JLI Podcast #34 – Justice League America #34 & Justice League Europe #10

Rob Kelly joins The Irredeemable Shag to chat about Justice League America #34 featuring the Blue and the Gold scheme of the century - Club JLI! Then Darrin & Ruth Sutherland stop by to discuss Justice League Europe #10 in which Crimson Fox meets the Justice League and is invited to join the team, but she declines membership!!?! Plus YOUR listener feedback!

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37 responses to “JLI Podcast #34 – Justice League America #34 & Justice League Europe #10

  1. Lately I’ve thought a lot about this issue.
    Mostly because I’ve been thinking about Kooey Kooey Kooey.
    I wonder if Kooey Kooey Kooey might be a piece of Atlantis that broke off when the great cataclysm struck. Perhaps the island’s sentience was an ancient Atlantean who had believed the entire civilization was destroyed and decided to bind his soul to the island and protect the only surviving surface Atlanteans (in his/it’s awareness) by living a nomadic existence as a traveling island. It became known as Kooey Kooey Kooey as a secret identity to prevent any enemies of the original Atlantean civilization from destroying the only living survivors.
    As to how Aquaman knew about it in advance, I’d guess that as time went on and the Atlantean civilization recovered from the cataclysm, they discovered the existence of Kooey Kooey Kooey but it’s people had fallen backward (slightly) and were now so removed from Atlantean society, that The Atlanteans just decided to leave the Koreans alone and didn’t broadcast their connection (Not like Atlantis really keeps the surface world on their contact list anyway) Aquaman probably discovered the island in his travels before he became known as the hero Aquaman and he might’ve been around during one of Kooey’s earlier “trips”

  2. I really do not like Power Girl on the JLE cover, that face does not do her any favours what so ever. And truth be told I’m not keen on her inside the issue either, I can’t quite put my finger on why I think it’s mostly the hair and hair just seeming a little off.

    Maybe I’m just a little salty as Crimson Fox has been in a live-action show, whilst my poor Power Girl has yet to make an appearance! 🙁

  3. Another gangbuster episode, kids.

    Like Shag, I will never tire hearing of Rob’s JL Antartica/Tex story! It’s a nice peer into the complex, occasionally contradictory, psyche of one Rob Kelly. As to the issue covered, I never got to finish reading this story! I purchased this to read on a plane flight but lost it at the airport! I remember hiding the comic from my mom’s view because I didn’t want to heat from her over the cover. I wonder if Lord held a grudge over this whole island fiasco and decided then to kill Beetle.

    Now for the Sutherlands. Having had the pleasure of meeting them in person, I can say that they are the classiest, nicest people possibly to ever live. Loved this issue of JLE, which I have no memory of owning, but read at some point. Yes, Batman has a point – the group representing Europe could do with a European member. Where it gets a little strange is lack of vetting done on the Crimson Fox by control freak Maxwell Lord. Remember, this is the guy that used his powers to bring people into the League. And sign me up as on of those who never particular liked the Fox’s costume. It’s…weird. And unwieldy. And weird.

    Looking forward to the next installment. And I really Rob returns for the issue he worked on.

    As for doing all of Rob’s other shows, Shag, you have yet to appear on Pod Dylan. Seeing as how it’s not called “Pod Kansas,” you never, ever will.

  4. I noticed Major Disaster and Big Sir, but I did miss two things on this JLA cover, despite it being a favorite:
    1) Ted’s beetle-covered swim trunks
    2) The fact that Ted’s body is hairy, but Booster is shaved/waxed. Given their personalities, that makes perfect sense.

    I can be forgiven for not noticing their bodies while Fire’s was on display. Hey, I was 14.

    This is the last big BWAHAHAHA for me, as aside from the upcoming Despero storyline, the increased emphasis on humor lost me after this one. But they went out with quite a bang with this one. Although now, I can’t help but see Booster and Beetle not as idiotic opportunists, but actual criminals for embezzling funds from the organization. My favorite part of course, was Aquaman showing up, and juxtaposing the old school DC stoicism with this new generation of…less than ideal heroes. Great to finally have Rob on the show proper, and to hear, in more detail, that great Kubert School story. I want to see THAT story in comic form.

