Give Me Those Star Wars 8: May The Fourth Be With You!

Celebrate Star Wars Day with this special episode! Ryan Daly invites his best friends (i.e. people with five minutes to spare) to share what they’re most looking forward to from the future of the Star Wars Universe.

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12 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 8: May The Fourth Be With You!

  1. Interesting that we all had so many different “wish lists”, especially since there was no coordination between us!


  2. I know May 4th has become “Star Wars” day and I don’t mean to be a “wet blanket” here, but the most important thing to commemorate on this date is the anniversary of the Kent State shootings. On May 4, 1970, Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire during an anti-war protest at KSU, killing 4 students & wounding 9 others. I’m from the greater Cleveland area so the Kent shootings always get significant media attention on this date. I wasn’t going to post this until I became aware that most of my current crop of undergrads were totally unaware of this horrible incident.

    Pardon, me for being a “downer” as I love Star Wars too. Personally, I’m hoping we get a prequel where we get the backstory on how Bea Arthur got that bartending gig at the cantina.

    1. Well, it does highlight one of the keyy success components of Star Wars, within the context of the period. The 70s began as a very dark time. The war in Vietnam was still in progress, violence on school campuses and city streets still continued, the economy was entering turmoil and events like this happened with all to high a frequency. Urban angst was rising with crime rates. The Watergate scandal would soon be upon us. It was a major blow to the nation’s self-image. movies tended to reflect these dark times, with a high quantity of dark and cynical films. Children’s entertainment was pretty much ceded to Disney, who had fallen into a very bland routine (with some exceptions). Enter Star Wars as a bright, optimistic throwback to high adventure and virtuous heroes. Sure, there was still a nod to the cynical, in the part of Han Solo; but, that was one of the strengths of the character. he goes from being a cynical mercenary to a friend and ally, one who saves Luke at a desperate moment, allowing him to save the day.
      I am always disappointed that schools and society want to hide from our dark past. Without remembering and studying it, we can’t learn from it. Also, to truly appreciate the good events, we must see them in the context of what came before and after.

  3. For me I want to see more Jedi V Sith battles. I’m glad to hear you have started to come around to this way of thinking Ryan. You aren’t completely there yet but there is still time for you. Growing up all I wanted to be was Jedi with a light saber and that was what I was most disappointed about with the original 3 movies. You hear Obi-wan telling stories of the Old Republic when Jedi were plentiful and would go on missions/adventures together and of course fighting in the Clone Wars. But you never got to see this. I understand why not given where in the story we are at the start of A New Hope but I desperately wanted them.

    I was so excited, like you guys mentioned in the prequel ep, when Obi-wan and Qui Gon first fought together on the Federation droid ship, Obi-wan and Qui Gon against Darth Maul, the Clone Wars arena battle, Annakin and Obi-wan fighting Dooku and finally the epic fight between Annakin and Obi-wan. Now I will accept that the rest of the movies that went around these scenes weren’t great and maybe made this scenes less appealing but for me they were heavenly, beautifully choreographed with great talents like Ray Park and the effort and dedication by Ewan McGregor and the only positive outcome of Hayden Christensen’s presence.

    I don’t know if you have played them at all but I am a HUGE fan of the Knights of the Old republic games and even the MMO Old Republic despite it not performing as well as everyone hoped. But these games captured those elements of Jedi V Sith, combat force use and light saber duels brilliantly. You felt like a part of the fabled Jedi Order. And I feel that the great work on the animated Clone Wars series needs a mention here as well. The 3 CGI trailers that were made for the release of Old Republic were spectacular and felt more like Star Wars than any of the prequels. Here is the link if you haven’t seen them. Take the time to watch them.

    So Ryan I will agree that even if the huge scale fights aren’t what you are looking for, some great 2v2 or 3v3 action would be amazing. As long as its not the clunky, untrained, unsophisticated force battles of the original movies. And yes a few good space battles would be great to see. I just loved the Mon Calamari cruisers!!


  4. I’m looking forward to the side and back stories, like Rogue One. One of the things I loved about the original Marvel comic was the introduction of new, cool characters, like the cyborg bounty hunter Valance and Baron Tagge, who was an enemy of both the Rebels and Darth Vader. We got to see a more nuanced Jabba than Lucas gave us. We actually got to see jawas fight against the stormtroopers. We had space pirates (Crimson Jack rules!); and, yes, we had tall, green rabbits (everyone always forgets the porcupine). Those are the kinds of things I want to see.
    I also want to see the new characters and what happens next. I want more of the people who aren’t related to a Skywalker. I’d like to revisit characters like Lando and Wedge. I’d also like to see Star wars not always take itself so seriously. Some of my favorite Star Wars comics were things like Kevin Rubio’s Tag & Bink and his fan film TROOPERS. I’d like a family situation comedy, The Skywalkers, with Darth Vader and Amidala as parents of teenage Luke and Leia. I wan’t to see Leia complain that her parents don’t like her bad boy boyfriend, Han. I want stormtroopers bringing home Luke, after arresting him for drag racing starhoppers or landspeeders, with Amidala angry and Vader asking if he won and what his time was. i want Yoda as their crazy “uncle.”

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