JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… Dan Jurgens interview on Blue & Gold

Dan Jurgens, famed comics writer and artist, joins Shag for a fantastic interview about the current BLUE & GOLD mini-series! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are back and living their best life in the age of social media! Dan talks about creating Booster, developing new toys for Beetle, the best bromance in comics, what to expect from the new mini-series, and much more!

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17 responses to “JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… Dan Jurgens interview on Blue & Gold

  1. What a great interview with one of my favorite creators. The questions and friendly banter back and forth really brightened up my day. I think the existence of a Blue Beetle Buggy and a female version of Skeets are more than enough to get me interested in the new series. Thanks for the great episode, it was a great way to begin my week.

  2. Thanks for a terrific interview with Dan, always a welcome guest! I’ve been raving about Blue & Gold since the first issue, so it’s great to hear the secrets behind it. And thanks for letting me contribute a question or two.

    And we may be getting a sequel series, count me in!

    Shag, I think you got a scoop when Dan said he had been slated to write a new comic about the Ray, way back when – I would have loved that, what we got was a bit of a mess.

    And we’ll done on spotting GG, that’s more than I did!

    I spotted Trixie, sorry, Terri (I wonder why she’s changed the short version of ‘Theresa’) in issue one. I hope I get a prize. Actually, that sequel would do nicely. Booster and Beetles travelling through time! And maybe after that they could join the army and meet a talking pig…

    Now, when do Dan and I jobswap? Only kidding, I couldn’t wrote and draw a comic, editing’s my interest – hence the back-street editing on my blog. I know Dan loves us really!

  3. I always wondered what Shag’s thlights are on IDW’s Transformers More Than Meets The Eye series are. It featured mostly B and C list Transformers on a mission in space with lots of hijinks along the way. It always felt to me like a spiritual successor to JLI and even featured a homage cover with Rodimus giving the infamous “want to make something of it?” line.

  4. Fantastic to hear Dan is still so grounded and bravo for his commitment to giving readers a fun time.

    You didn’t ask him my number 1 question though Shag?

  5. I liked Mr. Jurgens comments on How Booster would get the heroic work done even if somewhat imperfectly.
    It reminded me of Why I liked Reginald Barclay in Star Trek the Next Generation.
    Here’s a guy, who is perfectly competent as far as being an officer and technician goes. but because he’s so socially awkward he comes across as a hopeless sad-sack compared to the almost swaggeringly perfect established crew members like Picard, Riker, Worf, Geordi, Data and Even Wesley Crusher.

  6. Great show, gents! I can’t believe [name of Fire & Water podcast host] got to interview [name of renowned and charming comics creator or other entertainment personality]! But it seems like it’s happening more and more frequently. They’re always such enjoyable episodes, I may have to create a form comment brimming with praise just to save time. Ha ha! Wouldn’t that be funny?

  7. Impressive podcast most impressive.This is Liz Anne Oswalt. I always liked Dan’s work in comics. His Superman run was legendary. I did enjoy some of what he did on booster gold. And from what I’ve heard of this series he’s doing now it sounds pretty cool. I know it probably won’t be the case, but in my head canon. Rip Hunter’s mother is Harley Quinn. There was that planned romance between the two. Er… Booster gold and Harley Quinn. I know it happened for at least one issue. Hey it would work. If his mother is a doctor it would explain why he’s so smart. I like booster gold, but he’s not exactly a rocket scientist. Still it’s good to see booster gold and blue beetle teaming up again. They are kind of where the bigger buddy duos you know in comics. Our negative comments on YouTube or streaming services. Sounds like my usual wonderful you to comment page. For my YouTube channel. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on YouTube. There are positive comments on YouTube? How did that happen.

    Scientists and document this. Perhaps save them for archaeologists. They might want to archive this to make sure we remember that this phenomenon has actually happened. Guy Gardner a peer in in that story with booster and blue beetle should be pretty cool. Good to hear that fire and ice and also appeared. I haven’t read modern comics in a long time., But I might have to pick up a TBS of this. The last regular comic book series and Fred was when Dick Grayson was Bat man. This sounds like it was a fun comic. I only liked booster gold. He is a bit of a glory but his heart is in a good place. So that’s pretty cool. It can’t wait to hear the next pod cast. Happy Turkey Day.

  8. Thanks for such an awesome interview, Shag! Dan is a comic book legend and I’m loving the Blue & Gold series. It’s cool how he’s positioned Booster and Beetle as kind of the Ghostbusters of the DC Universe. Between the Blue & Gold back in action and Wally’s return as the Flash, I’m really enjoying the fun factor being back in my favorite super-hero comics. Thanks again!

  9. This conversation was a delight! Blue & Gold has been fantastic, and this was a great companion piece to have while the series is still going.

    I did find it notable that Dan considers Beetle the responsible one and Booster more reckless. That’s definitely how I felt they were in their 80s comics. But by contrast, we’ve seen the opposite in the Giffen-DeMatteis JLI series. Honestly, I think either approach is valid, and I’m liking that Dan is exploring Ted and Booster from that angle. (I’m sorry, his name is “Booster” to me, not Michael.) 😉

    And nice spotting about “GG”, Shagg. I completely missed that until issue #4’s big reveal. Well done! And thanks for this great episode!

