DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast, Episode 6 – DC Adventures RPG Images

Select images from the DC Adventures RPG and our campaigns. Leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

Check out the demonic flavor in Etrigan's stats:

One of the most flavorful characters in the books (Heroes and Villains vol.1), Ambush Bug!

A look at the Summon power, chosen because we're a very friendly Aquaman space here.

From our first, aborted campaign: Rip Hunter's blackboard and the hero Tritan.

From our 28th-Century Justice Legion campaign, the Green Lantern Br'k, in the flesh so to speak.

And here are Br'k's stats (modified from DC Adventures, using my DCAdv/DrWho hybrid). He was Furn's character for the length of the run.

Our bad boy player used, among others, the Question, a good example of a character banking on Advantages and Skills rather than powers.

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