JLI Podcast #36 – Justice League America #36 & Justice League Europe #12

Mike Gillis joins The Irredeemable Shag to chat about Justice League America #36 in which G'nort takes the spotlight and faces his arch-enemy! Then Gus Casals stops by to discuss Justice League Europe #12 in which Metamorpho must fight his way through the Metal Man just to see his own son! Plus YOUR listener feedback!

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17 responses to “JLI Podcast #36 – Justice League America #36 & Justice League Europe #12

  1. Thinking about the Scarlet Skier means of propulsion and the Kirby influence… the contraption he uses kind of resembles the one Orion uses, except that it’s pulling instead of his being standing on it.

  2. I had no idea the cover to JLA #36 was an homage to an FF cover! It’s amazing how I can read these so many times and still learn new things about them. I love G’Nort and Scarlet Skier but yes, Mr Nebula May be the turning point where JLA really dove in to full-on silliness. I like all of it but it did leave a mark on the book.

    IMHO the best version of Scarlet Skier is Mike McKone’s version in the JLAntarctica annual. For a joke character he looked so cool!

    Interesting discussion of the Silver Surfer/Green Lantern parallels. In truth, Marvel’s closest analog to GL is Quasar, but Quaze outside the early 90s has nowhere near the profile.

    The battle between the Metal Men and Metamorpho is classic. You guys didn’t mention one of my favorite panels in the book, where Dmitri and Buddy are fighting Java and Dmitri is about to get clobbered and is like, “Friend Buddy….friend Buddy…?” and Buddy is ineffectually wailing on Java’s back, with the delightful sound effect of “rappadda rappadda rappadda…” LOL

  3. Irish Embassy here, and I am a bit shocked to heave learned from the recent podcast that us Embassy workers do not get danger pay. I was expecting all of that danger money to help with my Christmas Shopping! Oh well, maybe I can sell these red skis that G’nort gave to me to get rid of on eBay – I see a SkarletSkier72 is interested in buying a pair……

    JLA36 was a fun read and given the more darker storyline coming up, it was, as both Mike and Shagg commented, a nice palate cleanse before the upcoming Despero storyline. With regard to the L.E.G.I.O.N appearance, is the person releasing Scarlet Skier not Lyrissa Mellor, the second-in-command on L.E.G.I.O.N. at the time? Given that she mentioned that they slipped him through the system to get him paroled, it would make sense that someone higher up like Lyrissa would have sorted that out.

    I enjoyed the humour G’nort brings into the book and I think Giffen and deMatteis are smart in spreading his appearances out so that he is not completely overtaking the book. Apart from the JL Antarctica storyline, I believe his next appearance is in issue 51, which again is a one-off before a much more grittier storyline (“Breakdowns”).

    The coverage of JLE 12 was excellent as well, and I enjoyed the insights Gus brought into the issue. It was interesting to discuss Metamorpho’s intentions of handing the baby to Stagg – it definitely felt like it was an intentional move on his part, which ultimately turned out to be the right one in turning Stagg’s feelings towards his grandson. You really felt for Buddy in this issue and it is sad that this is the last we will see of him in DCU as his creators ensconced him deep into the Vertiogo-verse. The arrival of Dmitri’s family was a nice touch to end the issue and we also got some more foreshadowing into the upcoming Extremist storyline.

    I want to wish Shagg and all of the JLI followers a happy Christmas and hope next year will be much better. One of the few good things of 2020 is listening to the JLI podcast – shagg does a great job with it and it is a highlight for me to have been part of the podcast this year. With storylines like JL Antarctica, Despero and the Extremists coming up soon, we will have some great episodes to listen to in 2021.

    Oh, and anyone who was not mentioned at the end of the listener feedback, despite what Shagg said, it is definitely not my fault!!

    1. Hi Jimmy! You’re correct, that is Lyrissa Mallor handling Skier’s release. I did enjoy the nod to Dottie Legion in this issue. I looked it up to confirm that Giffen plotted the first 12 issues. Maybe not coincidence, issue #12 is released the same month as these JL ones. And talk about dark turns, Lyrissa’s immediate future. Brrr.

