Give Me Those Star Wars 33: The REYLO of It All: Shipping in Star Wars

On this special Valentine's Day episode of Give Me Those Star Wars, Ryan Daly welcomes Stella back to the show to talk about one of her favorite subjects: SHIPPING! No, it's not ships like the Millennium Falcon, or shipping like the Star Wars version of FedEx. It's relation-shipping, the fan-driven partnering of characters for romantic purposes. What's it all about? And which characters from the Sequel Trilogy and Rebels are fans shipping? Tune in and find out!

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4 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 33: The REYLO of It All: Shipping in Star Wars

  1. Great episode. I enjoyed both the general and Star Wars-specific shipping discussions. One relationship you missed is Maz Kanata + Chewbacca = Chaz (?). I’m not sure how I feel about this one, given the Chewie is married, at least according to the Star Wars Holiday Special and old Legends continuity. I’m not sure if that’s the case any more. In which case, I would say more power to them. Though, Maz might have some competition from Major Kalonia (the Resistance doctor, who seemed kind of sweet on Chewie in Force Awakens).

    In regards to less traditional shipping, I have to wonder if there was ever anything between Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar.

    In Stella’s defense, I have to say that my daughter likes Jar Jar Binks. He’s not her favorite character (that would be Padme), but he does make her laugh. I’m guessing that one’s age at first encounter with Jar Jar has something to do with one’s opinion of him. Though, I’m sure that’s not the only factor.

  2. I can tell that Ryan and Stella are following different people on social media than me as the ships I see mentioned most by the queer fan community are HuxPoe (General Hux and Poe Dameron) and also HuxLo (General Hux and Kylo Ren). I prefer HuxPoe as Oscar Isaac and Domnhall Gleeson have amazing chemistry (Have you seen Ex Machina?)

    I have also seen the suggestion that Admiral Holdo and General Leia may have had a relationship. This only works for me if you also accept that at one point Leia had a drunken one-nighter with Poe which would explain why Holdo distrusts him so much.

    This also backs up my belief that Poe is the Lando of the new trilogy and has tried to have sex with every other character. Bubba Frick is still sore. Poe lets Rey take BB8 on her solo journeys because he’s trying to get the number of the fishy nuns from The Last Jedi. The hologram programmed into BB8 is NSFW.

  3. Impressive podcast most impressive. Ah shipping. Ya’ll have some interesting ones. But, here are mine. First Sana Starros and Luke Skywalker. Why? Not for them, but cause it can give a reason for Finn being Luke’s son. And that’s what he wants to tell Rey. I want to believe Finn got over Rey once Rose shows up. I just think he’d move on. He maybe the guy who leads with his heart. Just once he gets A that she loves some one else. And look here’s some one willing to die to save him. He moved on. I think Rey’s expression in that crapy Last Jedi Move. And Finn’s show they both had that emotional click.

    That it was over. So my personal cannon is now that’s what Finn wanted to tell her. Maybe the ghost of Luke came to him and told him once he realized who he was… since now as one with the force he’d realize who Finn was. I.E. the force midi clorans matching with Anikins. So Finn was gonna tell her that. Since she’s kind of in love with his Cuz. Wiki now has her listed as Ben’s wife…. sort of. Any way maybe he wanted to be there to try and help reconnect Ben to his family. But, that would make Finn the last Skywalker…soooo it won’t happen.

    Who else? Kyle Katarn and Ahsoka Tano just cause I wanna see that. Maybe it’ll be the ultament rebel kid.

    Finn with the new girl.

    Maybe Lando is her dad. Don’t know. As long as her Mom’s not the falcon. (I like Solo, but had to make the joke.)

    The Green Lady and Qui-Gon Jinn to peaceful Jedis that were great fighters and rebels. Her Nature skills were so impressive she almost took out Vader. There gental nature that hides how strong they are could be fun.

  4. Fun episode! I will admit, I’m not much on “shipping”, unless it is something hinted at by the creators. Like Rey/Finn is clearly intended to be teased as a possible romance that MAY happen. Kirk/Spock…uh, no. I don’t think anyone involved in Star Trek ever seriously considered that a possibility, no matter the socially acceptable restrictions of the time.

    A lot of that is just fans reading into something they love that relates to their own lives, and I get that, I just don’t put any more stock in it than, say, Shag’s never-ending belief that Rey was a Solo/Skywalker.

    I will say Lando is still making a proxy pass at Leia when he tells Rey and crew to give her “his love”. That’s our Lando. His buddy’s been dead for a short amount of time, but he’s moving in on his widow, estranged or not.

    I applaud Stella for liking what she likes. Someone has to like Jar-Jar. I’ve really come to the conclusion that as long as you find something entertaining, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, more power to you. Find your joy, and all that. I would like to hear her back on the show discussing the merits of Jar-Jar. You could title the episode, “Saving Mr. Binks”, perhaps.


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