Give Me Those Star Wars 44: Hope Dies, or Who Put the Rogue in Rogue Squadron?

Before the Empire struck back, they really, really struck back. Witness Darth Vader pimp slap the fledgling Rebel Alliance and the legacy of Rebel legend Jyn Erso on this episode of Give Me Those Star Wars. Ryan Daly and Angela Drew discuss the story "Hope Dies" from Marvel's 2015 STAR WARS comic, originally published in issues #50-55. How did the Empire respond to the destruction of the Death Star? What happened to General Dodonna? How did Luke Skywalker's flight group go from Red Squadron to Rogue Squadron? And why was the Millennium Falcon so beat up when the Rebels were hiding on Hoth? Tune in and find out!

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7 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 44: Hope Dies, or Who Put the Rogue in Rogue Squadron?

  1. This was super fun episode, everyone! It is always great to hear from Angela and you two together are SuperMates 2.0.

    Shu-Torun and Queen Trios was an excellent storyline. I loved seeing how Leia acts through the whole thing going from trusting in Trios with hope, and then getting super pissed off. She doesn’t exactly give into vengeance, as she still has strategic reasons for destroying Shu-Torun, but, man, it was scary to see Leia pissed off and it gave me a better picture of why she is such a great leader in the Alliance. I really enjoyed Kieron Gillen’s entire run as he really did set things up to pay off later and he was allowed the runway to do it. Good stuff!

    I also agree with Angela that Screaming Citadel was fun. It gave me horror Star Wars. Something I didn’t know I wanted until I read it! Also, I would read anything with BT-1 and 0-0-0 in it.

    Well done again! This was fun and I can’t wait to hear the next episode about the ongoing adventures of Constable Zuvio! It’s either that or Unkar Plutt.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Fun show! It’s always great when Angela drops by. I enjoyed the first Darth Vader arc in a TPB I checked out from the local library. Your synopsis made me think you were describing a Star Wars film I had somehow missed, so I will have to check this story out.


  3. This isn’t typically one of my go-to shows on the network, but the summary of the “Hope Dies” storyline caught my attention, and I am immensely happy I gave it a try. I haven’t read the story, so I don’t have much to say about it, but your discussion makes me want to check it out. Thanks for bringing this cool story to my attention.

    A special shout-out to Angela from a fellow English teacher. Here’s to surviving this friggin’ crazy school year. Rock on, sister!

  4. This story sounds GREAT. Canon-worthy. I dip in and out of reading the Marvel SW comics, but must have not been paying attention. Also forgot to say about last episode I was disappointed the High Republic wasn’t a Star Wars Stoner comedy about Han and Chewie trying to get to Kessel. Dude where’s my Falcon?

  5. While I haven’t read any of them yet, the modern Star Wars comics looked really interesting. Now they’re definitely on the list. And I’ll echo everyone else that it’s great hearing you and Angela together! Fantastic show!

  6. Catching up on past episodes and I’ve come to realize this podcast is built on a house of lies. In episode #44, Angie refers to the Millennium Falcon as a YT-3000 freighter. This embarrassing, yet forgivable mistake, is made infinitely worse by her bumbling husband’s follow-up comments. In the feedback section Ryan tries to admonish his wife by correcting her mistake. Ryan attempts to correct and shame her by saying the Falcon is actually a YT-1400.

    Seriously?!!!? Shame her with a WRONG follow-up answer? The Millennium Falcon is a YT-1300, not 1400.

    I’m just embarrassed to have trusted the information in this podcast for so long. Now I have to research everything Ryan ever said to see if any of it even had a grain of truth. What if Darth Vader isn’t Luke’s dad!! I never should have trusted Ryan.

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