Hero Points Character Profiles: The Power of Fishnets

Siskoid sits down with The Power of Fishnets' Ryan Daly to compare Black Canary and Zatanna's DC Heroes RPG stats and their portrayal in the comics. Two very different characters, except in terms of fashion. Did Mayfair Games get them right? We ask an expert!

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16 responses to “Hero Points Character Profiles: The Power of Fishnets

  1. I had both of these characters in my recent FASERIP game using the Squadron Supreme as a model. I’m diving deep into this week’s episode now

    1. That makes me think. Playing DC heroes with FASERIP by way of Squadron Supreme or Imperial Guard. Playing Marvel heroes with MEGS by way of the Champions of Angor or (WWII) Crusaders…

      1. Siskoid,

        That’s pretty much what we did for our JLA FASERIP game used the Squadron for the core team. It became a little tougher with characters like Red Tornado and Shazam… but that’s when the MEGS system helped as cross-reference.

        Great episode. And honestly loved the GM secrets episode too

  2. I find it very hard to believe that Green Arrow is of greater or even equal intelligence than Black Canary. I’d say if he was a 6, then Black Canary would be at least a 6.5. And I certainly don’t see him as a better detective. Golden Age Black Canary was a PI, and the modern BC must at least have some of that training.

    I wonder if Green Arrow’s noted skill as an archer accounts for the extra influence. He certainly does speechifying, but although I often agree with his politics, he’s usually an ass and offends his potential allies.

    1. I suppose it all depends on the era, but yeah, Olie is one abrasive dude. He’s have problems on the social end of things for sure.

      Maybe the intelligence is also supposed to reflect his fabrication of trick arrows, ability to calculate angles, and so on.

  3. This was a fun show. I would also argue I never though Ollie was as smart as Dinah. Technically smart for crafting weapons, and calculating shots, etc, perhaps. But common sense…uh, no.

    But nice to know Mayfair did their homework apparently!


  4. I love this new episode format of comparing character sheets to their comic book source material. It’s the sort of thing I used to do with the RPGs I collected as a teen. I’m looking forward to hearing from the next expert.

  5. I would argue that both of their strengths are too high. I never understood the fascination of overstanding strengths for a character that doesn’t really use it. Black Canary uses martial arts not strength to damage our opponents I’m not sure she should be higher than a 3. Zatanna’s strength should be no higher than a 2 and really her Dax probably should not be higher than a 4. That’s how I see it I could be wrong

    1. I don’t think you’re wrong. If Martial Arts can be replaced into the strike damage anyway, does she need a high STR that allows her to bench press that much weight?

    1. And that’s all I care about.

      We know our little show is very niche, so it’s always been our goal to not alienate listeners who might just be interested in the characters or, I dunno, following Ryan Daly from show to show in this case. He’s so popular.

  6. These were decent, though I think they gave Zee far too much credit in INT. And I find it odd that neither were given the Thief skill. The Canary would use the stealth component regularly, and both have been known to use sleight of hand and/or escape artist as the need came up, both way before the Longbow Hunters came out.

    Now maybe if we can get these episodes more regularly … 😉

    1. Great point.

      I apologize now for not including this comment in the next episode’s feedback segment, as it’s already been recorded and scheduled–say whaaaaaa?

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