Give Me Those Star Wars 21: Force Friday and the ABCs of Star Wars

Give Me Those Star Wars returns for a different sort of episode. First, Ryan Daly reflects on how his fandom has changed since becoming a vader himself. He also discusses some of the new merchandise that came out on this year's Force Friday. Then, a reading of the children's book ABC-3PO with a special mystery guest! All that plus listener feedback from last episode's coverage of Star Wars Celebration. Check it out!

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Thanks for listening, and May the Force Be With You!

12 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 21: Force Friday and the ABCs of Star Wars

  1. I was really hoping W would be for Walrus Man, but I guess you can’t have everything.

    This is now officially the second podcast on the network where one of the co-hosts was a big crying baby throughout.

    Glad to have the show back, if briefly!

  2. I don’t often comment on podcasts but I’ve been a long time listener of the various podcasts on this site including yours(love Power of Fishnets btw), though I dont often listen to this one mainly because I’m Old EU loyalist. Anyway I decided to listen to the first part of this about you becoming a father and since it came up I thought I share some of my own thoughts on Disney’s reboot.

    First of all I’m not a totally delusional fanboy or at least I don’t consider myself one. At the time when the sale happened and sequel trilogy was anounced I expected on some level there would something of a reboot, but had hoped they would have kept more of the old eu’s characters/setting (Jacen, Jaina, Mara, the new Jedi order) and just told their own story with them. When it became clear they weren’t going to do that at all, I lost all interest in their fiction and decided to just to try to ignore them.

    What flipped my switch from “don’t care” to “actively dislike”? Finding out they they stole Ben Skywalker’s first name gave it to a ripoff of Darth Caedus-Jacen Solo just hit me in the all the wrong places and made feel like the old continuity was being disrespected with select elements of it frankensteined together.

    Of course this all in the past and nothing can change it, but I wish they would have done at least( and actually still could do) is what paramount did when they rebooted Star trek and keep old universe around with new novels and comics. After all, if there’s room for the Prime-timeline and Kelvin-timeline to coexist and have material produced at the same time I feel there’s room for both the Legendsverse and Disneyverse coexist. Just Un-cancel the Sword of the Jedi novel trilogy that had been announced before the reboot already.

    Anyway may the force be with you and your family.

  3. Best guest yet. That kid has a future in podcasting!

    This took me back to all those books I read to the kids, including my beloved childhood book Batman: From Alfred to Zowie, which is based on the same idea as ABC-C3PO. You are sewing the seeds of never-ending geekdom my friend. That’s just good parenting!

    I liked the little self-referential asides in the book, like commenting on Ackbar’s line becoming infamous, Jabba-wannabe, etc. And your voice acting was excellent.

    As Yogurt would say, “Adorable”.


  4. Wait, there’s a STAR WARS show on the network? What a trend follower, it’s only here because there was already a Star Trek show.

    Geek parenting can be quite the journey as you find over time what geekdoms your child does and does not take to. My own daughter has an appreciation for things like Batman and The Real Ghostbusters, but they’re not her favorite things ever (those would be anything with dogs or wolves at the moment.) Star Wars has been a non-starter because she has virtually no interest in live action films unless they star animals (Wizard of Oz seems to be the one exception.) However I have managed to get her into Miyazaki films, to the point that she recognizes the art style and gets excited over it. It helps in my case that I never grew out of animation so we still find plenty to enjoy together with me more just gently nudging her towards a few key geekdoms.

  5. Great job on this fun episode, Ryan. I sense that your young padawan is truly strong in the Force… or is that just gas?

    The first Star Wars book that I shared with my daughter was Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffery Brown, which I recommend along with his book Vader and Son. Of course, that book totally spoiled the big Skywalker family tree reveal for her, right off the bat. It actually made me a little sad to realize that The Revelation, which had shaken the very foundations of my childhood universe, would be a simple given fact for my daughter. Still, it’s worth the price to be able to share my Star Wars fandom with her. Most recently, we’ve started playing the Lego Star Wars video games together. It’s hard to beat blasting battle droids to bits with your youngling.

  6. Good episode, Ryan. Ah, the memories of reading to the wee ones. If this book had been out 12 years ago (Lord, I’m old), maybe I could have gotten my daughters into Star Wars after all.

    Thanks for sharing the time with your son. He sounds like a joy!

  7. Congratulations!! You’ve won the “2017 Cutest Podcast of the Year Award”!! And also probably, “The Most Educational Podcast of the Year Award”!! Because this is important stuff for a kid to learn early!!!

    Absolutely loved this, Ryan. Thank you for sharing this special Father-Son moment with us!!

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