JLI Podcast #26 – Justice League America #26 & Justice League Europe #2

Sean Ross joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss Justice League America #26 where something is very wrong with the Blue Beetle and it'll take the Huntress and Batman to stop him! Then another international guest! From the Scottish Embassy, Matt Ev stops by to chat about Justice League Europe #2 in which our heroes split into teams and are each ambushed by... the Global Guardians?!?! Aren't they heroes? Plus YOUR listener feedback!

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27 responses to “JLI Podcast #26 – Justice League America #26 & Justice League Europe #2

  1. Wally was never written in his own title as being an overtly harassing sleaze. He starts off trying to have a full-time relationship with Frances Kane aka Magenta. shortly after Frankie leaves, Wally gets involved with Tina McGee. However, by the time this issue comes out, Wally and Tina have pretty much already broken up and he’s on the verge of starting to date Connie. (His ultimate relationship with Linda Park is still a ways off.) Basically, Wally goes from one relationship to the next. Now he does flirt with this girl here and that girl there but he never really pushes it with any of them the way he does with power girl.

  2. Great episode!

    I am a big fan of Huntress, especially Helena Bertinelli. As an Italian-American, it was great to see someone with her background as a hero, albeit one with an edge. I like the full bodysuit version of her costume and would point to Nightwing/Huntress as the look that best suits her. Cool for JL to promote someone so new so quickly.

    As for Wally, early in his book (the Baron/Guice) issues, he was broke. He needed to eat a ton to keep his metabolism revved (pre Speed Force). And he enjoyed wooing the fairer sex. But throughout that he did have more steady girlfriends and relationships. When this issue came out, we were well into the MessnerLoeb era.

  3. I bought this JLA issue less than a year ago. I bought the JLI issue a little more than a year ago. Why? Because of this podcast! And they were in the fifty cent boxes. I’m going to try to keep up.
    I was/am a Ty Templeton fan, and had been since reading his excellent “Stig’s Adventures.” He was perfect for this comic. It looks to me like he gave Beetle a lot of Ditko-esque poses in his chase of Max.
    I don’t think you’ll convince me on Ms. Bertinelli. I’m still mourning the loss of Earth-2.
    Having come so late to these stories, I didn’t realize that the Queen Bee/Bialya story was concurrent in both. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Finally, what have you done with Jimmy McGlinchey? Somebody call the Irish Embassy and check on him!

  4. You were right the first time, Shag. The Huntress figure was actually part of Total Justice, in the short-run 3rd series. That’s my favorite suit too. But I still prefer the Helena Wayne version myself.

    I have to agree with Sean. It was fun to revisit this JLA issue and see Beetle get “pre-venge” (another Endgame reference for ya) on Max. And this definitely got Batman and Helena off on the wrong foot, which is so ironic considering their pre-Crisis relationship. Helena even thought of the Earth-One Batman as her “Uncle Bruce!”

    As for JLE, great call by Matt Ev on Brian Blessed as Dmitiri! I never saw that before, but now I can’t unsee it…and I don’t want to.

    The miscoloring on Wally’s hair went on past this issue as a I recall. I think Wally was more lecherous here, but aren’t all the versions of the Leaguers in these titles kinda funhouse mirror versions of their normal title counterparts?

    Fun show as always!


    1. Chris,
      I would love to see a fun but competent take on Booster and Beetle. It can have light moments, but they should shine as heroes.


  5. Thanks for another tip-top episode. Mind, having an Englishman in Scotland can only mean Win, congratulations on your podcast debut Matt (how come we’ve never met, get thee to Geek Retreat… or better still, Tim Horton’s or Taco Bell!). And great job Sean (‘I loved when it became JL-GL’. I see what you did there!).

    These were both great issues. I’m not a big fan of Helena Bertinelli, although this version of her is a million times better than the New 52 version from Grayson. And I liked what Joe Staton did with zip-a-tone in her own book. Her best costume was the one from her 1989 series, basically, the original.

    I knew the Global Guardians from the Super Friends comics, and hated them being turned into adversaries of the League.

    It’s funny that beefy Buddy’s bits are covered by the dangling costume – apparently bulges are OK in a skintight costume but not in tighty whities.

    ‘It does appear the JLI teleporter has brought Sean and Matt together…’ Now there’s a Cronenbergian image!