    Always a pleasure to hear from the wonderful Sutherlands (yes, they are THAT nice. I have met them!). I will admit, Crimson Fox being colored brown always flummoxed me a bit. That’s like making Green Lantern…blue, like in the JLI TV pilot film. And isn’t it odd that Batman has been appearing A LOT in both JL titles here in 1989…hmmm….

    Great episode as always, Shag and folks!


    1. I really hope we can hang out together again soon Chris! Ruth and I were just talking recently about the fun time we had at the Lexington con with you. This has been our year of con memories since there aren’t any actual cons to attend! Fingers crossed to see you in 2021!

  5. Impressive Podcast. Most impressive. The cover is awsome. Though I don’t think Fire is put out cuse of the good girl pose. She’d be all in for the notice. I would. Any way. Probly more annoyed she’s serving drinks to Booster and Beatle. Also there is plenty of Beef cake to go with the Cheese cake. While Fire is looking hot. Booster and Ted are looking hot too. For women or men who like men. Or other genders that are into Men. You got Booster being clean shaven and Ted being hot hairy guy.

    And the posw….hmm. Moving on. Yep Max looks angry. Also How is there security this bad? Ted is smart, but come on how does Max not have better security? You’ve got Ovron, Bats and others, but can’t protect your funs better? The hotel bit is cool. Kind of reminds me of Planet Hollywood. Yep Aqua Man is cool in this. Not PAD run cool or Jason Momoa level cool. But, cool. The Bad guys bit is fun. Well, sorry Rob…again. But, the rules are against card counting.

    So if they say it is… it is. Them da rules. Though I do hate the under bid rule in the Call Bridge card game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spades_(card_game)

    Cause realy? I under guess how bad you are at this game and make more books than you so I lose? If I under bid how many books I will make in this game the person who is bad at the game wins? No. So in that I see Rob’s feeling on this. Just seeing both points on the argument. hmm maybe we should go back to calling that game Whist. Any way Ted talks about fixing a game… oy. Though Author showing up when Booster says it can’t get worst. Was funny.

    Ah a cross over bit with a different comic cool. Wouldn’t their be a cut off point in the casino? Ah well. So they don’t get their money ah well. That sux for Major disaster. So why doesn’t he and Big Sir do this again at a different casino? Also cool seeing Booster and Author save people. What is up with Ted Though? Busy complaining at Aqua Man as he could be saving people? Oy BB.

    Auqa Man Ted Booster next in Ted vs the island! Was as close as I could get to Joe vs the Volcano. I like Ted. But, this was not one of his shining moments. Though impressive heist he did on the JLI’s money. Why do I say him? Booster stole all his stuff as a janitor. He’s not known for his tech skills or Hacking. Or mission imposable sneaking. So first he about kills Max with a kitchen knife. (Under mental control, but still.) And now he rips off his business?

    Sigh Ted.

    Onto JLE. Yeah I knew home girl was the fox. Though the positoning of Bats and her after the money ball is rolling and the look on her face. And his face…em. Kind of. Though yeah Bruce and the Bat split face is cool. Why didn’t Bart have a run on Bat Man? Or Brave and the bold? Crimson Fox is pretty cool looking her self. Not seeing a fox with her hood. More of a Cobra. But, she takes the crooks out pretty well. Ah I only know of the Two guys you speak of threw Mike’s Amazing world.

    But, yeah Loeb’s is doing well digging threw comic book history. PG fighting Atom is cool. The de powering di make me go oy. Think after the WW white suit bit they’d avoid that. Still I get it. It’s easier to sale Spider Man than Silver Surfer. Though with out his Blast Atom was beat. That last blast was a heck Mary. The bit ware PG says of course you know this means war was funny.

    I think Kathy is dressed like this to get Atoms notice. She doesn’t even have a towl. Who works out in aerobics with out a towel? Also am I missing it? What is Atoms charm? Is it the butt? Other than the butt I don’t get it. Also she’s waring ear rings. No one works out in ear rings. This is to flirt. And make up. No I wouldn’t even do this. This is a hi there sailor outfit. Way to complicated a braid too. Ya Pony tail it and move on. Or a bun. This Disney princess Braid that she has over her shoulder.

