Give Me Those Star Wars 48: VISIONS Volumes 1 and 2

Just in time for Ahsoka's thrilling mid-season reveals, Give Me Those Star Wars takes another step away from what's current to review the Disney+ anthology series STAR WARS VISIONS. Ryan Daly and guest DC Dave discuss the first two collections of animated shorts from some of the most creative animation studios around the globe and highlight their favorites from each season.

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4 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 48: VISIONS Volumes 1 and 2

  1. This was a topic I’ve not actually had enough exposure to as I’ve yet to manage past episode 2 of Visions, however I am now inspired to do after an excellent summary by Dave and Ryan. Since we will soon have a big drop in the delivery of new content knowing there’s still so much I can go back to which will be new to me is exciting. However I have to say I’m tempted to stick to Vol 2 on Visions and maybe then circle back to Vol 1 based solely on the reviews given in this episode.

    1. Since there’s no continuity between the shorts, there’s no reason NOT to start with volume 2 if you’re more interested in that content. Too bad D+ doesn’t have a “shuffle” option to play all of them randomly.


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