Hero Points: When a Stranger Calls

Hero Points is back! (How do you feel about an annual engagement on the Let's Roll feed?) Shag and Siskoid are in fact doing a Hero Points/JLI Bwa-Ha-Ha Podcast crossover by covering When a Stranger Calls, an adventure module set sometime before JLI #12. Can Dr. Fate and the rest of the team put a stop to Wotan's newest scheme?

Relevant images and credits in the Hero Points Supplemental.

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3 responses to “Hero Points: When a Stranger Calls

  1. I agree that using riddles in game sessions can be really hit-or-miss. What I have seen used more effectively are puzzles, particularly ones that can be physically manipulated by the players. The clue keeper and Batman’s mind maze are steps in that direction. A GM who I’ve seen use some cool puzzles in her D&D games is Deborah Ann Woll, of Netflix Daredevil fame (e.g., her Relics and Rarities series at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7atuZxmT954B-AtfJsw_YbULHL_L7J8z). Of course, building puzzles is a time commitment, and may not be every table’s cup of tea.

    Thank you for another amazing episode. I look forward to next year’s JLI episode.

  2. Anyone who’s listened to the MegaDumbCast’s coverage of the Marvel “Time Warp” Trilogy knows how railroady Ray Winninger can be sometimes- but I have to give him credit for his power innovations that made it into Second Edition.

    I like to think that if this module is canon, then “Nice Guy” is the one refereeing the Basketball game. He was a P.E. teacher, after all.

    I’d love for you guys to check out the much superior “World in the Balance” module (especially since it draws from a lot of juicy Justice League continuity and involves both teams), but because it barely falls outside the Bwa Ha Ha Era, I’ll just say you guys’ll love it.

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