  6. Now this was a show! Sean knows I dig his podcasting skills, so I won’t belabor it. And the Matt Ev appearance was fantastic as well.
    But allow me to sing the praises of one Huntress. Like Sean, I was probably a little young to be reading, and I paraphrase, the “SVU of DC comics.” I was psyched when this title debuted and loved its all-too brief run. I preferred this version of Helena over the Earth-2 version (my feelings on Earth 2 are well documented), and was very bummed when she was absorbed into the Bat-family. When she was established in New York, guarding a small neighborhood, it felt like I was reading a slice of the DCU through a 70s crime movie filter. She never needed Batman. She didn’t need his blessing and that other nonsense she’s saddled with these days. She was hero-in-training with an extremely tragic past trying to make up for the sins of her family. I was very disappointed when Rucka/Burchett retroactively added she was ‘inspired’ by Batman, hence being yet another ‘child of the bat.’

    I guess I hate Batman?

    1. Though she ended up as a valued member of the Bat-family eventually (pre-New 52), I absolutely hated how Helena was treated by the Bat team for most of the 90s. She was alternately treated as crazy or a killer, which really undersells her character. I’m glad Gail Simone finally leveled things out.

      1. Gail must be a fan of this era because she also reversed Tora’s pointless death and rebirthed Sue and Ralph.

      2. Sean – I just hated how she was written as having to keep proving herself to Batman. It was ridiculous. I hate that “my city” crap. She survived NYC! she doesn’t need that idiot’s approval.

  7. Hi Guys,

    Another great podcast. You’re in an era of JLI that I love. The period between Invasion and Breakdowns is my favourite JLI era.

    Let’s start with JLA. Love that cover. It’s interesting that Shag sees the lack of backgrounds in Maguire’s earlier covers as a stylistic choice to concentrate on the action when I always presumed it was a deadline issue. As soon as he stops pencilling the book his covers develop richer backgrounds. He really had an eye for realness. This feels like it is set in a real New York alleyway. Based on the era I’m guessing the cassette is the Paula Abdul album Forever Your Girl. It’s fallen out of Batman’s utility belt. He’s a huge fan of MC Skat Kat. He can really relate to being attracted to a cat who has opposite characteristics to him.

    Onto the story. You’re right that Templeton is phenomenal at characterisation. The flip between genial and psychotic in Blue Beetle is wonderfully done.

    Loved the Huntress appearance. I’m a huge Staton fan so I was really there for her new series. I remember being annoyed that her cape is wrong in this issue. In her own series it was formed from 3 triangular shapes and here it’s a classic cape. As I recall it is mentioned in a letter column that Templeton was working from an earlier design which was updated too late for the art to be changed.

    You talk about DC pushing her series by featuring her in JLA. Surely it’s less the company and more the editor. Andy Helfer edited both books and I’m sure he just wanted to feature one of his own books in the hope that he could make it a success. Joey Cavalieri, Joe Staton and Bob Smith are all known for being really nice guys so I’m sure he wanted to work with them as long as possible.

    Onto JLE. I’m really surprised how many people are popping up who were reading JLE but not JLA. I always thought they were written presuming that you were reading both. I’d never noticed that the Global Guardians weren’t identified and Queen Bee was not directly mentioned. You kind of forget that you have lots of extra information if you’re a regular reader.

    As for Wally’s lecherousness. He was presented as a bit of a horndog in his own book but it’s definitely exaggerated here. I am actually quite a but fan of how his relationship with PG develops beyond his lustfullness into being people who can rely on each other.

    1. Quite a Freudian autocorrect fail there. I am a butt fan but I was trying to day I’m a big fan. Slight difference.

  8. Aw Shag, is your kid having trouble sleeping again? Don’t worry, I’m here to help, or my name isn’t … TIM PRICE!

    This JLA storyline is excellent, both in itself, and that it continues the ongoing struggle with Bialya that began in JL #2 and goes until Breakdowns. And we’ve had two issues in a row, reminding us that Beetle is NOT a joke. He brings the smackdown when he wants to. But so heart-wrenching to see Ted twisted like in this issue. It’s crazy how strongly it still affects me.

