entertaining discussion.

  5. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. As a kid I would have avoided this. Still a Mark Carlin story with Carmen art is a cool combo. Defiantly when their on Super-Man. I would have thought the Bunny would team up with Bat Man… after all they both like endangering small children. While fighting crime. And have advanced tech. I can hear it now, “I am vengeance I am the night. I am…. the Quick Bunny. ” Moving right along. Ah Weather Wizard. Star villain of both Flash tv shows. On the Super Man car toon. And his crowning achment… he was the villain in the JLA tv movie.

    With David Allen Ogden Stiers as Martian Man Hunter. Was cool hearing Mike Bailey as the co star on the show. Siskio and him made a good team. Hmmm not sure why Dick Giordano went all Wally Wood on some of Carmines pages and not others. Unless Carmine full drew the ones he didn’t and only did rough out lines on the others. Since some artists will do that. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  6. The bitter irony of this is that quik is sold as a treat but for many of the people especially kids who work in the cocoa fields getting the crop to produce it is literally slave like conditions.

    “‘A kind of slavery’: Nestle, Hershey and Mars can’t swear their chocolate is free from child labour”

    “Turning to Easter eggs to get through these dark times? Here’s the bitter truth about chocolate”

    1. Nestlé commits a lot of crimes, including the theft of water from poor communities, price-fixing, and more. By rights, the Quik Bunny would have been the villain of this piece.

      1. True, should have been a superman vs the Quik Bunny. Probably would have been if it was the original Sups. who fought white collar crime.

        Superman : Great now that I have Weather Wizzard out of the way let’s take out this child endangering rabbit. UP UP AND AWAY

  7. I couldn’t say why, but my family had strawberry Quik more often than chocolate. Nobody asked me, because chocolate would have been the clear winner. It might have been some vain attempt by my parents to get the “fruit” flavor instead of the “candy” flavor. It didn’t stop me from getting chocolate milk at school, of course.

    Concept: all of the kid product mascots are pulled together to fight for Saturday morning television to keep themselves in the public consciousness against the slowly encroaching wave of some future technology called “the internet”.

    Breakfast Hour: A Crisis in Cereal

  8. I learned a lot about dairy expiration in this episode!

    That story about SISkoid watching SUPERMAN IV almost makes the movie worth it. Almost.

    Superman really got saddled with all the weird promotional tie-ins that DC used to do. Right about the point they fell out of favor, Batman replaced Supes as the company’s pre-eminent brand, so we were spared the Dark Knight Detective being teamed up with The Noid, The Great adventure Guy, and Chester Cheetah.

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