JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… JLI in WHO’S WHO IN THE DC UNIVERSE

Rob Kelly joins The Irredeemable Shag to chat about JLI-related pages from WHO'S WHO IN THE DC UNIVERSE! We present clips from old episodes of the WHO'S WHO PODCAST, covering 35 different JLI entries! Plus, in the 1990s JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE *never* received their own loose leaf WHO'S WHO page. Well, Isamu Yukinori strives to put right what once went wrong as we reveal a brand new custom loose leaf WHO'S WHO page for the JLE!

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20 responses to “JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… JLI in WHO’S WHO IN THE DC UNIVERSE

  1. Martian Manhunter: “At this point he was no longer weak to fire… except maybe the beauty of the character Fire, I suppose…”

    Great job planting this idea in Tom King’s mind, Uncle Shag (sarcasm emoji)…

  2. Just dropping here to show my love for that amazing JLE entry by Xum & Isamu Yukinori. I’m beyond words at the gorgeousness and also loved the hidden Wonder Woman in the style of JLE #1.
    Catherine, PG and Crimsom Fox in the first line… that is very Sears-accurate. Love it.

  3. That custom JLE page looks fantastic! So much attention to detail. The part that ties it all together for me: Wally’s fingers on Power Girl’s shoulder. If that was added on during the collage process, it’s brilliant!

    My first time seeing Mister Miracle was in one of those issues of The Brave and the Bold (drawn by Jim Aparo) where he and Batman have to escape being covered in ice … and Batman wins by cheating! When I picture Mister Miracle in my mind, it is usually in the style of that issue.

    About the height & weight discrepancies in most of the entries: the DC universe must have about 2/3 the gravity as what we’re used to. Which might help explain why so many non-powered heroes can jump and swing around so easily. As a kid I tied a thin rope to a tree and tried to swing like Robin. Not only could I barely hold on, I nearly broke my face when swinging back into the tree.

    We could all use a bit more comic book physics in our lives.

  4. ok Maybe Creeper does’nt belong in Jii BUT it’s kinda cool they put him next to Superman. Why? There are Not a lot of Superman Creeper Team ups but they are all REALLY GOOD.
    Also guy Gardener FEELS VERY wolverine to me. Id love to say “young rob did’nt like Jli having a Wolverine. This is not true. Young Rob was REALLY think “Wait why there a THIRD HUMAN Green Lantern and why’s he such a yutz? Although that’s what gave me my idea that somewhere there’s a green Lantern that’s a humaniod Skunk.

  5. 1. I’VE always thought somebody at DC liked Menamorpho WAY better than readers do. Kinda like Hawkman or How Marvel treats Ghost Rider.
    2 I don’t think there’s anything WRONG with the Power girl costume (IN AND of itself) but I like the original better) But it looks like the costume you replace an original. Especally now (Doctor Strange Falcon and Aurora have all worn something like that!)
    3 I like Rocket RED Too! as a kid superheroes seemed so American I was obsessed with “how would Soviets DO SUPERHEROES? Heck as an eight-year old I pitched a Soviet Super soldiers story (it flopped)
    4. it must have been really hard to write Wally West right after crisis. He’s the second flash but nobody knows what Barry DID
    5 I love the Elongated Man he’s one of my FAVE Dc heros but HE CANT be better than Plastic man! I cant say ANYTHING is better than Plastic man MY dad’s ghost would lecture us all

  6. Holy Crap!

    That Justice League Europe entry is AMAZING! Isamu, Standing ovation for your work.

    Can you please do an entry for Power Girl’s Cat?

  7. I got my favorite art in this section top five
    5. General Glory ( so heroic )
    4. Ice ( so cute with baby seal)
    3.booster gold (he’s always funny )
    2 blue beetle (just cool )
    1 justice league Europe. Need I say more

  8. Great show fellas, but I think Shag’s preamble was probably longer than the instructions he got when he went skydiving.

    The reason you were “funnier” in the past Shag is because your material was blue. You’ve defintely sanitized your act. Go back on the road with the old material!

    Re: Rob’s description of Mister Miracle as an upbeat, positive character. This is why you don’t let Tom King near characters like this.

