Give Me Those Star Wars 40: CliffsNotes On THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT

Give Me Those Star Wars ushers in 2021 with a chat about the fan-favorite bounty hunter primed to make a big impact at the end of this year. Ryan Daly welcomes Neil Daly, Chris Zegunis, and Jason McCann to discuss the legendary Boba Fett. What did they think when the first saw him? What made him so cool, and why his popularity thrive in the years after his supposed death on screen? How was he treated by the prequel trilogy, and what does the future hold for him in the recently announced spinoff series for Disney+. Tune in and find out! Also, listener feedback from last episode.

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8 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 40: CliffsNotes On THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT

  1. Great discussion guys. I agree with the overall sentiment that Boba was one of the most-hyped-yet-underwhelming character ever to grace the screen, but good on Ryan for pointing out its just part of Star Wars. I’m surprised Constable Zuvio didn’t come up.

    My son Andrew has always taken to Boba Fett. More his look than anything, so he was very happy with his portrayal on The Mandolorian thus far. I would recommend watching the newest Mandolorian Gallery episode on Disney Plus, covering Season 2 (in just one episode this time). Morrison explains Boba’s more savage fighting techniques coming from his own cultural dances. It’s fascinating stuff, and he seems like quite a character.

    Oh, and as for the rocket-firing Boba Fett figure that started this whole mystique, the change to the welded-in rocket was a result of a small child choking to death on a Battlestar Galactica ship’s missile shortly before the figures were shipped, but AFTER the offer was advertised.


  2. I met Jeremy Bullock at a convention once. Absolute gentleman.

    I think Neil is the Boba Fett of this network. Cool, mysterious, and probably will check out in some bad series of follies.

  3. Great episode nerds.

    I have found myself guilty of the ‘Boba Fett is a punk’ mindset, but it is directly related to his demystification in Ep 2 which retroactively diminishes the character. Taking the Fett from Empire in isolation, he’s a total boss.

  4. Thank you for another fine episode, gentlemen. I first encountered Boba Fett in his TV debut on the Star Wars Holiday Special, and still remember how happy I was when I got my Boba Fett action figure after Empire came out.

    My daughter and I are still making our way through Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Therefore, I can’t really comment on his appearance there, but I do have some thoughts on his appearance in Attack of the Clones. I think a great way to have maintained (or even added to) his mystique, would have been to have Jango Fett in the movie with no appearance or mention of Boba. Instead of the scene near the end of the film, where the younger Fett picks up his father’s helmet, you just have a close-up of a mysterious hand reaching down and taking it. Fans would be free to speculate on Boba Fett’s origins to their hearts content.

  5. Great episode, guys! Fett has always been a favorite of mine, especially his fight against Luke, giving the Jedi a real battle. So good..

    Now I apologize, my brain went down a weird path from all of the sentiments on wanting to see more of the gritty criminal element of Star Wars. If I replace that with “DC movies”, that’s like saying you do want more Joker movies, or a Suicide Squad TV series. It’s just an interesting parallel, fans being pulled or driven to the “dark side” of these universes, and are the studio execs really wrong to catering to that. I dunno what I’m even saying, just my bizarre brain.

  6. Great discussion, everyone! I really enjoyed this episode as Boba Fett is one of my favourite characters. I think I’m in the same space as everyone else on the show. I was instantly engrossed by the great character design and the mystery of Boba in Empire Strikes Back and I wasn’t too happy with the way he died in Return of the Jedi. If I’m allowed to cross podcast streams, he’s the Dr.Fate of the Star Wars Universe. A great design that hooks you into the character but nothing much else underneath and I love them both.

    Am I the only one here that enjoyed Fett’s inclusion in Attack of the Clones? To me, to hear his back story made him incredibly special! He was the one different person in a population of millions. For a little nerdy kid/man-child who never fit in, that left a lasting impression on me. Sure, he was made of the same genetic structure, but they said that he was an unaltered clone, to which I understood as they didn’t age him, they didn’t make him more obedient, and they also didn’t remove any “bad” characteristics from his dad/donor. That made me think that Boba and Jango were real bad asses in the universe. I agree with you, though, that to leave him out of Revenge of the Sith was weird. If you are going to create an interesting backstory for a character, keep using that character! But once again, I don’t want to become a prequel “apologist” and I know I won’t change your minds on those movies, which is okay! Everyone finds their joy in something different.

    Once again, you guys did a great job on this episode and it was fun to hear your opinions on where the character could go next. I’m with Ryan (I think it was Ryan that mentioned this?) that I would like to see a Nar Shadaa type story with Boba and keep the spaghetti western style to the Mandalorian.

    I can’t wait to hear the next episode! Keep up the great work!

  7. Loved this conversation! Thanks for sharing!! Really engaging and made me re-think Boba Fett’s appearance in Mandalorian. At first I was excited by the teaser of him at the end of s02e01, but by the time he was simply their pilot I was feeling let down. Y’all made lots of good points about possible future directions. And now I’m thinking about reading those LEGENDS Boba Fett novels. Some of the few classic LEGENDS Star Wars books I avoided back in the day. I was worried they’d ruin the mystique of Boba Fett by getting into his head to much. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

    Regarding our love of Boba Fett back in the 1980s, I think it goes beyond just the cool jetpack ads. Boba Fett was one of the earliest figures promoted for Empire Strikes Back. If memory serves, I had his action figure before the movie even came out. Combine the early hype that he was important and having an early action figure, with him being so mysterious and cool in Empire Strikes Back. I spent the next three years playing-out action figure adventures where Boba Fett was a complete bad-ass! Oh.. and he strangely into Princess Leia, but I might have been working through some other issues there.

    Anyway, I was Mandalorian before it was cool! Check out my Boba Fett underoos shirt, that I wore as an everyday shirt.

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