DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast, Episode 6 – Green Ronin’s DC Adventures RPG

When this show started, we said it wouldn't just be Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG, that other systems would get covered. So the Lonely Hearts' Furn joins Siskoid to discuss the most recent DCU role-playing game, Green Ronin's DC Adventures, and the two DCAdv campaigns they were in together. Then, Shagg returns to read your feedback for episodes 4 and 5!

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23 responses to “DC RPG: The Hero Points Podcast, Episode 6 – Green Ronin’s DC Adventures RPG

  1. Fantastic episode. I sorta want to go out and grab these supplements. I didn’t know it was based on the D20 rules, so I’m keen to dig into this. Thank again for sharing your campaign stories and your exciting for the DCU.

  2. I was really upset you guys didn’t read my feedback from the previous episodes, until research revealed I didn’t leave any. Oh well.

    Not sure I can keep up with this show’s increased output, but I’m doing my best. I still don’t understand anything that’s being discussed in any given show, but I love how after just a handful of episodes the show has built up such a nice group of gamers who listen and comment. It’s exactly the kind of thing I hoped the network would do, even if it is on a subject I have no knowledge/interest/experience with. Well done guys.

    I would be open to participating in some sort of DC-centric Skype game, if that’s a thing. Or it could be just like high school, where I am excluded from the reindeer games.

  3. Just bought the complete set. Found it at a store in Copenhagen at less than it would cost to wait until the next time I was in the States. Have a DC universe campaign going but was using GURPS. But hey the people I game with now know a lot more about the mid 90’s DCU than before

    1. By the way just to help you out with pronunciation, and so my wife doesn’t try to go the Atom on people and attempt to reach through the line, Copenhagen in English is (K-open-hay-guhn), not (K-open-hah-gun). I think people think they are trying to sound Scandinavian when they say it the second way but in Danish it’s København sorta (que-ben- haun). So defiantly trying to make hay out of this…

        1. Well see if you saying the french pronunciation while talking french then you’re fine for 2 reasons: first it’s the French pronunciation of it, and second my wife doesn’t speak French. But watch out how you pronounce it speaking, English, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, or old English.

  4. When Shag is unavailable for any reason, we now know we can enlist Furn. Flawless impersonation!

    The idea of a brick as Green Lantern is so brilliant I would imagine Alan Moore would be envious of it.

    I have never seen the books for this came in person. I’ll have to check them out. Still love my Mayfair reference materials!

    Fun show!


  5. Another fun episode. I have seen the DC books but didn’t think about buying them. Now I am wondering if the ‘Whos Who’ books are worth it. Love the poetic names of the powers. Is there a Supergirl page?

    I loved the discussion of the campaigns and different approaches to powers. My group definitely wanted to keep the characters we started with to create a team history. That said, like Furn, I would often want to mix things up. Over the course of our Mayfair gaming, I basically morphed Wildfire from being a strong guy who could blast things to a VERY STRONG character who could shoot weak beams. It was clear the team needed a tank so I tweaked the origin/suit to mix things up, redoing some stats.

    Lastly, loved Furn’s imitation of Shag!

  6. Gadzooks! I just realized that I somehow missed Episode 5. I’ll have to go back and listen to the Great Superhero RPG Debate of 2017 (as I’m sure it will be called by future historians) as soon as I finish with my comment on this fine episode.

    I recall seeing the beautiful cover for the Hero’s Handbook on the shelves back in the day. Unfortunately, I was in the tail end of a self-imposed moratorium on the purchase of comic books and RPG manuals, which only lifted with the advent of the New 52. I’ve thought of trying to get a copy of one of the old DC RPGs, but I’m not sure which version I’d prefer: Mayfair, West End, or Green Ronin. I guess I should wait for Shag’s coverage of West End Games’ DC Universe before I decide.

    1. I think Episode 5 makes clear he too prefers DC Heroes from Mayfair. My recommendation is DC Heroes 2nd Edition (if you find 3rd, it’s much the same with several nice additions so that’s great too). It’s the best supported of the three games, so you get to collect sourcebooks and adventures that cover a whole lot of the DC Universe. It’s not as pretty as the more modern DC Adv, but it’s more elegant and streamlined. Ep 5 will tell you more.

      1. Thanks, Siskoid. I’m about halfway through Episode 5, and I’m enjoying the lively exchange.

        The Mayfair game would be my completely subjective and uninformed choice for nostalgia reasons. I never owned the game, but my best childhood friend did. Unfortunately, he got it after his family moved away, but I would read through his DC Heroes books when we would visit his family as part of our annual summer vacation.

  7. I, unfortunately, have never been able to actually play any of the super roll playing games. I have more experience with the Marvel FACERIP system, because I was roped into GMing a game or two. I do not GM well, although that is only my opinion. However I hadn’t heard of the DC supers game until late in my gaming experience and since I knew there was no chance of finding a GM I didn’t buy the basic game. Finding out about the Green Ronin version I probably will look into it, despite knowing of no chance to play.

  8. Another great podcast. I love this topic. I own the DC RPG and all the books that came with it. I seem to collect a lot of superhero rpgs. Anyway Siskoid you mentioned something about uploading pictures for the DC RPG H&V book Volume 1 & 2. I use to do that too. Grant you I only uploaded a handful of pics. I know somebody use to upload a ton of pics. Was that you? Look forward to the next podcast.

    1. I didn’t suggest any images at all to Green Ronin while they were doing that. The most I did on their boards is stat up a version of Ambush Bug and share it with the community there.

  9. Really enjoyed Siskoid and Furn’s coverage and campaign discussions. Such fun ideas for adventures! Would love to hear more!

    Just want to add that the Green Ronin books are absolutely gorgeous! I own all of them and sometimes just flip through them and drool. They are so beautiful and as Siskoid mentions, they make a fantastic snapshot of the DC universe just before Flashpoint. Mine are in a box right now (moving houses this week), but as I recall the Robin entry is Tim Drake. Which always gave me hope that Damian would give the title back to Tim, the best Robin!!

    I played Mutants and Masterminds with original characters for a few years. At first I was resistant to the M&M system (essentially the same system used for DC here), but eventually came around. I really enjoy the way to construct powers and building the characters. The only drawback was the levels. If everyone is level 10, you usually end up with a bunch of characters that all do 10 damage, just with different powers.

    Again, really enjoyed this episode! Thanks for stepping in, Furn! Your impersonation of me was uncanny!! 🙂

  10. I still listen to this show. At 2x speed admittedly, especially as it drifts further away from reference materials and my very limited RPG experience, but I want the course credit.

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