JLI Podcast #14 – Justice League International #14 (June 1988)

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL: BWAH-HA-HA PODCAST and The Irredeemable Shag welcome guest host Xum Yukinori to discuss Justice League International #14 (June 1988)! Two new JLI members; the introduction of someone rather shouty and everyone's favorite lackey; plus G'nort! Xum and Shag cover what was on the shelves that same month, recap and discuss the JLI issue, and tackle YOUR listener feedback!

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42 responses to “JLI Podcast #14 – Justice League International #14 (June 1988)

      1. He’s an acquired taste, for sure. Especially in Despero mode.

        Love that Xum! Say what you will about Shag, he’s always sounded like a professional broadcaster (morning zoo type), but mixed with Xum, it’s magic. A powerhouse duo on a weaker entry in the JLI library – but that’s still a pretty damn good comic.

      1. Let’s make a list of the good things he hates:
        1. Red meat
        2. Spelling bees
        3. Math
        4. Peter David’s Aquaman
        5. Peaches
        6. Hugs
        7. Rainbows
        8. Closed captioning
        9. A child’s laugh
        10. Post-MASH television

  1. I’ve long held the belief that Booster Gold holds a lot in common with Tiger & Bunny and is usually part of my elevator pitch to turn on new folks to watch the show. Booster Gold meets reality tv show, Survivor.

    (Since Fanholes episode 79 where it was the Awesome Thing of the Week and Fanholes episode 89 where it was part of the Fanholes Anime Dare)


    We also cover the film Tiger & Bunny: The Rising! in Fanholes 135.


    Also, thanks for playing the new promo Shagg!

  2. Another festival of fun from Shag and the suddenly-everywhere-on-the-network-at-once Xum.

    I became most aware of Steve Leialoha’s name on the 1998 Walker Gabriel Chronos series where he inked over Paul Guinan’s pencils. I really dug that 12 issue run.

    Giffen hates Australia is something we are well aware of.

  3. You talk about #8 as a turning point, but for me, this is it, this is where this series really found itself, staring out a year(-ish) long arc where everything just keeps clicking. Sure, action-wise, this is mostly just plate setting, but the character work, and the humor are all working perfectly.

    Manga Kahn is fun. Sure, not much of a threat, but when your arc is going to escalate baddies through Lobo to Darkseid, you’ve got to start off pretty darn small…

    And the shame of it was that DC didn’t bother to put this into a trade until literally decades later.

  4. I can’t stand G’nort either, he’s just a wetter, smellier Ch’p. Maybe if we’d had The Honeymooners in the UK, though we did have the Flintstones… would he be Barney or Fred? Come on, you’re meant to be international, give us a hand here!

    This was an OK issue. I didn’t find the art great but always smile at seeing Steve Leialoha’s’s name because he worked on Spider-Woman when she was a good character. The best thing about it was the arrival of Bea and Tora, even if they did act a tad entitled. Mind, Barda didn’t big herself up nearly enough – there’s no way in heck an adventure starting in her home wouldn’t see her get involved.

    I keep meaning to ask, weren’t the JLI misusing the term ’embassy’? If there’s no ambassador, it ain’t an embassy. I doubt these regional offices would even qualify as a consulate, unless the JLI had been somehow recognised as a sovereign state by the UN.

    But if we are having embassies, I’m UK, not Scotland – we’re a devolved region rather than a ‘proper’ country – we even had a vote!

    1. “But if we are having embassies, I’m UK, not Scotland – we’re a devolved region rather than a ‘proper’ country – we even had a vote!” Yeah but just give Brexit time it will probably change that vote

        1. To be fair I said Brexit and not the SNP. I know polls have SNP and another referendum down but independence its self up. Guess that means that people want independence and just don’t want to bother with how other people fell about it… But was also being sarcastic guess I should have used the . And, yes I will admit that as far as “countries” go Scotland is about 5th on the list that I pay attention to. The US and Denmark don’t give me a choice about their positioning freaking selfish countries expecting you to pay attention to them because of family. And I defiantly won’t wade into whether Scotland is a country or a self autonomous economic region I’ve made that mistake twice before once in Scotland and another time with a person from the Faroe Islands in Denmark. I think you could start wars just by asking that question. Hmmm I wonder what Greenland is up to 8)

          1. Though it might also be fun to have a policy discussion just to be able to talk about green and white papers just so we get to listen to Shag try to figure out what that even means during the next listener feedback.