  10. I enjoyed this episode very much, Shagg. It is such a joy to hear legendary creators talk about their characters and stories. I’ve often wondered what Jurgens thought of how the JLI guys handled Booster and how it may (or may not) have over-shadowed what he was doing with the character. I think his response to that question shows a healthy attitude towards how the medium of comics works.

    Also, it is nice to see someone of Jurgens’ caliber and longevity still writing exciting stories with these characters. Truth be told, his run on Justice League was the spark I needed to reignite my excitement about the book, which had been waning as the jokes and ridiculous storylines just became played out. I have fond memories of the JL stories Jurgens gave us, and I think he handled the transition in tone successfully. With that said, the Blue & Gold mini is on my pick-up list the next time I visit my LCS.

  11. What a great interview, Shag! And hat’s off to Dan Jurgens for making it such entertaining listen. I could listen to Dan talk all day about various DC characters.

    My first experience with Mr. Jurgens in the comics was Armageddon 2001. I never did pick up the original Booster Gold series so it’s interesting he made another time travel character with Waverider and I never thought, at the time, they were created by the same person. I really enjoyed his Panic in the Sky storyline in the Superman comics (mostly because it had Captain Marvel in them) which led, of course, to his seminal Death of Superman storyline. Despite all the hype, I found it was an enjoyable story and it made me want to follow other projects he did.

    Sadly, I did not like his Justice League run, not because it was bad, but because it wasn’t the Bwa-ha-ha era anymore and I was a bitter, hormone-charged teen. I really should go back and fish those old issues out and give them another chance.

    I will also chime in that the current Blue and Gold series is great. It’s lots of fun and gives off some of those JLI buddy vibes. I’ve really been enjoying the social media messages that pepper the pages throughout like you pointed out, Shag. I had no idea who GG was until he showed up, so good catch on your part, Shag! And Kevin Maguire’s flashback sequence got me in all the feels!

    Once, again, this was so much fun! I’ve been loving these interviews with industry professionals but it makes me just want more! Keep up the great work!

  12. Irish embassy calling – just wanted to say what a great interview this is with Dan Jurgens. It gave some great insight into the characters of Blue and Gold and I for one hope that the current team can continue on in another mine-series afterwards.

    In Jurgens’ run on JLA after the Bwa-ha-ha era, I really enjoyed his characterisation of Beetle. He was a little more introspective and as Jurgens drew him, gave a very Spider-man feel to him. It is great that he is able to return to both Ted and Booster once more.

  13. Great discussion with the legendary Dan Jurgens! He will always have a special place to me for creating one of my all-time favorite characters: Booster Gold! I discovered Booster through JLI but then had the pleasure later of buying Booster’s solo series by Jurgens and thoroughly enjoying it, especially the first 10 or so issues. After reading so much of his comic work, to hear his voice and experience what a down-to-earth, enthusiastic, and gracious person he is, was really cool!

    Like others in this thread, I appreciated his JLA run for taking Beetle and Booster a bit more seriously as action heroes. If there was one thing about JLI I would change, it’d be for Beetle and Booster, while still being clowns, to be more competent and to use their weapons and skills more often. Also, I remember at the time being surprised at how abruptly Jurgens was off JLA and the new team status quo he’d established was dumped. I mean, Black Condor and Agent Liberty were just gone between issues with zero explanation. It was a shame, because that roster of Wonder Woman, Guy, Maxima, Ray, AL, BC, and Bloodwynd could’ve been intriguing if given more of a chance. Maybe BC and AL wouldn’t have been used as cannon fodder years later after making cameos and languishing in limbo. Nahhh, probably wishful thinking on my part! 🙂

    You guys speculated who would be the equivalent of Trixie to bring back in a Blue & Gold series, someone who’d been a Blue Beetle supporting character back in the day. Look no further than Melody, Ted’s love interest and one of the top scientists at Kord, Inc. She was a supporting character throughout the Len Wein run and she’s just left behind with Ted’s dad to pick up the pieces of the company at the end of the series. Could be a lot to explore there if Jurgens or another writer wanted to bring her back into Beetle’s life.

    This interview made me eager to check out the Blue and Gold series, it sounds like a lot of fun…I have it on order at my LCS! The first time I’ve done that since I was a teenager!

  14. Dan Jurgens – one of the most underrated creators from the 80s to today? Perhaps. When you were going over his credits, it amazed me just how prolific he is, and how much of his material I’ve read (and loved). I don’t think I realized the breadth of his body of work is.

    Dan is such an awesome guy. I love his enthusiasm and his love for the characters and the concepts. It shows through in all of his work. What a fantastic interview! Shagg – you’re a great interviewer, and Dan was a pleasure to listen to. I could listen to him talk all day long.

    Thanks to you and Dan for such a great listen!

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