    It’s to impress the Captain. If your putting your hair in a pony tail to work out it’s not going over your solder. That is just gonna keep flopping in her face. Every time she touches her toes or bends over the hair is gonna be in her face and mouth. No one work out sestion will make some one go nope. The earrings are hoops even…. oy. This is a Cat Grant of Lois and Clark bit. suppressed she didn’t say,” Oh Captain… I didn’t know you’d be here.”

    Cool, bit with the helicopter crashing. And Bats having to point out Atom that he messed up. Cap should get chocolate shoes. So they taste good…since he always has his foot in his mouth. Yeah Cap deserves getting told off by Fox. I’m guessing Fox sent the suggestive note with the bed just to make Atom blush. To replace his bed. And to mess with him. Not a true flirt. But, if I’m wrong… what am I missing? Why are these women all into Atom? It’s the Night Wing like Butt he has isn’t it? Oh I see he’s got a Picard from season one of TNG like charm.

    It just doesn’t work threw the printed page. So he’s built and looks like Mike Landen from the Banaza years. And the Picard like Charm. Guess if you hear him it works. On the page he’s like Captain stick in the mud. But, guess on a film etc or what the women in the comic see . I don’t know I’m guessing. Other than the butt I don’t get it. Also PG has a nice butt too.

    Ah the next issue. I had this as a kid. Er teen. It was great. Can’t wait to hear ya’ll cover it.

  6. Oh one more thing. I’m still on U-tube. Ao if any one wants to see my craziness I’m there. Also if you want to hear the thoughts of a normal person my friend living karasu has a channel too. Ware she talks geeky stuff. I think she may start showing how to on bits for Cos play. One day we’ll all be able to go back to Conventions. And this could be helpful. Any way. Cool Pod cast once again. I missed Powers. Thought of watching it once since it sounded like the Marvel comic damage control, but I missed it.

    Also can’t wait to hear ya’lls next podcast. Cause it’s a comic I remember reading. Sorry I missed this issue. I remember Fox, but not her first issue. She was a cool character. Ah the Bat Man T-shirt it was every ware. And it was great. I had it. I had the Jim Aparo Joker shirt. With him smiling and a gun ponted and the word band on a flag out the gun barrel. I think I was 16 at thime. 14 in 89. But, by the early 90s bats was still cool. Till sigh Bat Man and Robbin. Bat Man Forever fine. It was just… no. Luckily Blade hit along with X-Men. Well late in the 90s. And brought it back.

    Ladies with green hair. It’s a job. Heck I was once a milk mascot. Waring a cow suit. So ya do what ya got to do. Maybe she’s a punk rock gal. And green hair won’t hurt any thing.

  7. So, in ’89 there were green and brown French Francs since like a lot of countries money unlike the States it was /is multi colored and different sized for the different denominations. The brown was 100 and the green 500. It was about 6 francs to the dollar so the 500 one was about $83. It was the early ’90s that I went to Paris so kinda remembered how they looked a bit though obviously has to look up the value. So either way not impossible to have different colors but kinda weird that they are all the same color that can be seen.

  8. I mentioned last time that rereading this part of the run is like reading them for the first time and that’s still true…except I remember the cover to JLA #34. I mean, how could you not?

    I’d forgotten the Maze Agency characters appearing, but I noticed right away, as I first knew Hughes through his work on that book (once I discovered comics shops I read a lot of First and Comico titles). Man, his artwork just sings.

    I’d mostly forgotten about Crimson Fox, so I really noticed the parallels between she and Batman – rich folk donning costumes based on animals to fight crime. Looking forward to seeing where things go.

    Rob’s story about inking a panel of the annual and the Sutherlands relating Ron Randall’s words were great contributions to the episode. Great listening, as always!

  9. Adam Hughes really came into his own with JLA #34. In addition to the cheesecake and beefcake (Dang, Booster is ripped!), the variety of facial expressions is phenomenal. It always matches the character’s dialog, and plenty of personality in them all. Then there’s the body language and physical acting, it’s just excellent!

    While reading along back in the day, this absolutely should have launched into a Bootle (oops, now you’ve got me saying that) Blue and Gold series. But today, knowing what’s coming in the next couple of issues, maybe Giffen and company had already decided not to go that route. That’ll be interesting to revisit soon(ish).

