Give Me Those Star Wars 49: AHSOKA Season 1

Lightsabers, space whales, and the long awaited live-action debut of one of the franchise's favorite villains! Give Me Those Star Wars returns to cover the first season of the brand new Disney+ series AHSOKA. Join Ryan Daly and his rebellious crew of guest hosts including Angela Drew, DC Dave, and Maggie and Jonathan Schaefer-Hames as they discuss the highs, lows, whys and wherefores of this latest saga in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

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5 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 49: AHSOKA Season 1

  1. I was so disappointed by this show. The Disney+ thing, not the podcast. I would’ve come on as Dave’s date to even out the numbers.

    I agree with whoever said it should’ve been more of a Rebels reunion. Everything I really liked was when the show got all Rebelsy.

    The eps were too long, the characters dull and that other droid was so boring you all forgot he was in it.

    Very impressed by the mental contortions Jon performed to get something out of episode 5. Is he okay?

  2. I think I am more excited for what comes next as oppossed to what we got. Everything was a set up. I enjoyed the characters more in their animated form. And Ahsoka in the Mandolorian was great, but didn’t feel her character as much in her own show. Ala Black Panther in Civil War vs his own movie. I need to rewatch her in Rebels, to compare fairly

  3. Woo-hoo for more Give Me Those Star Wars! This was a fun discussion by everyone involved and I really enjoyed the differing opinions. I feel like I’m a real contrarian to all of your opinions as I loved Ahsoka. That’s not to say I’m right and that your criticisms aren’t valid, but I guess any criticisms you made didn’t bug me or I saw them them in a different light than everyone here.

    The fact that you felt Hera should have been played by a person of colour was an intriguing position. I thought Mary Winstead did a good job but it would have been interesting how Rosario Dawson would have done as the character. But I’m wondering if that’s how you felt at the start of the show, it influenced how you felt about the character?

    It’s funny you think that when you think of Ahsoka, you think “sweet”. I do, too, but only at the start of the Clone Wars when she was more of a kid. At this point, she’s a grown woman. IN fact at the end of the Clone Wars, when she’s turned her back on the Jedi Order, I feel like she had matured and had lost some of that sweetness. That’s not that she still can’t be sweet, but I feel at this point of the Disney+ show, she really is more of a “wise” Jedi figure.

    It’s interesting how you felt about that not everything is explained that should be. This is the thing I really like about Star Wars and it really tickles my brain in the right way. I love seeing random characters come in and go and not get any explanations of some of their motivations because it makes my brain try to feel in the gaps with my own head cannon. I liked Baylan and Shin BECAUSE they were so mysterious and not knowing what was going on with them.

    I also thought Zeb wasn’t there because of the point you made that, at the end of Rebels, the team was fractured and went on their own way. Seeing him by himself in the Mandalorian really cemented that fact to me.

    At this point, I feel like I’ve done a lot of defending Ahsoka against some of your comments, but that’s not to say everything worked or I didn’t agree with you on some points! I definitely agree with you about Sabine. It was weird she was supposed to be a Jedi. There was no indication of this before and I feel that there’s now two similar storylines with Sabine and Bo-Katan, being Mandalorians ascending to something greater.

    I also wasn’t a fan of Lars Mikkelsen choices playing Thrawn. I didn’t like him in Rebels and I didn’t like him here. I understand that he is supposed to unflappable, but he plays it so laid back, that he almost seems somnambulistic. My kids even laughed when he appeared on screen as he was looking kind of dumpy. I agree with you they were trying to tell you Thrawn was a tactical genius, but there wasn’t enough screen time to show any of that and when he was on screen, he it was hard to hear what he was saying!

    As much as I love Star Wars, I think it would benefit Disney to just lay off on making shows for awhile. I feel like it’s losing some of it’s specialness and I worry that it will follow the Marvel model and have people burn out from a lot mediocre shows. Having said that, I will watch everything that comes out because I can’t help myself!

    Once again, this group did such a fantastic job talking about the show (even if I didn’t agree with everything) and I enjoyed all the differing opinions. Well done, everyone! Keep up the great work!

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