FW Team-Up: Superman and Aquaman

Siskoid and Bass' coverage of DC Comics Presents leads them to issue #5 of the series (January 1979) by Len Wein, Paul Levitz and Murphy Anderson, starring Superman and Network favorite, Aquaman!

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5 responses to “FW Team-Up: Superman and Aquaman

  1. Hows this for a aqua man team up aqua man teams up with a alternate justice league from the justice league rwby cross over series ,

    So you have the earth 2 aqua man teaming up with a bunch of teen versions of himself and friends as they face an alternate version of black manta all drawn in the style of super friend comic .

  2. For those who haven’t read the justice league rwby cross over book several of the JLA IN that book have animal traits
    . Example
    Aqua man is part shark and does have the gaint sea horses .
    Bruce has bat ears ,
    Wonder Woman is an android and has multiple moms.

    And the flashes mother is alive and has snail traits
    But can still kick but when she needs to the flash’s family has also adopted
    Jessie quick in that world .

  3. I really enjoyed this one. It’s such a fun issue and it was a breeze to get through. Wild to think this old-fashioned kind of comic came out the same year we see Frank Miller on Daredevil, Chris Claremont writing X-Men, and John Byrne working with the Fantastic Four. And then, on the same rack, there is this book that looks like it was published in 1962.

    But thats what makes it so charming, and the art is an important part of that for me. If a more modern art style was used, the whole book would feel out of whack. Trying to fit the square peg of Len Wein’s plot and dialogue with, say, José Luis García-López would have hurt this issue more than helped.

    A comic with Star, or riptide crossed former mermaid lovers, 1950s sexism, giant squids, mind control jellyfish, and an impenetrable capes need a Murphy Anderson to make it all not look crazy.

    And the panels with Superman letting the Tritonis soldiers punch him is just a gas! See! It’s even making me use 1960s slang and I wasn’t even alive in the 60s to know if I even used “gas” correctly!

    DC always seemed like the cornier universe compared to Marvel when i was a kid, and this issue leans into it without any sense of irony. It’s basically Will Ferrell in Elf. Pure commitment without a wink or a nod to the audience. And I love it for that.

    Thanks for sharing this book and providing a real fun pod to listen to.

  4. The difference between Lori Lemaris’ Atlantis and Aquaman’s Atlantis was first explained in “Superboy and the Mermaid from Atlantis!” by Jerry Siegel, Curt Swan and John Forte from Adventure Comics #280 (cover date January 1961).


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