Give Me Those Star Wars 20: Celebration 2017

Ryan Daly welcomes video game writer Drew Holmes to discuss the highlights of 2017's STAR WARS CELEBRATION ORLANDO convention. Topics include the 40th Anniversary panel, the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II video game, new animation projects, and The Last Jedi panel. Plus, listener feedback from recent episodes.

  • Introduction begins at 0:00:41
  • Star Wars Celebration 40th Anniversary Panel talk begins at 0:06:23
  • Star Wars Battlefront II talk begins at 0:22:37
  • New animation projects talk begin at 0:28:11
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Panel talk begins at 0:37:06
  • Galactic Questionnaire with Drew begins at 0:56:43
  • Listener Feedback begins at 1:01:03

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 videos:

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14 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 20: Celebration 2017

  1. Another lovely episode. I really do get ranty in my comments sometimes don’t I? It’s the burden of being right all the time I guess, you have to unload all your evidence to crush those who might be so foolish as to oppose you (*cough* Shag *cough*.) Not too much else to add on this one honestly. Celebration was lovely and I liked that they didn’t shy away from the prequels and made it a proper celebration of the entire franchise. Hayden Christensen was never great in the part but you could see how nervous he was first getting up on that stage. I think he was half expecting to be booed from the building. It feels like fans have realized they can dislike his role in the films without being dicks to him. Just a shame they couldn’t realize that before ruining Jake Lloyd’s entire damn life.

    Oh and The Force Unleashed was the game that Drew was trying to think of.

  2. Forces of Destiny has my daughter Dani beyond stoked. It’s essentially DC Super Hero Girls for Star Wars fans, with toys, merchandise and animated shorts. And I do believe those are going to be on YouTube. BUT, and LucasFilm said this emphatically, these adventures ARE canon, unlike DC’s venture. But what is canon at DC anyway?

    And Dani is definitely one of those who sparked to Rey taking the lightsaber and becoming the hero of the franchise. It was an awesome thing to see as she went from a casual Star Wars fan to a rabid Rey devotee literally overnight.

    Great show, and Drew sounds like a fun guy to hang out with. Saltier than usual, but a very enjoyable, casual conversation! Have him back on!


    1. My daughter is right there with Dani when it comes to Forces of Destiny. She’s just bummed that she has to wait until July for the shorts to come out.

  3. Forces of Destiny sounds terrific, and Disney is super smart for not sticking “girls” in the title and driving away any panicked boys who are afraid of getting girl cooties from their Star Wars.

    I am very, very glad that Rey is the one who saves the day in FA, not Luke. This franchise needs to move on, and clearly the filmmakers recognize that. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Luke cutting into Stormtroopers left and right in Ep 8, but he should not be the main character.

    Drew was a great guest!

  4. I don’t see Rey as a Mary Sue I just think because of the harsh life she had to lead she’s stronger then Luke and anikan. They both had family safe homes and support she never had on jaku fighting to survive just to eat.

  5. I admit I have a Star Wars problem: I want to smack anyone who calls it “Episode 4” or “A New Hope” instead of just Star Wars.

  6. Thanks for the great summary of all the Celebration news. For what it’s worth, I love the Karaoke opening. I was inspired to check out the trailer for the Forces Of Destiny shorts and they look good. It’s great to see Star Wars content for everyone.

  7. Another great episode, and an entertaining Star Wars Celebration. I’ve never attended one, so I love that they’ve started live streaming them. Though, watching Celebration on YouTube has put me behind in my podcast listening.

    One of my favorite parts of this Celebration was the Smuggler’s Revenge drama that was performed on Day 3. It reminded me of the old NPR Star Wars radio dramas that I listened to as a kid. Now there’s a potential topic for a future episode (i.e., the radio dramas, not my childhood). Any ways, in this golden age of podcasting, I’m sure there would be an audience for some kind of episodic audio content (officially licensed of course) like Smuggler’s Revenge. Perhaps, something like that is already out there, and I’m just not aware of it.

    1. The Star Wars radio dramas is a topic I’ve wanted to cover since back in my Dead Bothan Spies days. I keep saying, “Someday…”

  8. Fun episode. One comment I have to say, from the perspective of an actor, when you are in acting school or class you always are pretending with limited props. “This marker is a time cloak! That coffee machine at the end of the classroom is Godzilla! ” So acting in front of a green screen with non-existent characters should be in an actor’s wheelhouse. Even if you have perfect props and sets, they look great on camera but are so hokey in real life. You have a boom right over your head threatening to bonk you in the head, there is a giant studio light two steps off camera if you walk into that will crush your head, the crew looks bored and want to hurry and finish so they can go home, you hope you don’t screw your lines, and that you hit your mark. It all is make believe. So if an actor doesn’t act well on a green screen they just need more practice and coaching which was a big problem with the sequels casting such young actors.

  9. Another great ep. Drew was a great guest. His comments about George Lucas and Harrison Ford’s attitudes towards Star Wars against the “ownership” and nostalgia of the fan base really made me stop and think.

    I have played through most of the Star Wars games that have come out over the years, except the Jedi Academy titles which were huge, not sure what happened there but anyway. The Republic Commando game was great. One of the first and best first-person-shooters with an online multi player modes. Great campaign story mode. No spoilers but you really got to feel whats its like to be a single clone/soldier in a giant army.

    The comments about Luke now being pretty much where Obi-wan was in A New Hope initially got me all worked up and thinking “Yeah. Surely by now he has managed to do something. Its now 4 movies since we met him and still now closer to bringing back the jedi order to its hay day. WTF!!” But then I calmed down and thought about it some more and can see he has done a lot. He managed to turn Anakin back to the light side, helped kill Palpatine and destroy the Empire that destroyed a whole order of Jedi. So I think it fitting that the story moves on with Rey. Anakin burned it down, Luke cleared the remaining obstacles and now it is Rey that is going to re-build. But like I have said, we will just have to wait and see.

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