Hero Points: Come on Down!!

Hero Points is back! Siskoid and Shag present another Hero Points/JLI Bwah-Ha-Ha Podcast crossover by covering "Come on Down", an adventure module featuring Justice League Europe. To protect the League's secrets from reaching enemy hands, Justice League Europe must compete in an interstellar game show against the Forgotten Villains.

Relevant images and credits in the Hero Points Supplemental.

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7 responses to “Hero Points: Come on Down!!

  1. the only thing I remember about GMING DC hEROES (SECOND) IS oh dear DONT say “pick who you like i’ll whip up something. You end up with Batman,creeper deadshot ok with ya so far. But the OTHERS Hal jordan,the demon and PLASTIC MAN.

    1. Batman has more points.

      But I’m the guy who insisted Shag play Firestorm in our Real Play example. Just throw some yellow stuff at Hal. He’s the guy with the most versatile power, if only he can think of it. Batman does all the detecting. Jason Blood is there for the supernatural knowledge and the Demon is nerfed by being a little bit uncontrollable (if the player doesn’t ask themselves if they actually SHOULD summon Etrigan, the GM is doing it wrong). The Creeper is too, but the player will be happy just role-playing the madness (why else pick this character when there are many acrobatic fighters available)? Plastic Man can take any shape, but is largely comic relief.

  2. Listening to you guys talk about this module makes me really glad I pawned off on some unsuspecting schmuck several years ago when he unwittingly visited my house in New Jersey. To be fair, I think my dog distracted him enough that he didn’t know what I was doing. ๐Ÿ˜€

    On another note, I was supposed to edit the Class 1000 Podcast? Oops. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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