          2. By the way if people are wondering SNP stands for The Scottish National Party which is currently the largest political party in Scotland

  5. The network has been letting us know it’s time for Xum! (Come on and Xum, Xum, Xum-a, Xum!) (The preceding parenthetical phrase was done to confuse Martin, and probably anyone under 45 years old.) This issue is a “gap” issue for me. I had read, and have, most of the issues before it, and several issues in the late teens-early twenties of the run, but this one escaped me entirely. I appreciate the synopsis and the commentary. I don’t know if it’s my taste, or my distance from the material, but so much of the humor seems forced to me. Perhaps it plays better if it’s spoken aloud rather than just silently read. That’s especially true for “sound-effect ” humor, like the sighing power ring. If we can’t hear the sigh, the character has to tell us there was a sigh. By the way, I am pro-G’nort.
    I knew Leialoha’s work from Spider-Woman. Judging by the pages you included on the web-site, his work does not seem to suit these particular heroes, although the outer space stuff does look good. Perhaps he was rushed? Perhaps he was restrained by Giffen’s layout?
    I particularly enjoy Xum’s wordplay. Nice try reading his review, Shag. I am surprised that Xum didn’t make a pun about his going on QVC to hawk his art. But I’m glad to do it myself. By agreeing to go on QVC, Professor Xum became Hawk-Man!
    I’ll just let myself out the back door of the embassy.

  6. Another great show Shag and Xum…. More Xum than Shag… but that’s another story entirely…

    Question for you Shag. Can we re-record Episode 13 and have Xum stand in for me? Much better podcasting voice than what I offer. Please at least tell me he’s ugly as sin… great artist, great podcaster… man, he’s got it going on… but enough with the Xum Appreciation Society…

    For the rest of my comments, I do have to say Shag, you do have douchey down to an art form.

    And when you guys are talking about marrying up… I know where you’re coming from. I’ve got a smart, beautiful wife, that’s talented too (you’ve seen some of her cups online Shag)….

    Regarding L-Ron. Who doesn’t love him? Besides Rob, but then he seems to hate all boxes (Transformers), so why should wonderful L-Ron be any different.

    And for your ads, of course I love the Mark Shaw Manhunter (see The Starman/Manhunter Adventure Hour for more details… plug over). Sadly, I never did subscribe to the series to get that mask…. Wanted to, but I kept putting it off… damn procrastinators….

    Regarding this actual issue (since that’s what we’re here to talk about)… I have to agree with… I guess everyone. This cover is definitely not going to win any covers of the year awards. Mr. Miracle looks pretty good, but otherwise, meh.

    In fact, like you guys said, the art in the entire issue was really subpar…

    Though I did like the Narrator getting in to the joke of Manga Khan. And G’Nort, I have love/hate relationship with. When I see him show up, I smile and laugh, then after a bit, he gets annoying… until he shows up again and I start the whole cycle over.

    Final note to me “stinking up the joint”…. That my friend (and I use that term loosely)… is what I do best. Stink up joints…..

    Keep up the great work Shag.

    Until Rob becomes a fan of the Legion of Superheroes, make mine the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL: BWAH-HA-HA Podcast.

    1. Yea mayonnaise was a “common”, great depression and wartime, egg alternative. Was a way to get both eggs and oil that otherwise would be scarce.

  7. Irish Embassy calling with some important news. Glorious Godfrey has escaped Belle Reve Prison and is at large, free to use his overwhelming speaking voice and his extraordinary powers of persuasion on an unsuspecting populace. It is rumoured that he is going undercover and I can reveal that he is going under the persona of a podcaster named Xu…

    Oh wait, the Bwa-ha-ha podcast has dropped; will be back to you shortly. Wonder who Shagg has on with him this time?


    *One hour, 42 minutes later:*


    *Sounds of scuffles and swear words can be heard from the Irish Embassy*


    *A few minutes later:*

    Hello, good people, this is L-Ron. While m’lord Jimmy is currently on a deprogramming…er, I mean, a little break, he wishes me to say on his behalf that he enjoyed greatly the show presented by Shagg and Xum. While the art in JLI 14 was definitely not up to the Maguire standard, the introduction of such stalwarts as Fire, Ice, L-Ron (that’s me!) and Manga Khan, and the glorious re-introduction of G’nort made it a great issue. M’lord Jimmy particularly enjoyed the Pythonesque humour on show in the issue. Manga Khan (of whom I served as a loyal lackey and do I ever get a Christmas card in appreciation? No, but do I complain? No!) was, according to m’lord Jimmy, a great satirical introduction and looks forward to the next issue where his eulogising continues to amuse.

    The mention of G’nort’s later appearances was very good, although m’lord Jimmy personally feels his change of character in “Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage” was a huge mistake. There was also a suggestion that G’nort joined the Darkstars after the Emerald Twilight story and he was seen in a Darkstar uniform in “Formerly Known as the Justice League”.

    M’lord Jimmy will hopefully return next month to see the conclusion to the Shop or Die storyline. L-ron signing off….

