FW Presents: HeroesCon 2017

The gang from HeroesCon–Chris & Cindy Franklin, Ryan Daly, Rob Kelly, and The Irredeemable Shag–get together to do a HeroesCon 2017 wrap-up! Special guest appearances by Keith G. Baker, Derek William Crabbe, Darrin & Ruth Sutherland, Luke Daab, and Xum Yukinori!

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9 responses to “FW Presents: HeroesCon 2017

  1. Maybe next time! (Who’m I kidding?)

    Pick a venue in Atlantic Canada next time, that way I can bring my entire crew too!

    Made for a great wrap-up episode though. Lovely stories.

  2. Those were some fun stories from the con. I’m glad that everyone meeting face-to-face didn’t lead to the dissolution of the F&W Network (or the implosion of the universe, for that matter).

  3. This sounded like a blast.

    I have no idea how Shag managed to get the Sutherlands to read all those compliments about with straight faces. Was that take 37? Was Shag holding Mike Grell captive somewhere?

    And I’m super dubious about this “nice Frank” thing.

    Wish I was there, if only to meet my bestie Rob, Mr Daab, and the Moose in person. I’m afraid of Cindy.

  4. Great episode and sorry I missed being there. Don’t take too long working out where the 2018 meet up will be, there may be some logistics for an overseas attendee.

  5. Enjoyed hearing your experiences. GallifreyOne’s pre-registration limitations preclude using it as a place you can plan for everyone to get to (I’m a bit in shock I scored a ticket myself!), but I look forward to meeting those of you who *will* be there.

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