    As I type this, I just got word by shipment of Super Powers figures and vehicles from McFarlane Toys has arrived. I can recreate that awesome Blue Beetle page by Ty Templteton this afternoon!

    The JLE page by Isamu (and Bart Sears and co.) is perfect. As someone who does this sort of thing for a living, I understand how much time and work it takes to source the proper images, then blend everything together flawlessly. Your dad would be beaming with pride, Nephew.

  9. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Ah the JLI who’s who. Clip show cool. I could do my normal Fire is so cool bit, but that goes with out saying. Ah Big Barda kind and of looks like I wish I was built. Cool file card and Awsome character.

    Yep the Fire one is well drawn and she looks great as always. Shagg was right she’s hot. So is Ted. Though it’s hard to look at that image the same way after hearing the who’s hot gals and Sciscod review that issue. But now I see what the ladies were talking about. Oh my. Moving on Obaron looks fine. Ah the Max bit is cool kind of a young Donny Trump. I’m now a recovering republican. On my way to becoming a librarian. Keeping my guns. But not a fan of being called a mutant by the republican representatives.

    Not judging Republicans as a recovering one, but Oy. Anyway, Max is cool. Sad the evil computer he seemed to kill here came back in a clone body of his or was that that one mage making a magic construct that shot Ted? Nope not real Max.

    Ah Knort…. Next.

    Guy looks cool as always. Ah the General Glory fandom explanation works well for the hair. Yep he does need more understanding for all the stuff he’s been through. Geez. Glad he and Ice found each other. Speaking of she looks cool too.

    Em pretty sure she’d keep them alive even if these two guys are pound scum. But, freezing them to death not her style. Guy maybe but not Ice. Ah probably not.

    Onto Booster still sad the Booster and Harley Quinn romance didn’t keep going. I shipped them. Ah well. The hair cut is fine. Though a bit out of style in the 80s. Unless you’re in the army. In the 90s it was cool, but glad they changed it. Still great drawing and iconic costume. Hmmm yeah Jergans does work better on his own. When he inks and draws.

    In like John Byrne. Whom is at his best with Terry Austin inking him. The Grey man. I only know him from that one issue of JLI. So no comment . Ah Manga Khan. Always a funny character. And his side kick. Always want to say “Khaaaaaaan! “ whenever I see him. lol.

    What Rob Kelly went to Joe Kubert? Why is this the first I’m hearing of this? Anyway yep Shagg your older and calmer. I’m no longer a Right wing girl and Rob moved to Florida. Weird. But cool. Lots of stuff you’d never think would happen.

    Hmm , is to bad the Creeper was never in the JLI could see Guy having to put up with him lol. Or Pour J’ohn that would be funny. The JLa page is cool. Glad Mr. Y brought y’all the JLE listings. A cool fan made addition. Next.

    The GG bit is cool too. I first saw him in Lobo’s back No. 2. Ware Lobo is reenactment as a woman and in WW2. And GG and his side kick make a feast appearance. Was a fun book. The costume is fine. Fits a basic Golden Age aesthetic. So not as iconic as Caps, but it’s fine. Next.

    Ah Cathy’s page hmm sadly the inker and pencil don’t work good together. Maybe if Austin had a different Inker it could have worked. Al’s a great pencil as y’all say. But his inking style and Terry’s don’t mix. But, Terry gave her a great pose just as good as they are apart together it fails. Next Cheese and what? Sorry Shagg I’m with Rob on this. Never heard that.

    And I watch Dr. who , are you being served, Blackadder , Blake 7, and some of Doc Martin, Father Brown, Midsomer Murder, Sherlock, perot and some other stuff my family sits threw. Never even heard that on Ab Fab. Or you having us on sir? Almost said taking the … etc, but that one wouldn’t fit the family narrative of the Podcast. Maybe Martin or someone from England could explain if that’s a thing. Still think Shagg is just having a laugh. Right then.

    Captain Adam, looks like he’s about to say,” Alas pour Yorik, I knew him well heratio.” Next,
    Ah Rex, he looks fine. That’s all I’ve got. Next, Flash can never see him without hearing the Queen song. Glad they played it on the CW show. The outfit looks fine. It’s iconic.