      Good luck getting those skis! If the red ones don’t work out, I see BlackRacer71 and DethUrge65 are both selling black skis. Those sellers seems totally legit!

      1. L.E.G.I.O.N. was an excellent series – would be great to hear a podcast on that series if there is any one out there! And yes, Lyrissa’s fate was very dark indeed.

  4. JLA #36: About Gnort’s evolving look, I believe it goes all the way back to JLI #14. Steve Leialoha gives him the terrier nose, a mere 4 issues after G’nort’s introduction. And in JLI #16, Maguire continues with his #10 schozz. This can only mean 1 thing: there’s more than one Gnort! It’s as plain as the g’nose on his face! The different noses! Spelling with and without an apostrophe! WAKE UP, S’HEEPLE!

    But yes, I love both G’norts. I don’t quite get the “too much Gnort” mentality, as “he’s a one joke character.” Do you get tired of Coach from “Cheers”? Latka or Rev Jim from “Taxi”? Or even dare I say, Goofy? I don’t, but maybe that’s just me.

    Oh hey, when the Skier flies away from Dottie Legion, he makes a “SWOOSH” sound. In space! Probably learned to do that from Manga Khan’s Seminar On Onomatopeian Flourishes!

    One last thought, but bear with me, it deals with the WTC scene. When I first read this issue back in the day, I was totally expecting SS to summon Mr Nebula from the top of the building, just like the other SS summoned Galactus back in FF #48 from the top of the BB. That’s why ScarSki jumping off instead is hilarious in a dark way. Plus, SilSurf got punched off the BaxBuil. I can’t decide if those parallels are subtle or obvious, but they make the issue better for me.

    The art? Yeah, the JLA-ers faces just look “plastic”. That’s the only word that comes to mind. The non-humans look great. Maybe Artis himself just wasn’t into doing superheroes as much.

    JLE #12: Totally agree, this issue is not full of gags, but I love it. Metamorpho vs the Metal Men was fantastic! The tragic maiming of Java. Stagg having his breakthrough to become a grandfather in more than name only. The painful departure of Buddy. Amazing stuff for a team book where this issue only includes 3 members of the team!

    I have to give 2 special callouts. The last page, and the look of surprise and joy on Dmitri’s face in the panel just before his family is revealed. That was expertly done, and honestly, “joy” is not something our heroes get enough of, let alone something that Bart Sears is known for portraying. He’s more memorable for scowling or angry faces. But that image of Dmitri warms my heart.

    And, the first page. It gets my “bwah-hah-hah award.” Because in the bottom, there’s Guy Gardner lying unconscious, and there’s little “tweet tweet tweet” sound effects around his head! The universal cartoon iconography for being knocked out! Now, are they actually “cartoony” tweets? Or are they sounds coming from one of the toys on the floor? I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. I love it.

    Always great to hear Mike. And Gus was fabulous! Please have him back soon so we get to hear him say “responsometer” and “irredeemable” again!

  5. I unreservedly love G’Nort! But then, I’m a dog person! I think the other part of the attraction for me is that when I was in middle school I was the unpopular geeky kid., so I can relate to his “odd man out” standing with the rest of the league. . I do like him better in his more terrier-ized appearance than his earlier-pseudo-human face. When I did my GL character, I set aside a costume change for him that puts him in G’Nort appearance complete with spiky Mohawk and baggy sweatsuit! (And obligatory dog bowl and bed0
    Dogs make everything better!
    (Just ask Superboy Prime!)

  6. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Sorry took me a sec to hear this one so my mail is late. Been Playing Cyber Punk 2077. And well Christmas. Merry Christmas. The G’nort story was fun. I’m not his biggest fan… but, this seemed fun. The Scarlet Skier charcer was a good parody of the Surfer. Ah Fire in this issue being awesome. Ah Guy knocked out on the cover lol. Guy couldn’t catch a break till Beau Smith. Ah well. Metamorph does look great under Bart’s pen.