    For JLE #10, I really like your comparison to Blue Devil #8, Shagg! Stealing the big globe of cash seems like a great Silver Age homage on its own, but that issue with BD trying to stop Trickster was hilarious, and there’s lots of similarities to this issue. Well played, sir!

    I like Crimson Fox as the original character for this series. I’m a sucker for unusual costume designs, and her hood is quite distinct. It really shouldn’t work for hiding her identity, but hey, comics! And I appreciate that Sears doesn’t have her look like Power Girl, or Sue, or Catherine. Each of the ladies look different and not just one female figure with different hair.

    But I gotta ask. Kara jogging with Buddy. Why? She’s super strong and tough, presumably lots of endurance. What possible physical benefit would it give her? Unless off panel, she actually jogged for like 500 miles (with her strength, she doesn’t need superspeed to cover that kind of distance in a short period of time), and she’s just meeting Buddy for the last block or two, but it doesn’t read that way. Weird.

    And here’s a coincidence. Both issues this month feature large amounts of cash, and both times they get lost and blown to the winds. Almost like it’s raining money. Wait. “Rain money.” “Rain Man.” COULD IT BE? (No.)

    So good to hear the Sutherlands being as wonderful as ever! And that Rob guy was pretty good too. He might have a future in podcasting. 😉

  10. It’s weird coincidence time this episode as both these comics were Mountain Comics for me which makes Rob the perfect guest. They were actually nearly 6 months old by the time I picked them up on holiday in Devon and I was so glad to fill that gap in my collection.

    I feel like I’m contractually obliged to point out that Beetle is super hot on the cover of this issue. Sadly he wasn’t in trunks for the whole issue. At least fans of the male physique got Hughes’s version of Aquaman. He’s looking good.

    Hearing Ruth and Darrin it quickly becomes apparent that they have a very different take on the married couple podcast to me and Yragael. They are so lovely. We’re less so.

    Thanks again for recommending that people listen to Should I Love This Comic? Our latest one was about an issue of Hellblazer because we do like to mix it up.

    I feel like there is a slight hint about Crimson Fox given by the fact that the note seems to come from a very different character than Captain Atom met. Weird.

  11. Irish embassy here, and boy, am I bushed. I have been outside with a butterfly net gathering bank notes wafting in the air! We have bank notes from the West coming from KooeyKooeyKooey and bank notes floating in from the East from Paris. I wouldn’t usually do this, but Max Lord has told me we need to get these gathered as soon as we can, otherwise we don’t get paid!!!!

    JLA 34 was hilarious, a roller coaster of laugh out moments. The Major Disaster/Big Sir combo worked surprisingly well to pull the heist of the century, only to have KooeyKooeyKooey snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Poor Beetle and Booster are never lucky with their schemes, are they? The art in this book is fantastic and Adam Hughes really steps up to the plate on this one. Thanks for the information on the use of Mike W Barr’s characters in the issue. As an aside, as the top of the page, Major Disaster is talking to a Club JLI employee who told him her name was Diane Shmelman – is this another character from the Maze Agency or is it a reference to something else, or is it just a throwaway name?

    It was great to have Rob commenting on the Aquaman centric issue and he comes across very well in this story. It would have been great to see Hughes draw an Aquaman issue.

    JLE 10 was another great issue and the Sutherlands were excellent co-hosts. I was going to say it was great continuity to have Batman being still in Paris after his appearance in the last JLE, but then he was also JLA 34 this month. Ahh, the machinations of trying to trace Batman through the various different series he is appearing in!

    It was a great introduction to the Crimson Fox. It brings in an international, female character into the group with Wolverine-like qualities, and being endorsed by Batman certainly helps. Poor Captain Atom can’t catch a break can he? His room is destroyed and as the last page indicates, he has another woman after him!

    I enjoyed the Captain Atom/Power Girl workout in this issue as well, with Ralph and Dmitri (being the next two senior members of the team) supervising. It gives a nice X-men danger room nod that we have not gotten so far in the JLI.

