JLI Podcast #23 – Justice League International #23

Another international guest! From the English Embassy, Andrew Leyland joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss Justice League International #23! The JLI are on clean-up duty in the South Pacific after the INVASION and the Injustice League pick the wrong moment to go for a joyride. Pretty much nothing happens, but it's wonderful fun anyway! Andy and Shag cover what was on the shelves that same month, recap and discuss the JLI issue, and tackle YOUR listener feedback!

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22 responses to “JLI Podcast #23 – Justice League International #23

  1. I was wondering why Andy was a bit more potty-mouthed than usual, but it all made sense at the end. Foul-mouthed Shag has been sanitized a lot over time, so it’s easy to forget his “blue” period.

    Fun show gents, but I expect no less from two of my favorite folks.


  2. That Major Disaster issue of Aquaman was one of the better UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED crossovers. It was one of those moments where a writer takes a villain’s (or hero’s or supporting character’s) abilities and stretches them to their natural conclusion. Then he was part of the Obsidian Age and suddenly Major Disaster is the Sandman of the DC Universe; the villain turned good guy. Justice League Elite was, if memory serves, decent enough but there was something about Joe Kelly’s work on any of the Justice Leagues he wrote that was always a little…off.

    Did I miss y’all talking about Big Sir’s real name? Dufus P Ratchett is one of the greatest, most insulting alter egos in comics. It was changed to David Ratchett for his appearance on THE FLASH last season. I have yet to see that episode but casting wrestler Goldberg was solid in my opinion.

    This Injustice League is one of the highlights of this run. It takes the deconstruction of the characters in an amusing direction. While more serious versions of the Injustice Society or Gang or League will always be fun in their own ways this one will always hold a special place in my fan heart. Can’t wait for the fourth annual.

  3. Terrific episode. I knew all those villains but I’m vintage, don’tcha know. This wasn’t the most ‘important’ issue, as you say, but boy, was it fun. And let’s not forget Joe Rubinstein’s pin-sharp inking when doling out the praise.

    Great to hear Andrew on the show but again, there ain’t no English Embassy, it’s the British Embassy… boy, if I ever get a bite of your fine confection don’t you dare stick me in some Portakabin in Edinburgh and claim it’s the Scottish Embassy. (I’m Strictly Naboo, baby!)

    Now Shagg, if Andrew intrigued you with his talk of Children of the Stones, I do have a copy of the DVD lying around, but i suspect you have to be a kid to get the full effect. Mind, the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water public service ad still gives me the willies.

  4. I recently discussed a different comic where “nothing really happened.” It was still a fine read, but kind of flat. But this issue? I’ve always loved it! It’s hilarious, and it’s ok for nothing to happen as long as it’s entertaining. Even more than “Moving Day”, this issue defined the tone of JLI. Completely a “what happens when they’re not saving the world” story.

    Maybe it’s obvious, but I note this is Guy’s issue through and through. His impatience with the situation produces all of the conflict and impetus for the story. He’s both protagonist and antagonist. And even one of the subtle visual gags is all Guy. The Mighty Bruce™ is looking at the view screen (page 14-ish?), saying something’s heading their way. On the screen, it’s clearly a Green Lantern symbol! It’s ridiculously awesome!

    Now two shout-outs for my man Dmitri. One, his gags are great in this issue. Calling him Yakov Smirnov is right on the money. I can hear him saying, “In Russia, armor wears you!” Another point is how well Maguire conveys his emotions. You can’t see his face at all with that helmet, so none of Kevin’s signature facial expressions. And yet, there’s so much to see. Check the panels above and below “Expletives (lots of them) deleted” for Red’s reaction. That’s just genius.

    I’m a little surprised not to hear more comments from Shagg on the artwork. Fire was looking quite … well, you know.

    Guess that’s it. Andrew and Shagg did a great job covering this one, and I don’t have more additional points to raise. Sorry Shagg, guess your daughter will need something else to help her sleep this month. I’ll try harder next time.

  5. I was thinking that “First Strike: The Invasion Podcast” did it better, but this show had Andy Leyland, which saves it!

  6. Irish Embassy calling from its new deluxe building. Didn’t think we could afford it but once I went around with the swear jar to Shagg and Andrew after the last podcast, I was able to really upgrade the embassy – we even got the fancy plumbing they have in the Russian Embassy!!! Thanks Andrew and Shagg!!

    Ahh, the Injustice League, such a fun concept. This was the first time reading about these characters but they were a fun group to pit the JLI against. Well, when I say “pit” I mean occasionally annoy!

    Major Disaster was a fun character but he did get a much needed upgrade in the Underworld Unleashed miniseries and was a much better character as a result. Big Sir was a one-note character whose story I read in the “Showcase Presents The Trial of the Flash” omnibus but he was a humourous foil to Major Disaster’s ramblings.

    Multi-Man was an unusual character. He was presented in a much darker vein in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Challengers of the Unknown miniseries, which I read in trade paperback, which was handy as the creators explained the difference between their Multi-Man and the Injustice League’s Multi-Man in an unpublished JLI Quarterly story which was quite funny. The other appearance of Multi-Man that I remember was in the Joker’s Last Laugh series where he was murdered multiple times in order to get the right superpower needed! Cluemaster of course went on to better things under Chuck Dixon’s run in Detective Comics and Robin series, along with his daughter Spoiler.

    As for the JLI, Guy was the major star of this issue. It was great to see Keith, JM and Kevin allow Guy range to be the obnoxious jackass that he was. All in all, a very funny story and a good lead in to the major expansion to the team that we will hear about in the next episode. Thanks to Shagg and Andrew for a great episode and am looking forward to the release of JLI 24.

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