JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… in COME ON DOWN by Mayfair Games

Siskoid joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss a 1990 role-playing module featuring Justice League Europe entitled, "Come on Down!!"  To protect the League's secrets from reaching enemy hands, Justice League Europe must compete in an interstellar game show against the Forgotten Villains! Will they win? Only you as role-players can decide! This module was published by Mayfair Games as part of the DC HEROES ROLE-PLAYING GAME.

This episode is a crossover between the JLI PODCAST and the HERO POINTS PODCAST! Therefore, this same episode is being released on both the JLI PODCAST feed and the LET'S ROLL PODCAST feed.

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9 responses to “JLI Podcast – Meanwhile… in COME ON DOWN by Mayfair Games

  1. So you’re saying Ultivac didn’t fight Fireman Farrell!?

    Gingold was a plot point in Ralph’s bit of 52, but I also can’t think of any story where running out of or not having access to it was an issue.

    I read the Forgotten Heroes and Villains stories a while back for some history on Animal Man and the once-and-future Suicide Squad members. The original Heroes story in Action Comics was alright, but I was also pretty unimpressed with the DC Comics Presents issues that introduced the Villains.

    Enchantress’ absence here makes sense, since June and the Succubus had been separated in Suicide Squad, but it’s nice to see her on the cover looking more like her self than the Amethyst lookalike in DCCP. Spectro is an interesting choice to replace her, since if I’m remembering Captain Atom right he was neither forgotten nor really a villain at this point.

  2. This was a lot of fun, and you two certainly brought a lot of expertise to the table.

    I think Dr. Spectro was pursuing an “undervalued properties” recruiting strategy — powerful enough to be worthy team members, obscure enough to say yes to his offer.

    The note about Donovan’s story on well-adjusted, fun-loving superhero role-playing gamers caught my ear. The real Geraldo did at least one, maybe more stories sensationalizing the dangers of role-playing games (in tune with the times). He even visited northern Alabama for one tragic tale. I would provide more information, but ironically, it might reveal my secret identity.

    Please keep the crossovers coming, gang!

  3. I had placed a pause on listening due to an unavailability on the JLE issues, but they are now on Infinite and I have started up again. While I have not listened to this episode yet (still catching up) I wanted to share that I see that Omnibus 3 is up for pre order. Yes, I know this is not the sponsors website, but this is where I found it. https://cheapgraphicnovels.com/coming-soon-alphabetical-/justice-league-international-omnibus-vol-03-hc-pre-order-coming-soon-

  4. Loved this episode. I played this game with my neighbor, four years my senior (a big span when you are a teenager) who introduced me to most things in the Land of Geekdom. I too preferred to play created characters versus modules that demanded you play real DC Heroes. The better game, in my humble opinion, was Steve Perrin’s “Superworld.”

    I also loved Shagg’s reference to “Print Shop.” I hadn’t thought about that pioneering program since about 1991!!

  5. This was a very fun pod to listen to. I have not played an RPG in a very long time, but I have a lot of fond memories from those days, so it was great to listen to you both talk about this and add in things you like and don’t like from a game player and GM POV.

    Do you change rules a lot when you think someone could wreck the game? Or do you just roll with it. (Toll with it! Get it! That is gold!)

  6. Oh man, it sucks that I only came across this podcast as it’s winding down. I’ve listened to so many episodes over the past week, it’s ridiculous.

    I wonder if this adventure might work a little better in a different system, or as a breather episode mid-campaign? I haven’t been able to play the DC Heroes system (which is a shame, I really want to give it a shot), but it seems like it’s a pretty mechanically tight game that’s best for direct adversarial interactions, which doesn’t suit dicking around and playing minigames with completely unrelated rules. Given how much reworking I’d want to do if I was going to run it, it wouldn’t be that much more effort to just strip it for parts and use it in some other game. Maybe steal some elements from Game Changer to replace the trivia.

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