    Thanks for the shout out Ward Hill Terry! Sorry, I missed the last episode, I had booked holidays to Club JLI but Kilowog had not finished the transporters so I was stranded! Actually, with real life holidays and work in the past month, I had forgotten to comment on the last issue – I know, I am ashamed of myself! I did mean to say that they followed up on the fate of Araisia in Green Lantern Quarterly No.1 when they showed her being hit on the head with debris and reverting back to a more child-like sake, trying to look for Hal – probably not the best way to go with that character!

    Thanks Shagg for a great episode and am looking forward to the next one!

  12. Thanks for another wonderful show with three marvellous human beings as guests. Rob was certainly worth waiting for, while the Sutherlands bring that Smooth Radio feel – if they’re assassins it would be a delight to be poisoned, stabbed or simply charmed to death by them.

    Two great issues once more, but as ever when the name comes up, Shagg, I’m yelling’ THERE’S NO ‘A’ or ‘H’ IN KOOEY!’ ‘Ka-hooey’? Hooey!

    But, congratulations one the best-aligned ‘Wanna make something of it’ yet – you’re a real whiz at the editing suite, sir.

    1. Well, Martin, when we finally get that chance to hang out with you in Edinburgh, we’ll be sure to keep our method of assassination a secret so that it will be a pleasant surprise for you at the last moment! That’s what friends are for … 😉

  13. Hi Shag,

    Ruth and I had a fun time today listening to the latest episode of JLI and want to thank you again for having us on the show. Listening gave us a chance to revisit the fun conversation, which was a nice substitute since we sadly didn’t get to hang out together at DragonCon this year.

    It was a terrific idea to have us on the same episode as Rob. As he said, it helped balance out our killer personalities! Hahaha!

    We really enjoyed hearing Rob talk about his surprise inking work while at the Kubert School. So fun! Rob, we’ll have to get you to sign that issue for us! 🙂

    We also liked hearing about the Maze Agency easter eggs. As we mentioned on the show, mysteries are our favorite genre and we LOVE the Maze Agency. We bought it issue by issue during its run and still love it today. We’ve even chatted with Professor Alan who is also a fan a couple of times about doing an episode about the series and we really need to make time for that.

    We had a wonderful conversation with Mike W. Barr a couple of years ago about the Maze Agency. He still thinks fondly of the series and still tries to revive it periodically.

    Thanks again for having us on the show! Take care, Darrin

  14. Well done on another great episode, Shag! Rob and the Sutherlands were fantastic guests and I’ll never tire of hearing Rob’s tale of inking a JLI comic. It makes me live vicariously through him! One of us got to work on a comic we love! Rob, did wanting to go to the Kubert school come from seeing the ads in the comics? It certainly seemed like an exciting prospect but it just seemed to “exotic” for me, at the time. And as a side note on comic ads, did anyone sell Grit magazine?

    JLI #34 is definitely one of my favourite issues. From the cover (of course, 13-year-old me) to the “get rich quick” scheme, it had me Bwha-ha-ha-ing along with the characters. Love it or hate it, there was nothing quite like JLI on the stands at the time, at least from DC or Marvel and I loved these issues. Back to my point last episode of the JLI being morons, I wonder if that is why Maxwell Lord recruited these characters, because they would be easier to control. And I agree with Rob, it was great to see Aquaman act as Aquaman and not a silly version just because he is in a humour book. It really hammered home that this is really how characters like “Bootle” would act even if they weren’t in the funny JLI book.

    As for JLE, like mentioned by Jason Lady above, I enjoy the floating Comics Code Authority stamp on the cover. But, because there is a CCA stamp, I’m surprised Sears got away with…..uhhh…. showing how cold it is for Power Girl. Can I say that? Once again, I was 13 at the time so these things didn’t escape my notice. Also, Bart Sears can draw a chin.

    It’s great you pointed out the “cameos” of the Maze Agency and Tony Stark in these issues. I love it when artists go that extra mile to have some fun with what they are doing. It was great to hear the Sutherlands’ history with the Maze Agency. I love mystery stories as well but I didn’t find out about the Maze Agency until much later. I will have to go back and hunt down those original issues.

    Thanks again for a great episode! You keep making them is fun and I keep coming back for more! Keep up the great work!

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