Hyperion to a Satyr: Hamlet Act II Wrap-Up

Hyperion to a Satyr - The Fire and Water Podcast Network's Hamlet Podcast - wraps up its discussions on Act 2 of Shakespeare's masterpiece, as Siskoid discusses some of the section's bigger questions and themes with special guest Sean Ross. They also discuss teaching the play and the Simpsons' parody. Plus, your feedback on the Act 2's episodes.

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Theme: "Fanfare" from 1996 Hamlet, by Patrick Doyle, with clips from that film, starring Ray Fearon; the 2000 Hamlet, starring Ethan Hawke; and the 1990 Hamlet, starring Mel Gibson.

Bonus clips: The Simpsons' "Tales from the Public Domain", starring Nancy Cartright, Yeardley Smith and Dan Castellaneta

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4 responses to “Hyperion to a Satyr: Hamlet Act II Wrap-Up

  1. It’s interesting that you mention Ryan North’s “choose-your-own-adventure” version of Hamlet, “To Be or Not to Be,” and then later in the episode, you discuss the possibility of what might have happened if Hamlet had let Ophelia in on his plan; in North’s book, one of the possibilities IS that Hamlet tells Ophelia everything that had happened, and she goes with him to meet the ghost. This story path generally leads to more positive outcomes.

  2. Amazing episode … as always.

    I have never seen the Simpsons take so now I have to seek it out.

    Love the idea of writing soliloquies for the characters who don’t have one. I bet some students write a pretty solid one.

    Thanks again for this show. I love it!

    1. They constantly amazed me with their soliloquies. They would sometimes take the characters in fascinating (but supportable) directions.

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