First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast Ep.40: The End

This is it. The final episode of First Strike: The Invasion Podcast. We discuss stealth Invasion Aftermath Extras, gene bomb appearances, the fate of the aliens, behind the scenes material, Who's Who entries, and even Siskoid's use of Invasion in his role-playing game campaigns. Plus, rumors of a bonus episode and your feedback!

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14 responses to “First Strike: The Invasion! Podcast Ep.40: The End

  1. “The end?” Kinda.
    Looking forward to this Zero Hour epic you’re about to tackle. I’m sure Bass will LOVE it, given his anti-Thanagarian bias.

    Valor is a bit of a blind spot for me. Never warmed up to the idea of that time-lost Legionnaire — though I loved it when the LSH was stranded in the 90s and was a big Phase fan. I eagerly await this bonus show, even if it stalls Zero Hour by yet another month. Don’t make this your version of WHo’s Who in the Legion, Siskoid!

    1. Well Valor’s not time lost, he’s Mon-El BEFORE he ever went to the future.

      Sort of. The timeline collapses before he gets to. Except he must have, according 5YL… it’s complicated.

  2. Hey guys, a couple more down-the-line extras for you: Kurt Busiek’s Power Company series had a series of one-shots giving the backgrounds of the characters, and founder Josiah Power’s issue was all about the gene bomb and its after effects,and then the Timber Wolf miniseries had some more left behind Dominators as villains.

    1. As a fan of the Power Company (I think there may be just the two of us), I’m sorry I didn’t think of the fact that Josiah Power was a gene bomb metahuman, myself.

      Also, closer to the actual timeframe of Invasion, acts that Firestorm committed while affected by the gene bomb cause him trauma that has a significant impact on the rest of the “blank slate” era, eventually leading to his elemental incarnation.

  3. Cue The Doors…

    Oh wait, this isn’t QUITE the end?

    I liked the idea of Valor, but never really read it. I couldn’t keep up with what they did to Mon-El/Valor/Lar Gand/M’onel.

    Really looking forward to Zero Hour Strikes!


  4. My favorite Invasion tie-in that was after the fact took place in GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD DAWN II. During a training session with Sinestro newbie GL Hal drop in on negotiations between the Dominators, the Khunds and the Okaarins and things go pear shaped. When Sinestro and Hal leave one of the members says that someday an alliance between them will prove necessary. I thought that it was pretty clever.

    Looking forward to the Valor episode. I still need to read that series beyond the last few issues that I went through when Jeff and I covered Zero Hour on FCTC.

  5. No complaints here. You guys amply covered Invasion! beyond what I could have expected. 6 episodes after the final issue. And now the aftermath-after-party for Valor. Whew! That’s excellent work, gentlemen.

    Off topic, that keys story makes me smile. I do something similar but not as funny. When I wear a jacket to teach fitness classes, I put my car keys in my jacket rather than my workout bag, because I *will* leave without the jacket if I don’t. So guess I’m saying, I approve of keys in the fridge.

    Last chance for exclamation points!! Bonus episode!!!

  6. Congrats on wrapping up, fellas! The best compliment I can pay the podcast is while I gave not a whit about Invasion! as a comic book event, this show was always entertaining and engaging. I enjoyed the historical context you gave it and never missed an episode. Salut!

  7. Congratulations on a great show Siskoid and Bass. I enjoyed every episode and look forward to you covering Zero Hour in the near future.

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