    The fight with him and the Metal Men was good. I liked them a lot of the years. Even when they were Bat Man villain’s that else ware Movie ware Man Bat was the Bat -Man. Robert Kirkland Langstrom as the Bat-Man.. With Zod’s son as Super Man and I forget who Wonder Woman was. She almost married Orion. Till the New Gods betrayed Apocalypses. Any way The Metal Men ware the villain’s. The Scarlet Witchy bit was good. Dmitri and Animal Man were cool teaming up with MetaMopha.

    Ah cool Stage loves his grand son. Hmm, cool. Ah Guy messing with Oron lol., Sorry that was funny to me. It’s wrong to use mental illness in that way. But, it’s guy. He would do crap like that. Any Way can’t wait for the next episode …oh did I mention I have a U – tube channel? That’s Liz Anne Oswalt.

  7. I’m a little late I know but y’know busy time of year!

    As is my way I came to Metamorpho the long way round starting with Element Girl, apparently anyone but Metamorpho is cursed to have his power set.

    Its kind of ironic that JLE beyond this point is really difficult to read online from this point, #13 is the last for while on comixology. Though I believe you don’t have it much better on this one.

  8. Pacific Canadian Embassy here, and it was great to get back into hearing you guys talk about the JLI! The holidays really took a toll on my podcast listening time. It is always fun to hear Mike talk about comics and it was a delight to hear from Gus!

    It was interesting to hear your views on G’nort. I still have a hard time with a whole issue devoted to G’nort, but I’m slowly coming around to Mike’s way of thinking that he’s not a stupid character, he’s just a dork. Knowing that he’s not a dumb character makes it easier to read stories with him in it.

    The Metal Men being forgotten through the issue seems like par for the course for DC. I’m an embittered Metal Men fan! So it was great to hear Gus have the character spotlight for the Metal Men. I would also agree with Shag that the Walt Simonson run of Metal Men are fantastic. Just for the covers alone…….

    I like the “inside baseball” of why your audio didn’t match. Podcast stars are just like us!

    It was fun to hear another great episode of JLI and I am looking forward to the Despero storyline coming up. Keep up the great work!

  9. I think I would have taken to Gnort/G’nort more if he HADN’T been redesigned as a mustachioed dog person. That design makes him look like Jock, the Scottish Terrier from Lady and the Tramp. The early Maguire design definitely evoked Art Carney’s Ed Norton more as well.

    I’m still of the opinion a little G’nort goes a long way, but I have to admit my eyes just roll up in my head when I see Scarlet Skier and Mr. Nebula. I think its partially due to their Loose-Leaf Who’s Who entries, as those are the images that immediately come to mind. Just like the forthcoming General Glory, for me, it was just too much “on the nose” parody coming into prominence in the book. It’s literally like “What The?” invaded the JLA comic. A character like Gnort doesn’t violate the conceit of a standard super hero book like these others due, partially because he’s not riffing on other super hero comics. This is all just my opinion, and I am still enjoying the coverage as the series approaches the point I jumped off.

    But thankfully, I still had JLE to balance the yucks with the action. As soon as I saw this cover on the site, I immediately thought of poor Java and the sludge where his arms used to be, and that big full-page reveal of Babymorpho (Babymorpho, Babymorpho…). Definitely a standout in the early run of the series. I always enjoy it when the Metal Men show up. Not sure why I never bothered to follow their own features much when they had them. I definitely need to check out that Giffen/DeMatteies/Maguire backup series!

    Great discussions, Mike, Gus and that other guy!


  10. I know I’m way behind, but I just caught up to these issues in the new JLI Omnibus (yep, sprang for it) and got a chance to listen. Loved both guests – great insights and interaction with you. I will say I found G’nort more annoying in real time than I do today; in fact, I felt like he got treated very poorly as you and Mike alluded to.

    Anyway, on to more issues in the Omnibus and hopefully the next episode soon.

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