Valor: The Journey from Invasion to Zero Hour

He was born in the ashes of Invasion, and he will die on Zero Hour. Call him Lar Gand, Mon-El or Valor, he has a very specific destiny. Unless history collapses of course, then destiny means nothing. Before starting their new podcast, Zero Hour Strikes!, Bass and Siskoid come together for one last First Strike: The Invasion Podcast to cover this Daxamite bridge between the two crossovers, and address your final feedback on the 40-part podcast series.

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8 responses to “Valor: The Journey from Invasion to Zero Hour

  1. This show appeared the day after I deleted the show feed from my podcatcher.

    Welcome back!

    Valor was a weird series. It always seemed somewhat lesser than his L.E.G.I.O.N. stint before it. I curated it most of it out of my collection, except for the first 6 which culminated in a letter of mine appearing.

    Looking forward to ZHS!

  2. Thanks for covering this. I have always had a fondness for Mon-El, but trying to keep up with convoluted revamps gave me a headache. It still does, but at least I know the cause of it!

    Looking forward to Zero Hour. Some great comics came out of that, and the series was very exciting at the time, even if there was a lot in it I didn’t care for.


  3. The boys from the North are back! Missed you guys.

    Valor was interesting for me collecting-wise. I was big on the Legion at the time, so I intended to get this series, but ended up missing groups of issues, and then not really “missing” them. But, this is a good excuse to try it again on the DCU app. I’ve already ripped through 5 issues this evening, so boy, it IS a fast read. Not going to displace any of my favorite series, but fun to check out.

    Thanks, guys! The Countdown begins…*scratch* nope that’s a different series. I’ll just see you in the Zero Hour.

  4. Any show that starts with an audio clip from “The Invasion of Time” is alright in my book! (Will you be featuring Time Travel references to start the Zero Hour shows, just as you had sci-fi invasion story clips to open each Invasion podcast? If so, I’ll look forward to identifying plenty of Doctor Who stories going forward!)

    Thanks for the refresher on Valor – I picked up the whole series following on from the Eclipso event, but it’s kind of slipped from my memory… I’ll have to pull out the back issues and do a re-read. I knew none of the Legion / Mon-El / Time Trapper / Glorith back story and baggage at the time, so it’s only latterly that I realise how convoluted the whole thing was.

    Looking forward to your take on Zero Hour – hope you make it to the end without fading into oblivion! ;o)

    1. Yes, the same way every Invasion episode started with a different clip of an alien invasion film/tv show/song, ZH will be doing that with time travel. It’s probably my favorite sci-fi genre. Glad you’re into it!

  5. Well, I listened to this, but I didn’t really understand much of it! Overall, it seems like an unfocused mess of a series. Mon-El was a cool character in the Legion, but he’s not really an exciting or dynamic one. Lar Gand is (was? will be?) an even-tempered, rational, scientist. He’s an explorer. An easy -going kind of guy. That was very out of fashion in comics by the time of this series. I still like him a lot.
    The thing about the lead. When Mon-El debuted there was a lot of lead in the air in the U.S. (and Canada, I expect. Air pollution doesn’t respect borders. Sorry.) Gasoline manufacturers were routinely, and needlessly, adding lead to their product. I won’t link to any articles or documentaries about it, but the story is pretty horrifying. After the U.S. government instituted air quality regulations, air pollution was drastically decreased. There is not nearly as much lead in the air as there used to be. So, regarding our fictional friend, that makes him even more of an anachronism than his demeanor does. If DC wants to continue to have a Mon-El in whatever Legion revivals are to come, the character would have to be completely re-imagined. Maybe he could affected by the high CO2 levels on 21st century Earth. But, he should still be a nice guy.

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