    I tried the Huntress comic when it first came out, but it wasn’t for me at the time. Just checked the DCU app, and it has the series, so I’ll have to give it another go. Her full-body costume is my favorite for Bertinelli. Now I’m thinking about Valerie Bertinelli. Mmmmm. What was I saying?

    Guy’s handling of the situation should get its due. We see that he’ll be a butthead when he can, but he steps up without a Batman or J’onn to force him to, like the Fire situation. This is part of what makes Guy more than a one-note character. Gets the seal of approval from … TIM PRICE!

    Now in JLE #2, I mighta said it before, but Wally’s portrayal is Marv Wolfman Changeling level of gross. Seriously, this was way beyond how Wally acted in his own comic under both Baron and Messner-Loebs. I get it, a bit of exaggeration for laughs, but really pushing it. Comparing to Blue and Gold, they didn’t on Fire and Ice much at all, but Flash will be constantly after Power Girl. Now, their relationship has FANTASTIC moments, one coming very soon. They’re just too few and far between.

    Speaking of Power Girl, I finally realized why they change her costume for this series. Gotta get the cape out of the way so it’s easier to see her butt. Cuz Giffen’s layouts are all about that base.

    Oh, I like that idea of Brian Blessed cast as my boy Dmitri, but he’s possibly a little old for the role now. I’ll offer another suggestion: Patrick Rothfuss. Whatcha think?

    Now I have to say it. We’ve had plenty of people say they JLI/JLA skipped as too silly, but got JLE since it was the serious one. In the two issues of JLI/A concurrent with JLE, we’ve had a vampire committing suicide and a hero brainwashed into slashing his teammates. Don’t believe the marketing, people. This observation brought to you by … TIM PRICE!

    I don’t get making fun of Captain Atom saying his own name. Doesn’t everybody do that?

    Great job to both my bud Sean, and welcome aboard, Matt! Shag certainly gets good people, except for that time he had … TIM PRICE!

  9. Impressive podcast, most impressive. Opps I may be a bit late on this one. Sorry my bad. Any way was awesome to see Huntress I read the mini mostly cause as a kid I loved the WW bits of her. It was a fun comic. Hmm so Queen Bee is in a cross over.. cool. Sorry I missed this But, looks cool. I did grab a few JLE issues hear and there. And the JL Antarctica from Justice league quarterly. Glad Huntress joins the JLA latter. Hey I have a U-tube now Yep Liz Anne Oswalt on U tube that name so not to be confused with other Liz Oswalts….oddly their are other Liz Oswalts…had no idea.

    Huh sounds like Rex was pretty cool in this issue. And glad to see Power Girl kicking but. As Krypton ion she’s pretty awesome. What Atlantean? That never happened. Nope, nope she was never related to Arion. Never heard of that. Huh cool seeing Bettel being BA. Did I mention I have a U-tube page? I talk about, politics comics Trans stuff. TV and stuff. People can enjoy or watch to comment and disagree with me. They have a right to wrong. 😉 Kidding people having differing feeling feelings onb stuff makes the world go around. Ah the leather full costume. Yeah not good armor. Defiantly not against a kitchen kife.

    One it’s hard to move in. A full spandex isn’t bad, but Leather oggh. Also yeah in France in the summer? Or LA. No. Hiding in the shadows won’t happen. the sounds and smell. If you look at UFC and pro Boxing yeah their not in head to toe parkas. I don’t wanna see the hero’s dressed like namor and Tigra, but head to toe costumes are more about Modesty than combat help. Maybe for Judo, Ju jitsu. It helps. Loss clothing helps for Aikido, but not head to toe spandex. As for leather Armor to be affective not studded, but pure leather. It’s got to be as thick as Samurai armor. And your not gonna flip around in that.

    Your not doing Campauria . Or TKD or Wa Shu . Or Even Kung Fu in Samurai armor. It’s not as heavy as it’s metal European counterpart, but it’s pretty heavy. Having an exposed mid drift really isn’t gonna make some one want to stab you any more or less. And it’s skin tight. So yeah a T-shirt at lest throws you off. Same with the cape. Much like why they ware capes when they fought with Reappears. But, yeah running around in a wet suit isn’t helpful for any combat style that I know of. Cool glad to see Guy Gardner becoming more a part of the group.

