The Hero Points Podcast: Dream Machine

GameMasters Siskoid and David Gallaher discuss the 1986 DC Heroes adventure module Dream Machine, by Mark Acres, starring the one and only Joker. Can the New Teen Titans or Your Own Heroes defeat him and their worst nightmares? It's an unusual adventure we think can be adapted for a variety of games. Check it out. (The Hero Points Podcast is in no way affiliated with the upcoming Joker movie, but we're opportunists.)

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13 responses to “The Hero Points Podcast: Dream Machine

  1. Wow – we must think alike. My two favorite modules for the DC game and you’ve covered them already. Sounds like my comments on the last one happened after edits were done on this one.

    But yeah – this was a cool episode. I totally missed the Titanic/Titans reference as well. I look forward to hearing these with more regularity. Perhaps different versions of the stars should be compared. There are a couple different version of Firestorm, but bunches of Aquaman (Golden Age, Silver Age Aquaman, Detroit era Aquaman, Hook Aquaman, current comic Aquaman, movie Aquaman, etc.).

    Hear you then –

    1. Yes, if you check the comments to the previous episode, I even apologize for it and tease this episode’s quick delivery.

      Unfortunately for Aquaman, I don’t think I know anyone who has any kind of expertise on him.

  2. This sounds like an incredible module. I’m thinking you could adapt the mechanics from it to create some great mind bending Grant Morrison style JLA adventures. In particular, I’m reminded of JLA #11, where Superman and Martian Manhunter were trapped inside a hard light construct maze that was shaped and controlled by the Joker’s mind.

    Thanks for covering this. I’m looking forward to the next character spotlight.

  3. Fun show guys, and even though I’m a RPG wannabe in a lot of ways, I was totally engaged throughout. That cover does remind me a lot of the Batman vs. Hulk, Dali-esque spreads of the Joker’s madness, as amplified by the Shaper of Worlds.

    Plus, I don’t think DC had made enough out of the Joker going after the extended Bat-family outside of the main Bat-titles. A revenge bout with Nightwing would be fun…especially back in the old continuity.


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