    Fits the character… next.

    Ah power girl as a teen I would trace this pose and make my own O.C.s it’s a cool pose. Not a fan of the outfit, but the pose and lay out and expression in P. G. S face makes this one awesome. Ah Ralf the pose of him and Sue works great. The costume is one of his best. that’s not saying much, but still, Next.

    Ah Rocket Red look fits the character. Next.

    Animal Man geeat now I hear that theme in my head. Next. Crimson Fox so why isn’t she not on anything Red or at lest fox like clothes? Ah well..

    Next Blue Jay hey he was in the JLI. Hi almost forgot. Ah pour S.S. Cool character but the bunny ears costume only works for Dumb Bunny. Still she was awesome and her death was a great send off. Also cool drawing of them both. Next

    Kilawag cool. Next.
    I had the Conglomerate comic it was awesome. Sad it didn’t get picked up. Booster as leader could have been interesting . And Vibes brother was more like alive than him. Their costumes worked as did their powers. Even with Booster dating Max’s Ex. Next.

    Queen Bee. Hey look Vera Wyld became a super villain after leaving Tough like a girl. Wonder ware Lis fits into this? Ha she’ll be to bussy with the Council of Geeks to know I made that joke so no reprisals! Bwaaahhaaaa!!’ And their folks try to think of Queen Bee without hearing her voice now.

    Next .

    Diapero em.,. What is he doing to the earth there exactly? Should we call an adult to protect Mother Earth from what ever is going on here? Au my eyes next.

    Oops Marvel villains got. Posted by mistake. lol I regret nothing! Next.

    Mr. Nebula if he’s a designer then all I can say is physician heal they self. Same for the Scarlet Skier next.

    The JL Antarctica…. Yeah they left them there for a reason… next.

    The JLI bit is Awesome glad fire is center stage. Anyway can’t wait for the next episode.

    Yory dr Super Cut

  10. This was a fun listen and trip down memory lane, getting to hear the discussions again on these entries. Being repeats, I probably have already commented on them before, but I did have a thought on the Martian Manhunter image, specifically his face. Looking at it now, I see it as J’onn talking to the little girl to comfort her, because he’s able to support the safe easily. That helped it make sense to me.

    I will say favorite images for me are: Justice League of America, Mister Miracle (Aparo! Yay!), Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, Animal Man, and Justice League America.

    But have no fear, in its own category is Isamu’s Justice League Europe! Sensational job!

  11. This was a great episode to listen to while I did a few things around the house, since it was about 48 hours long.

    I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought. I think you curated the Who’s Who clips perfectly and gave us a great mix of characters that were important to these books.

    Since I’m late to the channel, I had never really understood the “Irredeemable” title you had, but now I get it. I mean…did you say The Statue of Liberty was sexy and try to figure out how much a boob weighed?

    The JLE entry was phenomenal and all the work put into it is much appreciated. Looked great and written so perfectly.

    Thanks for this fun and funky entry into the JLI podcast.

  12. Great show, FW Originals. It was like an old sitcom clip show episode with more talk about Power Girl’s boobs.

    One note, Shag, Jameis Winston never gambled on his team like Booster Gold. He did a lot of other bad things, but not that. No worries though, I understand it’s not easy keeping up with all Seminole criminal activity.

    I was never a big Gnort fan either. And I don’t think annyone ever wants to be described as “more like Woody Allen towards the end.”

    Love all the Bart Sears art. The Grey Man and Animal Man pages are great. Nice to see Metamorpho brought his Yeti thermos with him. And what’s up with Booster’s pants in the Conglomerate page?

    Terrific job by Isamu on the JLE design. Very talented young man.

  13. I’ve always liked Metamorpho in team books like Outsiders, Terrifics, JLE, & especially the 7 soldiers one shot from The Silver Age Mini, but if I could get a book made I want a new Secret Six with Metamorpho (DC), Grifter (Wildstorm), Hardware (Milestone), Mary Shazam (Fawcett), Phantom Lady (Quality), The Question (Charlton).

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