    Yeah at some point Flash has to give up. Once the Gal says no time to move on. Can’t say how he acted when the guy whom wrote Badger wrote him. I know he dated a married woman. Er she may have been spreated. Fought her Hubby that was a bit oy. But, he gets the guy help and he and his wife get back together and they all become friends. And when he finely meets Linda Wally becomes a better person. And decided to live up to being like Wally. But, again I only read a few issues of Wally as the Flash till issue 100. And Wade was on as the writer.

    I know Winser Lobe wrote him for a bit before building up WW. And before all that he wrote Jaguar. h was in Impact the DC / Archie Imprint that went on at the same time. So can’t realy say though I think Wally was less of a jerk than he is here. Huh Animal Man’s comic I only read a few issues so can’t say. Can’t wait to hear ya’lls next podcast.

  10. this is one of the stories that reminds us that the beetle has feelings despite being always laughing and making jokes. this shows a lot of the talent of writers for character development.
    PS bleed you mother… Bwahaha

  11. Not that I am comfortable finding more commonalities with Shag… one of my first conversations I ever had with the woman who would one day become my wife was about the existential weirdness of the Animal Man comic. Mind you this was back in 1990, but she remembers it to this day.

  12. With Huntress they keep claiming Helena Bertinelli is not a metahuman. But I know this is a lie. There is no NO way that she could have the time and energy to be a teacher and be Huntress. I mean if she isn’t then I’m sure Superman is over there going OK now that’s Impressive…

  13. This is the month I jumped in whole on the Justice League books as a kid. Both covers drew me in as the Huntress cover kept me interested in the character I just started reading despite being WAY too young to understand what was going on. And I simply loved that Bart Sears cover to JLE #2!

    And I will say now after watching Animal Man on DCU that the four episodes there are probably more than enough for the conceit, but they are fun.

  14. Irish Embassy is still here Ward! Sorry, but the introduction of JLE is causing hassle with the transporters. I try to go to Paris, and Shagg is in the New York Embassy! I go to New York and Shagg has transported to Paris. Now, the transporters have all malfunctioned and I am now in……..*looks at sign*……..KooeyKooeyKooey!?!?!?!? What the……??????

    Sorry for the lack of comments, work and other issues have not allowed me to comment – I have listened to the episodes and enjoyed them greatly and hopefully will be back o full commenting mode next month!

  15. I know I’m late to this particular party, but I am just getting caught up to real time and wanted to chime in briefly.

    I was delighted that you and Matt noted the Silver Age team-up aspect of JLE #2. I’ve been reading the original JLA series on Saturday at a time for the last couple of months and have really enjoyed that aspect of the book. Nice that Giffen and DeMatteis brought it back here, as it had been absent for quite a while.

    What does it say about me that I loved both the Global Guardians and the Forgotten Heroes in the pre-Crisis DC Universe? That I believed in the potential of characters? That I was a sucker for obscure teams? Maybe both, but I was probably just influenced by issues of DCCP.

    Okay, time to read the next issues and get to the latest episode. Thanks for the fun!

  16. So I’m still catching up on this show and I have to wonder if you actually end up with a Scots guest or if it will always be Englishmen (and so far it’s been men) who moved to Scotland? The suspense is … well killing me would be an over exaggeration, more like serious knife wound me.

    Back to JL:A 26 – I always thought felt that this point was the issue that pushed Ted into the long running saga of his heart condition etc I haven’t re-read ahead yet on this but I recall he lapses into depression after this and puts on the weight. It’s why Ted is my favourite hero because he is the most relatable – other than been a tech genius, owning and losing Kord Industries, joining the League etc. But he too has a weakness for redheads – it always irks me that Ted never managed to actually end up with Barbara Gordon. I still maintain they were a better couple. Anyway where was I ? Yes Ted in this issue was dangerous and showed he was more than capable when needed to be, but then in some respects we saw that the issue before.

    As for Bart Sears having a lack of references to work from, I seem to recall that was one of the reasons I wrote into JLE to offer help. These days one can just power up google maps put on street view and for most Major cities you are covered across the globe! But back then not so easy! I honestly think I offered to send DC photos from my trips round the UK – ironically by this time we were mostly going on vacation to Florida from Scotland on a yearly basis… Oh how I remember the days of excellent exchange rates and low prices. But that’s another tale for another day!

    Anyway still charging on with the binge. So hey there Justin Steiner you aren’t the latest to arrive at the party!

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