Hero Points Character Profile: Batman

Siskoid sits down with KnightCast's Chris Franklin to compare Batman's DC Heroes RPG stats and his portrayal in the comics. A flagship character like that, surely Mayfair Games got it right! We ask an expert to make sure!

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18 responses to “Hero Points Character Profile: Batman

  1. Thanks for another entertaining episode, gentlemen. I particularly enjoyed Chris’ insights into the Batman of this era, and how he compares to other incarnations of the character.

    Looking at Batman’s stats compared to those of the Batcomputer, I have to wonder why he keeps it around. Perhaps, he needs it to play all his old video games?

    As an aside, I finally found a group willing to play my old Marvel Super Heroes RPG with me. (Sorry, I haven’t gotten hold of the DC Heroes RPG, yet). That group being my daughter. We finished our first adventure last weekend. That’s the first time I’ve made it through an entire adventure in over 30 years of collecting paper and pencil RPGs!

  2. Great show! I love hearing the discussion of the individual Heroes and how they change at different timeframes. Robin/Nightwing would be a really good one to do because they’re so how many variations in their character(s). I’m glad to hear there’s going to be an actual play. That should be very fun. That inspires me to try to start a game.

  3. Shouldn’t Batman be the second best at everything with the exception of detection? Like, he’s not even in the top 10 martial artists in the DCU?

    1. I’ve seen it happen. Every time Rob closes his eyes…he sees pretzels.

      I honestly think I have a Catastrophic Obsessive Attraction to Batman. Just look at my house, and you’d agree.


  4. Late to the show, I really love this podcast. I remember seeing the ads for Mayfair games in comics back in the day, but was not yet a D&D guy. Most of my meager money had to go to more comics. I have recently started collecting the old modules. Now I need a group to game with.

  5. Egads – 3 episodes in one year!?

    I think this is mostly accurate. The Charisma score might be a bit high given his (ahem) people skills. An 8 might be more reasonable. The Leadership Advantage fits in game terms – for sharing Hero Points. It does NOT mean he is a good leader.

    One big oversight would be the connection with Dick Grayson. I don’t recall if the switch had been made to Nightwing at this point, but even when they were not on the best of terms, those two should have connections with each other. Same goes with other characters that have graduated to protagonists in their own right (like Barbara Gordon – though I think this was between her getting shot and the transition to Oracle) or important supporting characters (Commissioner Gordon, Leslie, Lucius, etc.). And no mention of Alfred?

    I think Batman is much more interesting as a flawed character. The “Uber-Bat” annoys me. But he’s the f—–g Batman. Of course the writeup is going to be a bit over the top.

    1. 3 or 4 episodes a year would be my preferred release schedule, which is one of the reasons I instituted Character Profiles, which I think might draw out some key experts/guests!

  6. According to her Wikipedia entry, shark repellent was invented by Julia Child: “When Child was asked to solve the problem of too many OSS underwater explosives being set off by curious sharks, ‘Child’s solution was to experiment with cooking various concoctions as a shark repellent,’ which were sprinkled in the water near the explosives and repelled sharks. Still in use today, the experimental shark repellent ‘marked Child’s first foray into the world of cooking.'” The question is: did Batman use Julia’s recipe, or improve on it, or invent his own?

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