    1. Ah, so that’s where L-Ron went… I had to make do with a last-minute replacement on my show…

      Speaking of which, episode 5 of The Done-In-One Wonders Podcast Wonder Show is titled, “Rise of the Legion of Xum”… with good reason…

  8. Fun episode guys. Can I be honest here? I never got into Magna Khan or L-Ron much. I still enjoyed the book, but I kind of rolled my eyes when the characters reappeared. I don’t hate them by any means, but I feel like they were a one-trick pony of a gag that overstayed its welcome. This is the line where JLI crosses over into being a comedy book…except when it’s not. I could possibly blame the art, because, it’s pretty uninspired. After the greatness of Maguire and the upcoming quirkyness of Templeton, this just feels…flat. The cover is probably the worst in the whole series.

    But thank goodness you had Xum on board to liven things up! And despite my lack of love for this story and honestly G’nort, who I felt was never better than his first appearance, I really enjoyed the Shag/Xum banter! I could see a road movie in your futures…


    1. At least it’s not like later on in the 90’s when L-Ron is in Despero’s body, wearing that shoulder armor and carrying a gun that would make Rob Liefeld blush with shame.

      As for the humor of Manga Khan, I’ve gotta say Mr. Nebula > Manga Khan, at least for my money.

  9. I must agree with Mr Franklin. (That’ll probably never happen again.) Shag/Xum made me laugh out loud so much in just the first 5 minutes of the episode. You guys have some real rapport going on. Kudos!

    Almost everything’s already been said about this issue. Almost…

    What if Gnort’s ring sounds like … Trixie, Norton’s wife?

    With a whole 3 pages devoted to Gnort, I would call *this* issue Gnortsday!

    What’s the deal with Big Barda working on the teleporter in overalls, but basically topless? I’m not complaining, but really, is that practical for mechanical work? It’s almost blatantly cheesecake, considering how Barda’s dressed later. I dunno.

    Can you make cheesecake with mayonnaise? Actually, I don’t want to know.

    I like L-Ron’s design. The retro 50’s sci-fi look with awkward body, vise hands, and mantis-like head with wall eyes. Fits well with a comedy and just interesting to look at. Anybody know if Giffen or Leialoha created his look?

    Excellent episode as always. And now the word of the week: Brobdingnagian.

  10. SO SO SOOOOOOOO glad Xum brought up Tiger & Bunny. It is HILARIOUS! JLI fans and superhero fans in general will have a blast with it.

    Xum, you are a master of the verbal martial arts. I hold an advanced degree in literature and even I had a bit of difficulty following the linguistic limbo your made Shag’s tongue perform throughout that itunes review. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

    Shag, is your G’nort the one with floppy ears that looks more dog than human? Because that’s mine.

  11. I will always love Steve Leialoha for that X-Men Annual where the book is re-imagined as a space opera. Inked by Al Gordon isn’t helping, probably, but it’s too bad this is marked as the weakest issue of the first two years.

    Good show, which I expect from a Shagg/Xum production anyway.

  12. This issue was my official jumping off point from JLI. For reasons unknown I’d missed #11-13, then bought this one, and it turned me off on the book. The jokes were not landing anymore, and i disliked the art. I once bought an X-Men annual because of Steve Leialoha’s art, and he’s often a great inker (not over Starlin, though.) I just didn’t find his efforts here very appealing. I agree that this was one of the worst covers of the run, not helped by the colors. Too much green and red, plus all that yellow on an especially prominent Mr. Miracle washes out the background gradient. Should have kept it all orange, and should have kept Fire & Ice’s ass costumes off the cover entirely. Maybe a dangling AC cord shouldn’t be where my eye is drawn, either.

    The induction of Fire & Ice doesn’t help, since they were completely unfamiliar, and as a duo came off as the least imaginative Champions RPG NPCs. It felt like a desperate race to whatever store was still open to restock the female personnel supply with whatever was cheapest on the shelves. The Sigrid Nansen Ice Maiden from Super Friends was blue, but that was ultimately retconned into a different character from Tora Olafsdotter, who debuted in JLI. Probably the plan was to have Pre/Post-Crisis versions of the same character, but after everyone did a facepalm over the Dark Ice debacle, Sigrid was reintroduced as a band-aid over the wound. At least the Global Guardians weren’t completely dismissed.

    I don’t hate G’nort, but he’s a spice that only works on certain dishes and in small amounts. Ed Norton > Barney Rubble. I do like L-Ron, even in Despero mode. Waiting for the Justice League Task Force reevaluation that the Detroit League has gotten, although let’s be honest, JLTF was the better run. But neither is as good as mayonnaise. Little in life is.

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