JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… in When a Stranger Calls by Mayfair Games

Siskoid joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss a 1987 role-playing module featuring the JLI entitled, "When a Stranger Calls"! Can Dr. Fate and the JLI stop Wotan's newest scheme? Only you as role-players can decide! This module was published by Mayfair Games as part of the DC HEROES ROLE-PLAYING GAME.

This episode is a crossover between the JLI PODCAST and the HERO POINTS PODCAST! Therefore, this same episode is being released on both the JLI PODCAST feed and the LET'S ROLL PODCAST feed.

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10 responses to “JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… in When a Stranger Calls by Mayfair Games

  1. only superhero stories make magic as power as magic is in superhero stories. think about vampires Really powerful right until it’s 6 am or they fall in water or eat garlic
    Lepercahn really powerfull untill you catch them. Also in some stories hated by rival clans
    But in superhero comics in the 40s if you were a magic character nobody cared enough to make rules for you were pretty invincable. Billy Batson needed to say the magic words but the fighting yank’s grandfather’s ghost could do whatever
    Marvel currently treats magic like the electromagnetic spectrum which is a good idea till you think about it

  2. I listened to the live play though you guys did and it was great Chris really channeled Adam west doing his speech on the talk show , and who ever was playing fire storm both guys certainly showed some talent let me tell you . I’d love to see guys do another episode like that . But here’s an idea how about bringing in the hosts of the Batman family podcast as Batman and Robin and how bout doing it in the style of a JLU episode. If for no other reason I want to see blue Devil and the crimson avenger team up .

  3. Oh wow a floor plan of the JLI Embassy? I would love to see that, I’m trying to build my own version out of LEGO (already almost finished my Hall of Justice and need to rebuild my JSA brownstone) so any help with that would be welcome. Same goes for any diagrams of the various JLI Shuttles.

    As to the podcast itself, I’ve never actually RPG’ed my wife used to play D&D and my kids and I are trying to convince her to GM for us to try it out – but I now wonder if a on the rails set up like this might be better for us.

    A very entertaining and educational episode. Thank you!

      1. Ah the image gallery is on the heropoints page not the JLI page which is why I should have actually read the information with the link instead of just skimming it completely to head for the comments!

        I shall now hang my head in shame somewhere.

  4. I actually did run a single Mayfair campaign with a group of friends in the late 90s/early 2000s that lasted a number of months. Attempts at a second campaign incorporating more Marvel elements and individual play fell apart after a few sessions. I was a terrible GM and my players just maxed out their fighting stats and punched things very hard. It was basically role-playing as side-scrolling fighting game, but we had fun with it. Also, my girlfriend has been playing Dungeons & Dragons throughout the pandemic with numerous groups, so I have a fair amount of peripheral exposure at this point. Not really my jam, but I could be dragged into a one-off for the sake of the Manhunter from Mars. Not encouraging this at all– AT ALL– but just stating for the record.

    I don’t recall any point where the Manhunter’s intangibility wasn’t in play. Gardner Fox always conveniently forgot most of J’onn’s powers for JLofA, and Jack Miller emphasized or misplaced different powers over the years, but intangibility tended to be consistently available. Telepathy is his main power with significant lapses in use, pretty much the entirety of the Silver and Bronze Ages after his first few appearances. It was Gerry Conway who both brought Manhunter and his earliest power set back in 1984.

    1. As an early consultant, I’m glad she found what she was looking for (although “numerous groups” could be taken negatively). Our Pandemic Year also proved a game changer for my own endeavors, specifically the online communications revolution.

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